June 13, 2009

Dr. & Mrs. James Riley Hill. We felt pretty relaxed as we got ready for church on Sunday.  Only one little girl to feed and get ready!  Bro. Mark preached the sermon this morning on "Not Causing Our Brother to Stumble".  We came home for a light dinner of salad then had wonderful long naps.  I had a headache though when I got up...  We had Dr. & Mrs. James Riley Hill and Lloyd & Emma Oberholtzer over for supper.  Since this was the first Sunday evening of the month, we didn't have church.  Ina Sue fixed us an asparagus puff pancake, salad, stuffed peppers for the main course then pound cake, homemade ice cream and fresh peaches for dessert.  A nice time visiting.
Savannah usually wakes up happy. We are starting to miss the little munchkins by Monday morning.  I headed off to work at the normal time.  Ina Sue called me halfway through the morning to tell me that the water had cut off halfway through her laundry.  :(  So, she weeded the zipper peas until the water came back on.  She had a back appointment then came on by and met me at Blimpies for a quick sub together.  Carolina Sue and Landon got back around 4:00.  Ina Sue got them all bathed and ready then we all went to our first evening of Bible school this year.  Hendrick & Duane B. are the superintendents this year and they are trying a new scheme.  Instead of the normal curriculum with each grade they are using the station method with groups cycling through the different stations each evening.  It seemed to go well for the first night from all that we heard.
Carolina measures out the fertilizer for each plant. Their theme for the week is taken from I Timothy 4:12. "but be thou an example of the believers,
in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
  Each evening took one of the aspects of being and example.  Tonight was "in word"  Myron Brubaker led the adult class discussion.  Carolina Sue went proudly to her Kindergarten 1 class while Landon stayed with us.  After we got home we had peach milk-shakes for a snack then after the children were in bed I spent an hour or so sanding the shelves to get them ready for the 2nd coat.
Carolina was in Ms. Jane's class for Bible school. Tuesday morning I got up and made us waffles for breakfast while Ina Sue cleaned the shelves to get them ready for the next coat.  I helped put a coat on them then headed in to work.  Ina Sue found some paint chipping on the walls in that closet so she started trying to peel it off.  Uh oh, here comes another big job....  I came home from work a little early.  Savannah was really having a bad day so after a supper of asparagus quiche and grilled squash Ina Sue stayed home with the grouch while I took the other children to Bible school.  Benita Hege very kindly offered to teach a pre-kindergarten class for the children still too young for the established classes.  Landon was pretty thrilled to be included.  Aden Diem led the adult class.  After we got home we put the children to bed and continued the work in the closet.  11:30 before we got to bed...
Our finished shelves. We got up at 5:30 on Wednesday to put the final coat of polyurethane on the shelves.  Ina Sue then worked on painting the walls while I made us grits & puddins for breakfast.  Ina Sue is not a fan but the children and I love 'em.  I went to work.  Ina Sue spent most of her day baking.  She had a terrible time with her allergies today but Savannah is doing much better thankfully.  Supper of sausage/rice casserole, cauliflower with cheese sauce, and cucumber salad, then off to Bible school.  Uncle Enos taught the adult class tonight on "Charity".  Landon & Carolina Sue are loving Bible school!  After we got home I put the children to bed while Ina Sue painted a 2nd coat on the closet walls.
Supper at Petersburg campground with our good friends. We got up early on Thursday again and put the final touches on our the closet.  It is now cleaned, polished and ready for storage.  Ina Sue says it is like a dream come true. :)  I took the two oldest children with me on a service call up to Bamberg while Ina Sue cleaned the house and vacuumed the car.  I was able to surprise Ina Sue and take the rest of the day off.  We still worked like tigers though.  She cooked for the weekend.  I cleaned up the garden and mulched the zipper peas.  In the later afternoon I mowed the entire Govan square.  Ina Sue made us asparagus and egg gravy over English muffins for supper.  Then to Bible school.  Tom Peachey led the adult class on "Faith".
An afternoon swim with Daddy. Friday was rush rush rush!  I headed in to work and tried to get everything done in good time.  Ina Sue worked at packing up our clothes and other supplies.  After I got home from work at 3:00 we rushed around getting everything packed in the van for our weekend camping expedition.  Ina Sue didn't think I could get everything in the van but I did, including the bicycles.  We drove over to GA to meet Royal Barnharts at the Petersburg campground on Lake Thurmond.  We did make a stop or two in Martinez to pick up some supplies.  We drove through a terrible storm in Augusta but by the time we got out the other side the sun was shining again. 
The Strite ladies enjoying the cool water. We got to the campground right behind Royals at 7:00.  I setup our tent while Royal got their camper blocked and connected.  Royal & Jenn provided a wonderful supper of grilled hamburgers with all the fixins.  Great way to start the weekend.  The children had fun getting re-acquainted and playing on the skates & bikes.  We stayed up late talking.  It was a very pleasant evening weather-wise. 

Our air mattress wouldn't stay inflated during the night so we were pretty ready to get up Saturday morning.  The children played while Ina Sue fixed us an asparagus puff pancake for lunch.  We spent the late morning and early afternoon swimming with the children in the lake then came back in time for the children to get their naps.    Royal & I made a supplies run to Walmart where I picked up an air mattress repair kit an a new mattress.  I wasn't taking any chances!  For supper, Ina Sue and I grilled chicken and vegetables over rice with a cucumber salad.  Angel food cake & strawberries for dessert.  Another enjoyable evening of games and visiting.  We are all having a great time.