October 24, 2009

Playtime with Daddy Bro. Gary preached Sunday on "Who is my Neighbor".  Home for a quick lunch of ham, baked macaroni & stuffed peppers.  After dinner we all took a nice long walk over to Gordon's to get some exercise and see their calves.  It was a beautiful day!  Home in time for afternoon naps then to church in the evening for a service of character sketches.
The Barber of Govan.... Monday was a normal busy day with me at work and Ina Sue working on the family's laundry.  Her back was really bothering her so Carolyn Heatwole came over and stayed with the children while she went in for a back appointment.  This is day #8 of my fast.  I'm thinking of maybe going for 30 days...  We'll see.  Ina Sue was kind enough to have the children fed before I got home from work.  I feel pretty good in the mornings but by the time I get off work I'm starting to drag pretty good.  And by the way, the hunger does not go away after three or four days!!!!
Plane to Atlanta After I left for work on Tuesday, Ina Sue got the children ready then dropped them off with Grace H. while she went to Bamberg for a prenatal visit.  The expected due date for #4 is April 20.  We are very happy!  I had a very busy day and worked until about 8:30.
Storytime with Ellis Wednesday was a beautiful Fall day.  I went in to work on an early service call.  Ina Sue spent the morning sewing and cooked in the afternoon.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  After the service I went back in to work for several hours.  Ina Sue said it was quite a day for her.  First Landon did a butcher job on the front of his hair, then the pot ran over twice and Carolina dumped a full bottle of Ina Sue's expensive perfume down the drain...  What next???
A Tasty Puerto Rican meal. I left at 4:30 Thursday morning to drive to the Savannah airport.  Bro. Ellis and I are going down to Puerto Rico for some meetings there over the next day or two.  I flew from Savannah to Atlanta then on to San Juan.  I met Ellis and Luke Anderson there at the airport and we drove down to Barceloneta where we dropped off Luke before heading on to Anasco where we spent the night in Craig's basement apartment.

Meanwhile back in SC, Ina Sue got the children ready and they all drove over to Hephzibah for the day with Uncle Duanes.  The children had a big time playing together while Ina Sue helped Janice sew and cut out dresses.  Ina Sue took stromboli & apple lasagna for dinner and Duane fixed them soup and bread for supper.  She said they all had a great time but she was so tired by the time she got them all home, bathed and in bed....

The new church benches at Barceloneta Ellis and I spent most of the day on Friday in meetings.  Kari & June fixed us a delicious Puerto Rican supper where we got to visit with Carls, Dagos, Ramiro & Jose.  Unfortunately, I am still not eating so I just got to look at all the great food while I sipped my plain old water...

In Govan, Ina Sue cleaned the house and gave the car a major cleaning.  Betty & Carolyn took Carolina & Landon with them to Walmart in the afternoon.  After they got back they all went on a walk together then went over to Carls to watch them pick cotton.  The children got rides in the cotton picker.  What a treat!

Riding in the cotton picker By Saturday we were both ready to see each other again.  I flew out from San Juan fairly early in the morning but still didn't get back to Govan until about 4:30 in the afternoon.  Ina Sue spent the morning doing odds & ends and cleaning the front porch.  After I got back we drove up to Denmark for some groceries and to wash the car then ate supper with the children at McDonalds.  (Or they ate supper,  I am still fasting)   It is so good to be back home!