September 12, 2009

Supper at Wesley's Sunday evening.  Savannah & Emma. We got to dress up in our wedding clothes on Sunday. (Tuesday is our 8'th anniversary)    After church we had Hendrick over for a dinner of chicken biscuit rollups with gravy, corn, cabbage salad, and banana pudding.  We played Blockus and Gobblet with him before he had to go home.  We took nice naps then were invited over to Wesley Heatwole's for the evening.  I made up a batch of soda cheese to take along.  Joel & Sarah Ocker were also there.  A very nice evening with a game of Phase 10 till fairly late.
Our yearly excursion to the beach. Monday was Labor Day on which we labored...  Ina Sue did the laundry while I took the two oldest along with me to work.  Our store was closed but I had a lot of catch up work to do.  I worked till about 5:00 then we came home and all went to Andy's for a Labor Day hotdog roast.  A beatiful, relaxing and fun evening with friends.  The children played and played.
The Strite family at Hunting Island State Park. Tuesday was our 8'th anniversary.  It is amazing how quickly those eight years have flown.  I made us a feast for breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, grits, toast and orange juice.  Then I headed off to work. (what a way to celebrate eh?)  To top that off, Ina Sue housecleaned the bathroom. :)   Carl Heatwole borrowed our minivan today to take his boys and Samuel (a guest from Germany) to the beach at Hunting Island.  Ina Sue made us spaghetti and green beans for supper.  She and Carolina Sue went to Ashley's grocery shower in the evening.
Savannah loved playing with the shells. Wednesday found me at work and Ina Sue working on more housecleaning.  She said she didn't feel very well today.  I picked us up chicken burritos from Taco Bell for our supper.  By the way, I think the 89 cent chicken burritos there are the best deal available.  They are pretty sizable and have lots of chicken, cheese and spicy rice.  Delicious and we can feed the family for about $3.   Ina Sue did make us some salad and an apple pie to finish out the meal.  Savannah is cutting some of her molars and is very fussy.
We saw this young buck on the way out. Thursday was a wonderful family day!  We left at 8:30 for our long awaited expedition to Hunting Island State Park (beach).  We grabbed a quick breakfast at Hardees and got to the beach a little before dinner.  The children (and the adults) had a lot of fun.  It was a beautiful day and the waves were about perfect for this size of children.  There were also lots of shells and not many people.  By the time we left around 5:00 the children were happy and beat.  They all went to sleep on the way home.  After we got home I gave them all baths while Ina Sue cleaned out the car.
Supper at Ivan Skrivseth's Friday evening. I was back at work again on Friday.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and cleaned from our trip yesterday.  We all went to Ivan Skrivseth's for supper.  They were our group leader from the last year and even though our small groups have been re-divided they still their old group over for a supper.  They had planned it in August but I was out of town that week.  Wasn't that kind to put it off!  Anyway, they served us a delicious meal on their back porch and we all had a good time visiting afterward.
The children enjoyed playing on their bunk bed. I went to work on Saturday at 7:30.  Thankfully I have not had to work much on Saturdays but with one of my employee's quitting without much notice I may have to fill in a bit more.  Ina Sue cleaned and played outside with the children.  We close the shop at 3:00 on Saturdays so I was home by 4:00.  I brought a batch of donated computers for the school home with me and spent much of the afternoon and evening getting them all setup.  Ina Sue made us breakfast pizza and orange juice for supper.  We took a walk after supper and when Landon got tired on his bike we figured out how to hook his bike to Prince's leash with me still holding the end.  Prince could really take him on down the road and with me sorta steering from the back, it worked pretty good.