October 31, 2009

Milton Hobbs family To church at Barnwell on Sunday.  Bro. Mark preached on "Attitudes".  We came home for a light lunch of ham gravy over baked hominy and zipper peas.  We all took naps then Ina Sue and I got up and made supper for our company.  Union Sound, a quartet from Harrisonburg was scheduled to give the program at church tonight.  It is made up of Dave & Dan Martin, Eric Good and Jeff Hobbs.  We figured that Miltons would enjoy being here for the program to hear his brother so we invited them for supper before church.  We had stromboli, spinach salad, chips and dip (guacamole, hummus, and salsa) and apple lasagna for dessert. (I say we but it was really they,  I am still fasting...)  The program was very good.  Betty Heatwole helped her brothers with part of the program.  After we came home from church I realized that our mail server was down so I had to go in and work on that for several hours... :(
Wesley and Lois at his birthday party Monday was day #15 on my fast with nothing but water.  I am down 30 lbs. from where I started.  This is a certain way of losing weight but it is certainly not easy!  I went in to work early today while Ina Sue got an early start on the laundry.  She hung out all the clothes on the line but it started raining so she had to bring them back in and use the dryer.  The children got to ride the cotton picker again with Carl.  What a treat that is for them.  We had a nice evening at home together.
The children are engrossed. Tuesday was very ordinary with me at work all day.  I tell you, a lot of joy goes out of my life when I don't get to eat!  Ina Sue did the ironing, made up a batch of yogurt and sewed.  After they ate supper and I got home from work we played a game of Blockus Trigon with the children.

Ina Sue was feeling a bit sick on Wednesday.  I went on in to work.  She was able to finish Carolina Sue's dress.  In the evening we went to Carigg Manor nursing home to sing for the folks there with our small group.  Afterward we went to Ms. Selva Jean's for a snack that Cheryl Hege so kindly provided.  Ms. Selva Jean broke her ankle last week so it was nice to be able to meet in her home for fellowship and snack.

Nelson H. putting down the cake. Thursday was another beautiful Fall day.  I was at work all day.  Ina Sue sewed a little then took the children on a walk.  They stopped at the square and picked up a bucket of pecans.  The children loved being out in the beautiful weather.  In the evening Lois Heatwole invited us over spur of the moment to a birthday party for Wesley.  A really nice time with friends.  Everybody else had cake, ice cream and chips.  I had ice water... :(  After we left the party we stopped by Carl's for a while so I could work on his computer a bit.
A very bright sunset in the evening. Friday was pretty busy.  Ina Sue did the cleaning.  I went to work.  In the evening Ina Sue dropped the children off with Mary Korver then picked me up at the shop.  We were invited to Patricks for a Fall Party along with a lot of other younger married friends.  There were about 24 people there from Barnwell, Burkeland, Hephzibah & Monticello.  It was a very enjoyable evening with good fellowship, games and just a a good opportunity to visit with folks we don't see very often.  Patrick & Bethany served a real feast of salad, tostones, pork burritos, roasted potatoes, and collards.  For dessert there was a selection of cheese cakes.  It all looked delicious but I just had my normal ice water. :(
A Fall Party at Patrick & Bethany's. As of Saturday morning I was down 36 lbs. from where I started.  We got up in good time and I went and picked up milk then went in to work.  Ina Sue packed up the children.  She dropped Savannah off with Ms. Bonnie then took the two oldest along with her shopping in Aiken.  They had a good time shopping and ate dinner at Krystal.  They got home around 3:30.  We close the shop at 3:00 on Saturdays so I got home soon after them.  While the children napped I started spreading out our bales of straw on the garden.  Ina Sue came out and helped for a while.  Then I washed the car, cleaned up the yard and sprayed Round-Up while Ina Sue and the children ate supper.  Afterward, I took Carolina Sue & Landon with me over to Leons to play with their children while I helped Leon with his wireless network.