November 7, 2009

Ready to help cook. We gained an hour Sunday morning from Daylight Savings Time.  It felt great to sleep in an extra hour and still not have to rush for church.  Gary Hege preached this morning on "Having a Vision for the Future".  A good sermon!  Home then for a lunch of breakfast burritos.  We took a walk over to Carl's orange orchard then all came home and took naps.  This was the first Sunday so there wasn't any church in the evening.  We went to Leons for a light supper while we played a couple games of Settlers of Catan.  A fun evening.
Getting all the chairs setup was a big job. Ina Sue and I got up at daybreak Monday and drove around the community checking the water meters.  We got them all done and entered in the computer before I had to go to work.  Ina Sue had a big day of laundry and I had a very busy day at work.  I picked up chicken burritos for them to eat on my way home from work.  When I stepped on the scales this morning my weight started with the numeral 1 for the first time in many years.  It feels good!  I took the children with me to Piggly Wiggly in Denmark in the evening to buy some chicken.  We are to provide a gallon of chopped chicken breast for the Hartwell meetings and the Pig had it on sale this week.
Nevin ran the recording studio. Tuesday was day 24 of my weightloss fast.  I'm starting to drag pretty low...  I seemed terribly tired at work today.  Ina Sue took the children along with her to sewing circle.  She also took along a snack for the children to eat.  She worked most of the morning on sewing nursing home bibs.  Afterward she took the children by McDonalds for some chicken nuggets and fries.  It was a lovely day.  After I got home from work we went on a walk and ended up visiting with Wendell's for a while.
Saturday morning session. I started to drink some juices on Wednesday (Day #25)  I've decided that since I am to usher and be responsible for chairs etc. at the Hartwell meetings that I had better work to get some energy back.  It was another beautiful day.  I spent most of the day on the road.  Ina Sue cooked up 16 lbs. of chicken breast, de-boned it and chopped it up for Hartwell.  In the evening we all went to church for a program on Northern Youth Programs.  Amos Esh was in charge.
Lucence played with the preschoolers. Thursday was very ordinary.  I spent the day at work.  Ina Sue did a few loads of wash, cleaned, packed, etc.  Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for supper.  I abstained but drank some juice instead.  We were both pretty tired and went to bed in good time.


Recreation between the sessions. I went in to work early on Friday for a meeting.  After getting a few urgent jobs done I came home and helped get packed up.  We left for Hartwell around 10:30 and picked up Thomas Brubaker on the way.  He has agreed to help me usher for the weekend.  We also stopped in Augusta to pick up my Brother Duane.  Janice had gone up earlier in the week to be with her family.  We ate dinner at Taco Bell and got to Hartwell around 2:30.  Had plenty of time to get the chairs all setup and ready for the service.  Tim Zook was the main speaker at the evening session.
Visiting before the evening service. We got up and went down to the dining room for breakfast Saturday morning at 7:30.  The first service started at 9:30.  There were two sermons in that service.  "Waiting on God" by Keith Clugston, and "The Abundant Desolation" by Tim Zook.  Lunch was chicken noodle casserole then after lunch there was another service with a message by Keith Clugston.  In the later afternoon there was time for the children and young people to get some recreation and for the older folks to visit.  Delmar Diems made the BarBQ for supper with hash & rice.  Delicious! (Especially after not eating for 25 days)  After supper there was another service with a message by Tim Zook.  Spread throughout the services were children's classes by Morris Yoder and special singing by Voice of Praise.