August 29, 2009

The Gaylord Texan at Grapevine. Sunday morning was the beginning on a Bible conference at Barnwell on the topic of "Sin & Salvation"  Uncle James Goering is the speaker.  After the morning message we had a carry-in fellowship dinner then Ina Sue took the children home for naps while I stayed for the afternoon message.  In the evening we all went for the final message.  The messages were all good and interesting.  They challenged some of the ideas I have had.  After the evening service we came home and had mocha shakes, pretzels & cheese for a snack.
Part of the atrium in the hotel. I got up Monday morning and made us waffles with sausage for breakfast.  It was a beautiful day for Ina Sue to hang her laundry out.  I had a pretty full day and came home to a wonderful supper of BarBQ over rice and field peas.  After supper I went out and spayed pesticide in the garden while Ina Sue cleaned up the dishes and the house.  The mosquitos are really bad right now especially out around our tomato patch.  I'm hoping the pesticide will wipe them out.  Ina Sue cut up and put away a big bag of peppers and also bagged up a bunch of boiled peanuts from Carl to freeze.
The huge dining hall where we were fed sumptuously. Tom Peachey and I left for Ft. Worth, TX Tuesday morning at 2:00.  We drove to Charlotte and had a layover in Atlanta before flying on to Ft. Worth.  We got to the Gaylord Texan Resort around 1:00.  Radioshack is having their nationwide showcase here for the next three days.  The hotel & convention center are spectacular with a huge glass domed  atrium with streams, waterfalls and full size trees.  We got settled into a very nice hotel room then made our way to the convention center for a seminar, a wonderful supper, and then the keynote address by the Radioshack CEO.
Tom prowls the showcase floor. Ina Sue spent more time housecleaning the kitchen and cleaning out the cabinets.  In the evening her and the children went up to Springfield and met Bonnie Peachey and her girls at the park there for a picnic.  Bonnie fixed them a delicious picnic and the children had a ball playing in the park.

On Wednesday, Carolyn Heatwole came over and spent some time with the children to give Ina Sue a break.  Ina Sue spent the whole day housecleaning until about 10:30.  Meanwhile in Texas, Tom & I spent the day on the convention floor going through the different vendor exhibits.  It was a very good show with lots of new items to take in.  The meals this year have been superb!

A picnic with the Peachey and Sweigart ladies. Thursday was our last day in Texas.  We worked to finalize our order then ate a quick lunch before heading for the airport and flying home.  It was pretty late before we got back home.  My children were already in bed...  Ina Sue and the children had spent another day cleaning. She says that she only needs me to help her move some of the bedroom furniture now...  They did go to McDonalds in the evening for a break and supper.
The children enjoyed the playground. The service work at the shop was pretty hectic on Friday after being gone for three days.  Ina Sue did some children but felt pretty tired all all day.  When I got home from work I made us spam/hashbrown casserole for supper. (an old standby recipe from my bachelor days)  Ina Sue didn't think it sounded good at all.  She hates spam.  But she had to admit it did taste pretty good.  She spent the evening cooking for our day tomorrow.
A family picnic at Lake Hartwell We got up at 6:00 on Saturday and left for Hartwell at 7:15.  Dad & Mom are serving there now as caretakers and the family decided to meet up there today one last time before Laura & Sheldon move up to Canada with NYP.  We all met at the Center then drove out to a really nice picnic area on Lake Hartwell.  It was beautiful weather and the children had lots of fun in the water.  We had pizza for dinner then the adults played games and visited for the afternoon.  Sam & Bonnie Kurtz joined us for lunch and part of the afternoon with their children.  Around 4:30 we headed back to the Center.
Laura, Ashton & Sheldon Keller Some of our children took naps while the adults hung out in the lounge or played ping pong.  We had taco salad for supper then I took the children up to Dad's and gave them their baths.  We headed home around 7:45 and got back to Govan a little before 12:00.  A very long day but enjoyable.