July 18, 2009

The three mouseketeers. Sunday was Savannah's 1'st birthday.  We went to Mt. Pleasant for church.  We got to hear our friend Chad McMurray deliver his first sermon there.   On faith and taken from the story of Peter walking on the water.  Very good.  Mother fixed us a wonderful lunch of chicken tenders, fresh potatoes, cucumber salad, pasta salad, cherry pie & ice-cream.  We stayed for a while in the afternoon because Chad's were coming by for a visit.  Got left around 4:15 and raced home.  Back in Govan by 11:15.  Thank you God for a safe trip.
Ina Sue and her 1 year old girl Monday was a big day of catch up for both of us.  Waffles for breakfast then off to work for me.  Ina Sue says that the laundry always seems so much bigger after a trip.  We had a really nice rain in the afternoon.  After I got home we ate a quick supper then went over to Don Heatwole's farm to go fishing with Betty & Carolyn.  Afterward, they invited us in for a great snack of chips, dip, crackers & cheese ball and pina coladas. 
Ina Sue made lamb cupcakes for her birthday. Not much out of the ordinary on Tuesday.  Me at work and Ina Sue keeping the house and the children.  She did make up two pans of fruit pizza crusts for when we host the youth on Thursday.  We had tacos for supper then I worked out in the garden until dark.  The mosquitoes and other bugs were awful.  After the children were in bed I went back in to work until 4:30.
The party at Grandpapa's. I went back in to work after not enough sleep on Wednesday.  Ina Sue cut out a new dress in the morning.  I came home at 3:00 and mowed for a while.  Ina Sue pulled weeds in the flower beds. 
Savannah back home with her birthday tree. The town water system was down for most of the afternoon.  We had squash patties and green beans for supper.  To church in the evening for prayer meeting.  Nelson Hochstetler led the discussion on "Speaking the Truth in Love".
Some of the youth played Rook. We slept in a bit on Thursday.  I rushed through my jobs at work and came home around 1:30 to help Ina Sue get ready for the Youth.  We hosted them after they got done singing at the nursing home.  Sloppy joes, relish tray & dip, fresh salsa and chips and fruit pizza.  They behaved great and we had a really nice time hosting them.  The youth group is almost getting too big to host in our homes anymore though...  There was close to 35 people even though the youth sponsors weren't there.
..while another group played Dutch Blitz on the floor. A full day at work for me on Friday.  Ina Sue cleaned up after the festivities of the night before.  In the evening we went to the school for Randy & Diane Ocker's southern wedding reception.  A very nice time and meal.  We are so very happy for both of them.  It is great to see others enjoying happy married life.  We had a lovely rain this evening.
The Happy Couple (Randy & Diane Ocker) Saturday was a nice day at home.  I took Landon & Carolina Sue with me to Bamberg in the morning to pick blueberries.  We picked about a bucket and a half of beautiful berries.  Then I cleaned out the shop while Ina Sue pruned the azaleas out front.  I mowed the square and pulled trumpet vines out of our camelias.  We had Andy Korvers over in the evening to help us finish up the food from the night before.  A nice time with good friends.