May 30, 2009

Uncle Duane's house On Sunday Bro. Wendell preached a very challenging sermon on "Having a Martyr Mindset".  We came home for a lunch of fried tenderloin, zucchini/squash stir fry, and broccoli salad.  Ina Sue and the children took a nice long nap while I studied for my topic tonight.  After they got up Ina Sue and Savannah took a walk.  We snacked a little for supper then went to church in the evening.  I had been assigned to talk on the section in Matthew 18 dealing with resolving conflict with your brother.  Gordon gave me permission to conduct it as a discussion rather than a topic and I at least found it very interesting.  People were quick to speak up and it was good to hear what each other thought about this passage.
The ladies visit. Monday was Memorial Day and the store was closed.  It was nice to be home for a full day with my family.  Ina Sue spent most of the day doing laundry and cooking.  I planted begonias out in our circle bed then spent most of the rest of the day trying to get the new lights connected out in the square.  I had big problems with the wiring breaking inside of the pvc pipe.  After getting everything glued together I would connect the electricity to no avail.  After tearing apart the pvc for the 2nd time I finally got the lights going but had to to a very temporary water seal on the pvc because I was out of fittings. 
Landon holding his new cousin, Macie Elaine. We left for Georgia around 5:00 and went to Duane's for the evening.  Ina Sue took the food for a snack/supper.  We wanted to help celebrate Duane & Janice's baby Macie Elaine's arrival.  We also wanted to get together with Dad & Mom before they leave for their term at Hartwell.  Monday was also their 46'th anniversary so we got Duane's permission to ask them to join us.  Macie was a little cutie and we all enjoyed taking turns holding her.  A very nice evening with family.  Home to Govan around 11:30. 
Watching the penguins. I had a lot of work to catch up on at the shop on Tuesday.  Ina Sue folded and ironed clothes.  Also made some bars and did odds and ends around the house.  After I got home in the evening we all went over to Carl's to help arrange a new layout for our church announcement sheet.  Ina Sue and the children walked down to the pond.  While they were there Joel caught a baby alligator.  Quite an experience for the children! 
Riding the baby elephant. I had a early morning service call with a customer Wednesday morning.  Ina Sue cut out and sewed up a new dress for Carolina Sue.  She has it all finished up by the evening.  What a woman!  Landon & Carolina Sue went swimming with Carolyn H. at Aden Diems for a while in the afternoon but got rained out.  We had chicken salad and peach delight for supper.  Then we went with our small group to Carrigg Manor Nursing Home to sing for the old folks.  Our children always enjoy talking to the dear folks there.  Afterward we went to Danny Hege's for a party.  It was nice to see their new house now that they have it finished and are moved in.  Good food & fellowship.
Strite Family at the zoo. I took off work on Thursday to take my family to the zoo in Columbia.  We had gone about a year ago and bought a membership that allowed us to go again sometime during the next year.  The membership expires at the end of the week so we decided to fit it in.  The children always love the zoo but we have learned not to try to see every animal.  We pretty much let them direct us and the big animal carousel is a prime attraction.  We left the zoo around 1:00 and went looking for a place to eat our picnic.  We found a sign pointing us to a "Riverside Park" and thought God had provided.  Unfortunately the "park" left much to be desired with lots of mud and no good place to sit...  We ate a very fast lunch standing around with grumpy children then quickly headed for home.
Delmar & Frank grilled some delicious chicken. After we got home we put the children to bed for their naps then I went down to the Govan square to work for a while.  I mowed the yard and planted a palm tree that Ms. Margaret had donated to the town.  Wendell Heatwole and Anthony Good stopped in for a bit to help me get the big tree in place and planted.  Ina Sue worked at making a pizza for supper.  We got together at Chad Brubakers for supper along with Gordons, Josh & Marcia, and Dewayne Stovers.  After our carry-in supper we practiced singing for Carolyn Heatwole's graduation celebration.
The proud parents and the graduate. I went to work at 6:45 on Friday and had a very busy day.  Ina Sue worked like a tiger at home and got the house all cleaned.  Carolyn dropped by for a while in the afternoon to type up her speech for the evening.  We went to her graduation at 6:30 in the evening.  They had a short program to start with including our singing, a commencement address by Dale Dickerson and an address by the graduate.  Bro. Don presented the diploma.   After the program we all sat down for a delicious supper of grilled chicken, hot rolls, baked beans, cole slaw, chips and cake with ice-cream.  Some played volleyball afterward but we brought our children home for bed.
Saturday was another very full day.  We got up and hit the garden at 7:00.  We weeded, mulched and planted until about 12:00.  Ina Sue made us a brunch of mexican stir-fry.  I had expected to mow the yard today but our great neighbor Randy O. must have mowed it for us the evening before with his new "Steiner" mower.  What a help!  I spent the hot part of the afternoon cutting down and trimming a big over-grown tree on the front corner of our property.  It was all entangled with wisteria vines and hanging down over the road and a dogwood tree.  At one point I was heaving with all my strength on a wisteria vine and it let loose at just the wrong time.  I hit the rocky pavement so hard that I wasn't sure what all I broke.  After recovering for a while I was able to continue work.  I carted about 9 loads of limbs and vines back to our burn pile.   After I finally got that project done I washed the van then drove in to King's BarBQ and picked us up a BarBQ plate for supper.  Ina Sue scrubbed up the back porch and straightened up the house.  We are both about beat but the outside looks so much better.