June 6, 2009

Getting ready for church is not always so happy... To church Sunday morning at Barnwell.  Bro. Gary preached.  Home for dinner of meatballs with BarBQ sauce, rice & zucchini stir fry.  We all took naps in the afternoon.  Popcorn & juice for supper then went to church for a song service.
Our five year old opens her present. Monday was busy.  I went to work early and worked late.  Ina Sue did the laundry and made a batch of rolls.  I went straight from work to a technology meeting at the church then after we got done I went back to work for a couple more hours.  It rained pretty good during the evening.  Ina Sue spent her evening making cake & cupcakes for Carolina Sue's birthday.
Nelson Hochstetlers came over and helped celebrate. Tuesday was Carolina Sue's fifth birthday.  It is unbelievable that our little baby girl is already five!  I went in to work early so that I could get off a bit early.  Ina Sue spent most of her day making food and decorating the birthday butter-fly.  Carolyn Heatwole came over for a little while then took Carolina swimming with her.  I came home around 4:30 and helped get things setup outside for our party.  We had Nelson Hochstetlers over to help with the festivities.  Ham sandwiches, squash pie, pasta salad and cake with ice cream made up the menu.  Had a very nice evening.
Nelson & Brandon play a game of Goblet. When I left for work on Wednesday Ina Sue was tying up the tomatoes.  She made up a batch of sour cream mashed potatoes for the freezer out of some over the hill potatoes in our closet.  I came home at 11:30 and kept the children while she went to a doctor appointment.  I went back in to work for several hours.  In the evening I took the two oldest children to prayer meeting with me while Ina Sue stayed home with Savannah. 
Ready to blow out candles on the birthday butterfly. Thursday was a normal day at work for me.  It rained much of the day.  Ina Sue spent time scrapbooking and sewing.  After I got home from work we dropped Savannah off with Sarah Ocker while we took the other children along with us to church to clean.  We are scheduled to clean the church this month with Wendell Heatwoles.  Since we are going to be gone next week we asked to take this first one.  It took us about an hour and a half to finish up.  Ina Sue gave the children punch balloons and that kept them very entertained.  Pretty tired!
Carolina & her birthday tree.  (5 years old) Savannah was pretty fussy on Friday.  We think she is cutting her teeth.  She is 10 months old and still doesn't have any in yet...  When I got home from work Ina Sue had us a new sausage/rice casserole for supper.  Very good!  She also had zucchini bars for dessert.  You should be able to tell by now that we have plenty of squash and zucchini in our garden right now...  We took a walk with the children after supper and dropped off a plate of bars with our neighbor Wayne G.
All strapped in for Virginia. We got up and at it early on Saturday morning.  Ina Sue made us cheesy egg bake for breakfast while I worked on sanding the shelves in the back closet.  After breakfast Ina Sue cleaned the house while I took the children with me to Denmark to buy some foam brushes for polyurethane.  After we got back we got the children packed and fed then they left with Betty and Carolyn Heatwole for a fast trip to Grandpapa's in VA.  They will be coming back on Monday. 
Heading up the road to Grandma's. After we got them headed up the road we both worked together to polyurethane the shelves.  It was pretty messy work especially when you were doing the bottoms of the shelves where the polyurethane tended to drip back on you.  We got the 1st coat on everything thought then Ina Sue mowed the front and side yards while I cleaned up the shop.  I finished the mowing then we went up to Bamberg for the evening.  We stopped in to pick up some oak wood from Lloyd O., did some shopping at Maxway, and finished up with supper at the "House of Pizza".