May 16, 2009

Our little duchess is growing up... Sunday was Mother's Day.  At church in the morning Bro. Mark preached on "In the Name of the Lord".  Our oven had not come on when it was supposed to so our asparagus lasagna still needed to be baked after we got home.  Ina Sue made us a spinach salad with warm dressing and corn to go along with it.  Everyone took naps then the children gave Mommy their card and can of cashews.  Her favorite!  We went to church in the evening and enjoyed a program presented by the Men's chorus from Barnwell.  They did extremely well.  After the regular service there was an anointing service for Kendra Brubaker for all who wanted to take part.   We invited Hendrick, Josh & Marcia, and Ashley over for a snack of waffles, whipped topping & thickened strawberries.  Then we played games.  It was Monday morning before we got to bed...
My four favorite people. :) Monday   I had a normal day at work then came back home to spend the evening with my family.  We spent more time looking for a new minivan on Ebay and even placed a bid on one.  Then after the children were in bed, I went back in to work for several hours.  Ina Sue was squeezing more lemons when I left...  I got an email from the van seller around 12:30 saying that they had accepted my bid on a 2002 Honda Odyssey minivan.  So, I spent a bit of time figuring out how I would get it back to here from St. Petersburg, FL.  Made it home around 2:00
"Helping" Mommy fold the clothes. I headed back in to work at the regular time on Tuesday.  Ina Sue worked outside in the garden for a while tying up the tomatoes & weeding the garden.  It is amazing how much faster the weeds grow than our vegetables...  Landon is finally starting to do much better with his potty duties.  We are so happy with him and hope that he can continue the progress. 
Getting off Amtrak in Tampa, FL. After I got home from work Carolina & I rushed over to Still Water farm for a Govan town meeting about our new water system.  Not much went on really...  When we tried to leave I had to work and work until I finally got the transmission to engage on our old van.  I believe we bought a new one just in time!  Ina Sue fixed us supper of spaghetti, green beans, salad and a sour cream pound cake (a thank-you gift from one of my customers). 
Our new flivver. I got up at 2:00am on Wednesday and drove up to Denmark to catch the south-bound train at 2:30.  I had a very enjoyable trip and arrived in Tampa around 2:00pm. 
Landon wants to help paint the laundry room. I had to take the bus on down to St. Petersburg where the car salesman met me.  The car looked just like the pictures and I was pleased overall.  It didn't take long for the paperwork and I was heading back toward SC.  Ina Sue spent much of her day making strawberry jam and playing outside with the children.  Betty, Carolyn, and Douglas' children stopped in to play and chat in the evening.  I got home around 10:30 and am very glad to be home safe.
Ms. Michelle's class gives their presentation. Thursday was another regular day for me at work.  Ina Sue spent much of the morning cleaning out our two minivans.  She ended up getting the automatic sliding door in our new van stuck open with the gasoline lid unlatched...  Had to get Ivan Skrivseth to come down and rescue her. :)  She brought the children in and met me at work.  I took the children home with me while Ina Sue did some recreational shopping over in Aiken.  She said she had a great time and got home at 10:30.
Ms. Darlene's class gave a puppet show with poems. Friday After cleaning the house today Ina Sue made us a wonderful supper of meat loaf, corn and salad.  After supper I took the children for a walk around the neighborhood while Ina Sue washed the van.  I got the children bathed and in bed while Ina Sue did some more cooking.
The girls played volleyball while the men played softball. Saturday was the end of school picnic.  The program started at 10:00.  They did it a little different this year by dividing the audience up into groups and sending them through the different classrooms for the presentations.  I thought it worked really well and the presentations were interesting and well done.   There was lots of delicious food at the carry-in dinner.  After dinner the guys played softball while some of the ladies and girls played volleyball.  There were plenty of players for both so we left in time to get the children home for their naps.  I mowed the whole yard and just about had a heat stroke!  Ina Sue took Savannah and went grocery shopping.  Then a nice relaxed evening at home.