October 10, 2009

Supper and games at Tom Peacheys Bro. Wendel preached the communion sermon on Sunday.  Communion is always an inspiring service for me.  After church we came home to a quick lunch then took naps in the afternoon.  We were invited to Tom Peacheys for supper and the evening.  Dale Dickersons were there as well to help celebrate Tom's birthday.  We had a really nice time visiting and playing "Take 5".  Savannah was pretty fussy!
The older children thoughtfully watched our children for us. Monday was a rainy day so Ina Sue had to dry the clothes in the dryer.  Patricks dropped off their children from 3:00 to 9:00.  Ina Sue wasn't feeling very good so after I got home I helped feed them supper then tried to entertain them until Patricks got back.  Ina Sue is really feeling rough with a sore throat & cold.
The Strite and Heatwole munchkins eating supper. Ina Sue hardly got any sleep last night.  I told her to stay in bed on Tuesday while I stayed home and kept the children.  Lois Wesley offered to keep Savannah for the morning so that was a big help while I took the two oldest with me on a call or two.  On top of that, she also made us supper.  So very kind of her!  Unfortunately, by the evening I was starting to feel kinda rough myself...
Cotton field in Hampton County. Ina Sue was feeling better on Wednesday and I felt fine too.  She had a dentist appointment and dropped the children off with Bethany so that I wouldn't have to take off to keep them.  I spent a fair amount of the day working with Lucene on accounting tasks.  Ina Sue made us Spanish rice for supper.  In the evening we went to church for prayer meeting.  I am still enjoying my class with Bro. Wendell on "Bible Prophecy" and she said that the discussion in Bro. Carl's "Child-Training" class was lively tonight on the subject of :"Discipline".
A rare moment of coloring harmony... :) I had a full day at work on Thursday.  Ina Sue worked on housecleaning the guest room.  It was a beautiful day so she and the children took a walk before nap time.  Lasagna and creamy corn for supper.  After supper I drove up to Ralph's store in Healing Springs to help put insulation into their new addition.  There was a very nice crowd there to help and we were able to get it all done.  Ina Sue washed windows while I was gone.  After I got back I made the mistake of commenting that it would be a nice night to sleep outside.  Boy, Landon sure chomped on to that!  So.... I find myself on an air mattress in the back yard listening to the dogs bark and the pecans falling out of the tree.  Quality time!
Daddy and Landon after a night under the stars. Friday morning in the back yard was not the most comfortable.  The dew was making the covers kinda wet.  After the sun came up Carolina came out from the house and wanted to get into bed with Landon & I.  I got up and around and headed in to work at the normal time.  Steve & Cindy Brubaker were down this weekend and he stopped by the shop for a little meeting.  Cindy dropped by and visited with Ina Sue for a little while.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us stuffed peppers and apple salad.  After supper Ina Sue sewed and I worked on getting the database setup for the Govan Water Dept.
Ms. Nettie and "Fritz". We invited Wendell & Naomi Heatwole over Saturday morning for a brunch.  Ina Sue served us an asparagus puff pancake and a sour cream coffee cake.  After they left we worked outside.  I mowed while Ina Sue cleaned up the flower beds and pruned things.  It started raining part way through the morning so we had to knock off outside and move indoors.  We did misc inside jobs and Ina Sue made us white chili soup, cheese biscuits and salad for supper.  We took supper with us and visited Ms. Nettie Schrock for the evening.  Had a nice time visiting with her.  The children really enjoyed her little dog Fritz.  As we were leaving we stopped in for a quick visit with my good friend David Cannon and his wife Maggie.