July 11, 2009

Wesley, Lois & Emma Ruth Heatwole. To church at Barnwell on Sunday.  Bro. Mark preached a challenging sermon on "Maintaining Good Relationships".  We came home to a dinner of leftovers, tomato sandwiches and green beans.  Nice long naps in the evening.  Wesley & Lois came over for supper.  We made ham roll-up biscuits with cheese sauce, cucumber salad, stuffed peppers, and home made ice-cream with fresh peaches for dessert.  After supper we played Blockus.  A lovely rain started during the evening.  We hope it continues.
Savannah's first unaided stand-up. It was still drizzling when we got up on Monday.  I went in to work.  The rain stopped in time for Ina Sue to hang out the laundry.  She got everything washed, dried, folded & ironed.  We had squash patties for supper.  After supper I played a couple games of hide and seek with the children then we went on a long walk together.
Carolina & Carolyn make tomato juice. I had a long day at work on Tuesday.  Ina Sue started cutting up the tomatoes in the morning.  Carolyn Heatwole came over to help with the children.  She and Carolina Sue ran the juicer while Ina Sue cut them up and cooked them.  She made 13 quarts of tomato juice and then in the evening after I came home she finished canning 8 quarts of tomato soup.  I brought home pizza for supper as my contribution to the project.
Landon admires Jake Heatwole (Joshua & Marcia's) I was at work all day on Wednesday.  Ina Sue picked over the green beans one last time, vacuumed out the car, did laundry, put away the tomato juice, etc.  For supper she made us a really good squash casserole.  After supper we cut Landon's hair then took a batch of homemade ice-cream and fresh fruit over to Joshua & Marcia's to help welcome little Jake to Govan.  It was a rainy evening.
The children enjoy the water at Wilda Lake. I made us waffles for breakfast on Thursday then off to work.  Ina Sue cleaned for most of the day and packed up for our trip.  Savannah got in her 2nd tooth today.  She is pretty fussy.  We had tomato, egg salad, bacon & Vidalia onion sandwiches for supper.  Peaches and blueberries for dessert.
While Grandmother & Benjamin look on. We got left for Virginia around 8:20 on Friday morning and had a good trip.  We stopped at Shoney's for a delicious breakfast.  We got to Wilda Lake around 4:00.  Papa's family was getting together there for a weekend campout.  A lot of the people were away (back on their farms doing the milking) when we got there but they started showing up through the evening.  The children and I went ahead and got in the water.  We all really enjoyed the long water slide.  After the swimming some of the men played softball while other played Bocce.  A delicious supper of grilled port loin and many yummy carry-in dishes.  We left around 9:30 and drove back to Papa's for the night.  We didn't feel like packing all the camping stuff for just one night....
Ina Sue's old high school 20 year reunion. We had a pretty rough night.  Ina Sue had terrible allergy issues and Savannah wouldn't sleep.  None of us got enough sleep.  We got up Saturday morning and made a bowl of mixed fruit and squash casserole to take to the carry-in dinner.  Hickory Hollow High School (Ina Sue's alma mater) was having a reunion for all the folks who have graduated there through the years.  We had a nice time visiting with friends over dinner then in the afternoon they had a program with memories, singing and a history.  Interesting and fun.
The cousins play with their dolls. We left around 3:30 and drove back to Papa's for a little rest.  Lori and Robert brought their children down to eat with the rest of us.  We had Subway Subs for supper.  Keith & Robert went down to play softball at Monger Park.  Then the ladies went to watch and left the rest of us with the children.  A group of about 8 skunks came wondering through the yard.  Thankfully we were able to stay out of each other's hair.  Sure hope we get better sleep tonight....