May 23, 2009

Reading our bedtime story. We went to church early on Sunday for Daryl B.'s annointing service.  I admire so much the way that he is facing this experience.  We pray that God will heal him of his cancer but if not, to continue to give him grace and strength.  Bro. Carl preached the sermon this morning on "God Treats us Better than we Deserve".  After church Carolina Sue went home with Carolyn Heatwole for lunch.  The rest of us came home to a lunch of meatloaf, corn on the cob, and fresh potatoes.  Ina Sue got in a short rest while I did the dishes then she and Landon went to Denmark for Carolyn Heatwole's final piano recitation.  Since she is graduating from school this year she was also graduating from the piano program.  She did good. 
Our little tool man is loading up. The evening service was a graduation service for our senior class.  Barry Brubaker, Thomas Brubaker, Ryan Dickerson, Carmen Diem and Kevin Coto all graduated.  I thought they all gave really good speeches then Korwin Schrock gave the commencement address.  After church we were invited to Wesley & Lois's for a delicious snack/supper of sloppy joes, jello cream salad, popcorn and icecream.  Leon Dueck's were also there.  We had a nice time visiting while the children had a great time playing together.  We had a tremendous storm during the evening with lots of rain.
I put in the irrigation and spread the pine straw... I went in to work early on Monday.   Since it was still a bit rainy today Ina Sue had to use the dryer instead of hanging the clothes out.  Jordan Ehst stopped by for a short visit.  Bro. Daryl had a biobsy today on his tumor but they don't have any results yet.   I was fasting today but came home from work for an hour or two to be with the children.  After I read them their bedtime story I went back in to work .  Ina Sue finished the laundry and got the children all bathed.
...then Landon & Mommy planted the impatiens. Tuesday was a regular day for me.  Off to work at 8:30, service calls all day and home around 6:30.  Bethany dropped off her girls at 9:00 for the day.  Our children play together so well!  They played in the sandbox, "Stamped" cards, played "Robber" and "Baby"  We had "Tasty Tater Casserole", corn & beets for supper.  After supper we worked outside planting impatiens and cleaning up.  Joshua and Marcia stopped by for a little visit on their four-wheeler.  They had been out picking dewberries and took the two oldest on a short ride with them. 
Savannah wants to help too. Wednesday   I was at work all day.  Ina Sue worked some more outside planting flowers and pulling weeds.  She also made us up a batch of bars.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  Ina Sue was in charge of the children's class tonight.  She used a Noah's Ark theme.  In the adult section, Bro. James Riley led the discussion. 
Michaela, Carolina & Caroline practice their "stamping" After the service we practices singing for Carolyn's upcoming graduation program.  Myron and Jane were willing to take the children home with them while we practiced.  After we got done practicing I went back in to work for several hours while Ina Sue picked up the children got got them to bed.
Picking flowers. Thursday morning I went in to work.  Ina Sue spent most of the day on misc. tasks.  She had some issues in the afternoon trying to get in to the shop for our "date" night.  After finally getting the children all ready she found that the minivan had a dead battery.  She was brave enough to use the jumper cables to get it started but then realized that the doors had somehow all gotten locked with the keys inside.  When she called me I decided I had better come home and help.  Thankfully, when I got there I found that the one side door was not actually latched and was able to pull it open. 
Our church house at Barnwell. We dropped the children off with Patricks then drove on over to Aiken.  Did some shopping at Aldis and Lowes then I dropped Ina Sue off at the Dollar store while I went to fill up with gas.  We ate supper at Red Lobster to use up an old gift card.  Were surprised to find Wendell and Naomi Heatwole at the table across the room. (also using up a gift card).  Home by about 10:00