July 25, 2009

Landon Cole, from all four sides. Sunday morning we got up in good time and got everyone ready in time to take some family pictures before church.  Unfortunately it was too sunny outside and they didn't turn out very good.  Bro. Wendell preached the message at Barnwell this morning on "Where is Wisdom Found?" from the passage in Job.  We were invited to Brent Hege's for lunch.  We had a very nice time around a delicious meal with Uncle Enoses, Daryl Brubakers, and Conrad Stovers.  We came home in time for the children to get their naps.  The service in the evening was a topical program.  Bro. Delmar had the main topic on the book of Titus.  Home for peach shakes and fresh salsa with chips.
Carolina Sue at five. Monday was the normal laundry & work day.  On my way in to work in the morning I came up on a pretty bad wreck on the turn before Uncle Howards.  The fire trucks had the road completely blocked so I had to take the long way around.  I had a full day at work then came home to supper of grilled hotdogs, sweet corn & cantaloupe.  We took a drive in the evening over to Dons and Uncle Enos's pond.  Betty & Carolyn invited us to go fishing with them so we did that for a while then went back to Don's for a big snack.  Fun evening.
My dear wife and children. Tuesday was nice and cool.  I spent most of the day in the shop.  Ina Sue tried to sew but with many interruptions.  A quick supper of left-overs then a restful evening.  I'm feeling a bit draggy for some reason...
Fishing with Ms. Betty & Carolyn. Ina Sue made us scrambled eggs over freshly sliced tomatoes for breakfast.   I left for work and Ina Sue got down to sewing again.  She said the children played together really nice today and she was able to get quite a bit done.  After I got home from work we met our small group at the church to do some major cleaning.  Our area of responsibility was the four bathrooms, the kitchen, library, and outdoor classroom.  A big job but with lots of hands.  Afterward we had a snack with ice cream sandwiches, salties and iced tea.
Helping build the Govan Fire House addition. Thursday was very busy.  I had a lot of calls in at the shop.  Ina Sue tried to finish up some of her sewing but felt frustrated by how little she was able to accomplish.  I tell her that her main task is the children and any thing else she gets done is just a bonus....  She fixed us a wonderful supper of pepper steak over rice and cheesy baked zucchini crisps.  Very tasty!  After supper we all worked for a while cleaning up the garden.  After we got the children in bed I went back in to the shop to work for a couple hours.
Bro. Wendell & I help set the trusses. I was at work again on Friday.  Ina Sue did her regular weekly housecleaning.  In the afternoon she got the children all loaded up and met me in at the shop.  We all went over to Aiken for what Carolina Sue called our "Date Night".  :)  We did some shopping at Lowes and Hobby Lobby then went to IHOP for supper.  Our children ate free so that was nice.  Then to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Walmart.  We made it home by 10:15.
A good morning's work. We got up at day break on Saturday and picked over our bean patch.  Then I got my tools together and went down to the Govan Fire house to help them build a new addition.  There was a very good turnout from our community and our church.  We had the framework all up by dinnertime.  Ina Sue and the children came to check on our progress around 10:00 and the children wanted to stay.  They behaved well and didn't get in the way.  Ina Sue meanwhile, canned 8 quarts of beans and french cut & froze 3 quart.  She also made a supper for Daryl Brubakers to help them out a little during their move from the cabin to their new house.  We got the metal all on the roof of the firehouse then knocked off.  I came home and loaded up the family and brought them back for a delicious BBQ supper provided by the fire dept.  Then home for baths and bed.  A big day!