August 1, 2009

French cutting green beans. Bro. Mark preached Sunday on the topic of "The Privileges of Being a Christian".  We came home to a vegetarian lunch.  Avocado sandwiches, stuffed peppers and fresh fruit.  Different for us but quite tasty.  Nice naps in the afternoon then went to church for a song service.  I was responsible for leading one segment of the singing.  Song leading is certainly not my forte but they were no terrible errors...  Home then for a snack before bed.
Reading "The Thinks You Can Think!" We hit our work early on Monday.  I vacuumed out the car while Ina Sue stated the wash.  Then we went out and picked over the green beans and zipper peas.  After I left for work she shelled the peas by hand and got about 4 pints.  By the time I got home from work she had all the laundry washed,  folded and put away.  We got everyone loaded in the van and picked up Uncle Enos & Carl before driving over to Hephzibah.  The men had a finance meeting at Nathan's so we dropped Ina Sue and the children off at Uncle Nevin's for the evening.  It was after 11:30 before we got back to Govan.
Savannah helps Mommy snap beans. We slept in a bit on Tuesday.  Ina Sue finished ironing the laundry.  I went off to work.  Ina Sue took the children with her to Enos Yoder's pool for a little expedition with Betty, Carolyn, Emily Diem and Crista Hochstetler.  She said everyone had a good time.  They came in and met me at Taco Bell for a family lunch together.  I finished my day at work and came home to a wonderful supper of ham gravy over potatoes, green beans and baked zucchini crisps.  I had to leave and meet our technology committee at the church for another meeting.  Ina Sue spent the evening playing with the children.
A delicious squash pizza Ina Sue made us. We slept in again on Wednesday and I had to rush off for work without breakfast.  Ina Sue made the children a roll-up omelette with peppers, onions and bacon.  She spent much of the day sewing and cut out a new dress for Carolina.  For supper she made us corn cakes with salsa & sour cream.  After supper I worked on mowing until it got dark.  We found out today that Grace Heatwole's mother in Canada died.  She had been fighting cancer for some time.  Our thoughts are certainly with her and her family.
Playing beside Lake Hartwell. Ina Sue got up early and left around 7:00 to go grocery shopping.  She also had a back appointment at 9:00 so I got the children up and ready then took them along with me to work.  She picked them up from there.  She made the children eggs in ham nests for breakfast then spent the day sewing and baking.  We got a nice little shower in the afternoon.  Ina Sue made a delicious pizza for supper using zucchini as the pizza crust.  Landon has been having a really hard time eating his food without grumbling.  Tonight he had to go to bed without any supper...  Ina Sue was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work piling up so I asked her to take the children for a walk while I vacummed and cleaned the house.
...with Grandpa & Grandma. I was busy on Friday at work while Ina Sue kept busy here at home.  She cleaned the house, picked the zipper peas, and packed up the children for our weekend expedition.  They met me in at work at 6:00 and we headed up to Hartwell to spend time with my parents.  We stopped at Checkers in Augusta for a quick supper and made it to Hartwell around 9:30.  The children were really glad to see Grandpas again.  We talked for a while then went to bed.
Afterwards we went out for ice cream. Savannah had a really bad night so we didn't get a whole lot of sleep either.  Dad fixed us his signature "eggs in a basket" for breakfast.  Very good!  It has been years since I remember Dad fixing that for our breakfast at home.  I started working on some electrical & phone projects there in their new home while Ina Sue helped Mom cook.  Dad was meeting with the Hartwell building and grounds committee so I worked mainly by myself.  I had to crawl around under the house for a bit and get really dirty but I got it all going.  We all had dinner together with the committee then in the afternoon I did a little mowing while the others rested.  For supper we drove in to Lake Hartwell for a picnic.  Mom fixed us a delicious packed supper then we ended up at a little ice cream shop for cones to finish up the day.