November 14, 2009

Visiting over lunch at Hartwell. Sunday was a pretty long day.  I got up in good time and went down and got all the chairs setup in the gym then came back and went with the family to the dining room for breakfast.  In the morning service there was no Sunday school but there was two sermons and the children's meeting by Morris Yoder.  After church the cooks served us a delicious meal then there was one more session in the afternoon with a final sermon by Keith Clugston.  After the last session it took quite a while for the crowd to start thinning out.  Then Thomas and I had to put away all the chairs.  It was quite a job but we got everything cleared away.  We rested at Dad's for a bit and visited with Uncle Byards then headed back to Govan.  Home around 8:30.
Storytime with Mommy Monday was busy with work for me and laundry for Ina Sue.  One of our neighbors (who will remain nameless) had spread chicken litter on his fields and seriously damaged the air quality outside.  Ina Sue had all the clothes folded and put away by the time I got home.  She fixed us soup and salad for supper.  It is so nice to be eating again and I am determined to be more careful what I eat.  I have told Ina Sue that I want us to be eating at least one or two veggies per meal.  I'm also intending to cut back on my carbs.  So far I am still right at 200 lbs. and I want to keep it there.
Hanging the new fan. I spent another day at work on Tuesday.  Ina Sue spent her day in the kitchen.  Made a big batch of granola and of bread.  It rained all day.  For supper we had shrimp stuffed peppers.  What a delicacy!   A nice relaxed evening at home.
Hiding in the clothes. It was still raining on Wednesday.  I worked hard all day, came home for supper of grilled ham & egg salad sandwiches, and asparagus & onion casserole, then went back in to work for a couple more hours.  Ina Sue sewed, cooked, and took care of children.  We started reading the "Little House in the Big Woods" to Carolina tonight.  She was enthralled.
Helping Mommy peel the hard boiled eggs. I was able to be at home most of the day on Thursday.  It was a beautiful morning so I took the children on a walk while Ina Sue made us breakfast of muffins and fresh fruit.  Then I took the two oldest along with me on a delivery down in Allendale.  When we got back I worked on hanging a new fan/light in our kitchen.  Ina Sue worked on sewing doll clothes for Christmas presents.  She also did a scrapbook page for our midwife who is retiring.  We had burritos for supper.  After supper I put two Boston butts in the oven to roast.
Reading from Laura Ingalls. I had to get up around 3:00 Friday morning to get my butts out of the oven.  I went back to bed then got up again around 6:00 to start cutting them up.  I got them all cleaned up and chopped before leaving for work at 8:30.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning while I rushed to catch up from my day off.  She dropped the children off at Patrick's then picked me up at work to drive to Augusta.  We met Nevin & K.K. ath the Boll Weevil Cafe on the Riverwalk around 6:00.  It was K.K's birthday.  We were very impressed with the food.  Ina Sue had jerked chicken salad and I had a Havana chicken dish.  Then an Apple Blossom (apple dumpling with ice cream and whipped cream) for dessert.  We made a quick stop at Lowes then headed back to Barnwell to pick up the children.
My wife the scrapbooker. Saturday was a lovely day but I had to work inside at the shop till 3:00.  Ina Sue spent the day cooking and cleaning.  After I got home I did some mowing then we spent the evening at home.