October 17, 2009

The Strite Family circa 2009 To church at Barnwell Sunday morning.  Bro. Tim Myers was over from Hephzibah to preach on "The Manifestation of the Kingdom".   Home for leftovers and naps.  I made us soft pretzels for supper then I took the children to church while Ina Sue stayed home with a headache.
Savannah is really starting to enjoy books. I started a fast on Monday.  I realized that I had gained back all the weight that I had lost earlier in the year.  I decided that I was going to lose it back again!  It rained all day so Ina Sue had to use the dryer for the laundry.  I worked a little late in at the shop while Ina Sue and the children ate supper.
....and babies. Ina Sue made her and the children pancakes for breakfast on Tuesday.  I went in to work.  It was a gorgeous day so Ina Sue and the children spent time outside putting down bark mulch, picking up sticks etc.  She made chicken cordon bleu casserole for supper which I got to enjoy the smell of...  (Still fasting)  After they ate supper I went out and planted a batch of pansies along the front walk.  Ina Sue went over and picked up milk for us.
A ladies tea party.... Wednesday was another rainy day.  I went to work and Carolyn Heatwole came over to stay with the children while Ina Sue went to a luncheon at Jane Brubakers.  The luncheon was in honor of Edna Stoltfuz.  Ms. Edna and her husband Stevie were involved with the prison ministry here in SC for the last number of years and was always a challenge for Ina Sue in how she looked forward to ministering to the ladies in the prison.  Stevie died of cancer several months ago and Ms. Edna is moving back to her old home in PA.  By the time I got home from work Ina Sue already had the children fed.  We spent a while working in the guest room.  I moved the furniture while she cleaned under it.
....in honor of Ms. Edna Stoltzfus. Thursday was another dreary day weather-wise.  Ina Sue said the children are starting to act a bit cagey.  She did a load or two of laundry and continued her work in the guest bedroom.  I spent the day at work.  They say that after three days of fasting the hunger starts to go away.  It sure hasn't gone away for me!  I am ravenous! 
Dwight Lee cooks up the catfish for the conference dinner. I took my empty stomach off to work again on Friday.  Ina Sue pulled something in her back and is really hurting.  She set up an appointment with Dr. Greene for the afternoon.  Aunt Miriam was kind enough to keep the children.  We went to church in the evening or our first session of conference.  Bro. Nathan Horst from Harrisonburg is our speaker and he talked tonight on "Cohesive Families in an Individualistic Society"  A good and challenging sermon.  After we came home I worked on the computer for a while and Ina Sue cleaned until about 11:00.
SouthAtlantic Mennonite Conference session. We got up and I fed the children breakfast on Saturday.  The conference started with a session at 9:30.  Bro. Nathan preached another sermon on the Family and they started on the conference business.  Reports etc.  One of the topics of discussion dealt with what our conference position means when it asks us to abstain from "commercial movies"  There was quite a bit of discussion and the item was sent to the General Guidance committee for a recommendation.  For dinner Dwight Lee's brought catfish up from Mississippi.  It smelled so good but I am still fasting.  What a bummer!  After conference adjourned at 3:30 we came home and I mowed yard and cleaned up the outside until dark.