April 18, 2009

Ina Sue took the two oldest to church "This Joyful Eastertide"...  Actually, Savannah didn't feel very joyful Sunday morning.  She still seems to be recuperating from her upset stomach.  We decided that I should stay home with her.  I helped get the children dressed then Ina Sue took the older children to church.  Bro. Mark preached on "Why Christianity?"  When the others got home from church I had lunch waiting on them.  Brown sugar fried country ham, potatoes with browned butter, baked brocolli casserole, and a fresh toss salad.  We all took a walk right after lunch then rested.  We all went to church in the evening for a Harmonia Sacra singing.  I enjoyed it even though about half of the songs didn't go the greatest.  Home then for a snack of milkshakes.  Savannah seems to be feeling a lot better.
Daddy made Sunday dinner for us. I fasted again on Monday.  We fixed the children ponhaus for breakfast then I headed for work and Ina Sue tackled the pile of laundry.  She had to bring the clothes back in from the line because of the quick showers we received here.  Ina Sue had the children already fed when I got home so I didn't have to watch them eat.  I worked for a while going through our game closet and throwing away some of our really old and unused games.  Now we have room for me to buy one or two new ones.. :)
An extremely bright rainbow over Govan We woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of rain outside.  Ina Sue made us Irish Creme muffins for breakfast then I went in to work.  Ina Sue tried a new recipe for bulgur wheat rolls.  She also did some sewing.  As I was coming home from work this evening I ran through a quick shower then back into the sunshine.  There was the most beautiful rainbow making the whole half circle.  I thought for a while that the end of the rainbow was coming down right in Govan but by the time I got there it had shifted...  Oh well.  Ina Sue had a wonderful supper waiting for me.  She grilled packets of shrimp, rice & broccoli with a Caesar salad on the side and fresh hot rolls.  Wow!  After supper we picked squash, cucumbers and even a cantaloupe.  We worked in the garden for a while then after it got dark I worked to blanch a freeze our last big batch of kale from the garden.
Driving her car. Pancakes for breakfast on Wednesday.  After I got in to work Ina Sue called me to say that our faithful old washing machine had finally given up the ghost.  She had gone to do a load of wash and when she went to turn the knob it made a bright flash then nothing...  I bought it used about 15 years ago so I think we got our money's worth out of it.  She borrowed Naomi's washer for the load today and we will have to decide how we want to replace it.  Ina Sue and the children spent the morning working outside in the flowerbeds and trimming the ivy on the front porch.  After lunch Carolyn Heatwole came and stayed with the children for an hour or two while Ina Sue did some errands in Bamberg.  Tacos for supper then off to prayer meeting.  Bro. Merle led the discussion on "Where your Treasure Is.."  After church I went straight in to work for a couple hours while Ina Sue took the children home and got them to bed. 
Filling our "new" sandbox. I got home from work at 2:00 Thursday morning.  I was planning to take the day off to be at home but got an urgent call around 8:00 from one of my customers.  I took Landon with me and we got them going again then made it home by around 10:00.  I have been trying to decide how to make the children a sand box.  I finally decided this morning to just change our little concrete fish pool in the back yard into a sand box.  I used a hammer drill to drill several one inch holes in the bottom so that it would drain then bought about 30 bags of play sand in Barnwell.  Ina Sue spent quite a bit of her day reading reviews and trying to decide what kind of washer we should buy.  She is pretty stressed over the decision.  In the afternoon and evening I mowed the yard and cleaned up outside.  We ate supper outside.  It was a lovely evening.  The children loved playing in the new sand box.
Cousin Emily is combing Carolina's hair. Friday was busy for all of us.  I went by the church at 7:30 and helped Duane Bange get new wires pulled for our PA system.  Then on to work for a very full day.  I didn't near get everything done that I should have...  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning and taking care of the children.  I got home from work right about the same time that Mother Showalter, Aunt Marsha, cousin Emily and Kimberly Rhodes pulled in from VA.  Marsha & Kimberly had been planning to come down and Mother decided to come along and help Ina Sue get started remodeling our little laundry room.  We had reuben loaf, corn and salad for supper with strawberry shortcake for dessert.  After supper we played some games.  Carolina Sue and Emily are having so much fun together.
Mother & daughter stripping wallpaper & painting. The children got us all up at 6:30 on Saturday.  Ina Sue, Marsha, Kimberly and Gwen Amstutz all went to the flea market for a cultural experience.. :)  They said they had a ball of fun!  By the time they got home at 10:30, Mother had already started tearing the wall paper off the laundry room and I was cutting plywood for new shelves in our back closet.  Ina Sue made an asparagus puff pancake for a brunch.  During the afternoon Mother kept working on spackling and sanding the walls in the laundry room.  I got my shelves just about finished but still need to finish some of the edging pieces.  Marsha and Kimberly drove around Govan and visited some of the farms and farmers in the area.  We all went to House of Pizza in Bamberg for supper then took the children to the park to play for a while.  After we got home Mother decided that she could put a coat of paint on the walls yet tonight but we didn't have any rollers.  So, I drove in to Walmart and got her some.  It was just about the Sabbath before they got finished.