June 27, 2009

Sisters ready for church. Sunday was Father's Day.  Uncle Enos preached from I John.  Ina Sue was hostess today so that made for a busier morning as she finished preparing her food.  We had Daryl & Sharon Brubaker over for lunch since there were no unattached visitors.  Rolls, roast beef, mashed potatoes, squash pie, cucumber salad, custard and mocha torte.  We had a nice time visiting with them.  Bro. Daryl is such an inspiration.  After they left, we got in short naps before church.  There were testimonies about our Fathers and the chorus sang two songs.  We had Gordons over for a snack after church.  Fresh salsa & chips with our leftover torte.
This looks like trouble waiting to happen. Monday Ina Sue started the laundry and I went off to work after breakfast.  Ina Sue called me around 4:00 and told me that Carl had called and that the corn in his field was ready.  I was able to get home around 5:00 and I took the children out to the field with me to pick what we needed.  We like to husk it in the field and Carolina Sue was a big help to me while the other children played in the van.  We had about a wash basket full by the time Ina Sue called and said that supper was ready.  After supper I went back and picked some more.  We started processing it in our back yard around 7:30 and were done by 11:00.  We put up 26 pints which along with our existing store was all that we wanted for the next year.
My sister Laura at her baby shower. Tuesday was another rushed day.  Is all of life like this???  Ina Sue made bread, picked the beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini.  She put up 11 pints of dill pickles.  I rushed around at work until 1:00 when I left for Virginia.  I met Royal and his brother Justus in Columbia and we rode together to Harrisonburg for our PRMC meeting tomorrow.  Got there around 8:00.
Some of the illustrious guests. Our PRMC meeting started at 8:00 on Wednesday.   The meeting moved along pretty good.  We met with the SMC finance committee at 1:00 to get the budget approved.  Our meeting finished up around 2:30 but by the time we met up with Justus and got on the road it was about 4:00.  Home at 11:00.


And the delicious lunch. Meanwhile, Ina Sue had an eventful day at home.  She dropped the children off with Mary Korver then headed over to Waynesboro for my sister Laura's baby shower.  She said it was quite a shindig with quite elaborate decorating and menu.  She had to leave a bit early in order to be back in time to pick up the children.  After they got home they took a short nap then they all went over to Ivan Skrivseth's for a small group ball game and hot dog roast.
A small group ball game at Ivan's park. I played catch-up at work all day on Thursday.  Ina Sue picked over our green beans, picked the tomatoes and did some ironing.  She brought the children along and met me and Wendell Heatwole's at the church for church cleaning.  This was our last week to clean the church so we celebrated afterward by going to Mi Rancho for supper with Wendells.  Afterward they dropped by our house for a visit over pumpkin pie.  Delicious!
Uncle Howard has a new fan. I made pancakes for us for breakfast Friday morning.  Then I headed off to work.  Ina Sue did her normal Friday cleaning then did some cooking.  In the afternoon she got the children bathed then took them to Bamberg to catch up on their shots.  Aunt Miriam went along to help with the children.  She invited Uncle Howard & Aunt Miriam to come over and share our supper with us.  Zucchini quiche, fresh green beans, cucumber salad, stuffed peppers and peaches for dessert.  A nice evening.
Digging the potatoes. Saturday was a nice day together but oh so hot outside.  I started the day early by picking the beans.  The children and I started digging our potatoes.  Ina Sue came out and helped finish up.  We had nice big potatoes but just not very many of them this year.  I mowed all the yard then spent the hottest part of the day getting some of these webpages caught up.  In the evening we went over to Carl's pond and went swimming with the children.  Great fun for all!  Came home for baths then I took the children in with me to Denmark to wash the car and give Ina Sue a break.  A nice relaxing evening.