April 11, 2009

Hendrick had Andy's and us for lunch on Sunday Sunday started out with really sad news.  We found out that Joel & Sarah Ocker lost their expected baby.  They named him Jedrick Clayton and the funeral is planned for Wednesday morning.  Ina Sue took lunch this morning to church to send home with Duane Banges in honor of their new baby.  We had communion at Barnwell.  Bro. Wendell preached the sermon on "Reasons to Praise God".  After the service was over we were invited to Hendrick's for lunch with Andys.   Hendrick fixed us a delicious spread then after visiting for a while we came home for our afternoon naps.  In the evening we drove up to Edisto Gardens in Orangeburg and shared a carry-in supper with Tom Peachey's and Andy Korvers.  A really nice evening but we were disappointed that the azaleas were already past their prime.  Our van took about 45 minutes to decide to start up for us when we went to leave.
Picnic at Edisto Gardens Monday was really windy.  Ina Sue had a big job with the wash.  I took Landon with me to help work at the church.  By the time we got their the benches were already removed and the carpet torn out.  I worked for quite a while getting PVC pipe buried into the existing concrete floor so that new PA wiring could eventually be run through it.  It was about 6:30 before I got home from the church.  Ina Sue was about beat from the days work so I kept the children while she took a two mile walk.  I made up a batch of soda cheese from extra milk we got from Carl.  We spent some time before bed looking for a new minivan on Ebay.  Our old van is getting more and more unreliable.
A batch of milk souring It was actually pretty cold Tuesday morning.  I headed off to work while Ina Sue finished up the washing & ironing.  She also made us a batch of custard and tried making bread using the whey from my soda cheese.  It turned out really good.  We had found out yesterday that our new freezer was not making cold.  We removed all the food to the other freezer and called in for a repair. 
Straining the whey out of the kurds. The repair man came out today and informed us that the temperature control on the outside of the freezer had been turned all the way off...  We didn't even know there was a control.  We can only guess that Landon found it and was experimenting...  Ina Sue brought our old minivan in to Barnwell in the evening and met me at Barnwell Service center.  We left it there for Mark to work on the ignition problem and she came home with me.  We came home for a quick supper then I mowed up on the Govan square for a while before putting the children to bed then going back in to work for several hours.
Our church benches were displaced temporarily I didn't get home from work until about 3:30 Wednesday morning.  We went early to the church for Jedrick Ocker's funeral.  I was supposed to help usher so we got there in time to help set things up.  The viewing was at 10:00 and the funeral at 10:30.  So sad to see the tiny little baby in his tiny casket.  Our sympathies to Joel & Sarah in this loss.  Most of the church and quite a few visitors were there.  We came home and ate a quick lunch then I went in to work for the rest of the afternoon.  Ina Sue fixed us tenderloin, Haitian rice & beans & fresh broccoli for supper.  I went to the church tonight for a meeting with the "Electronic Media" committee.  Got home around 10:00  We are afraid that Ina Sue is probably having a miscarriage.  She is about 10 weeks along and we have not shared the news yet...  
Preparing the concrete for new carpet I worked until about dinner time on Thursday then came home and kept the children while Ina Sue went to the midwife for an appointment.  We really didn't think that there was anything they could do and Leigh told her that the miscarriage was inevitable and that she could come home to wait it out...  She did go in with me to Barnwell in the evening to pick up our old van.  Mark found the problem and fixed it for no charge.  She made us a delicious supper of asparagus lasagna and harvard beets.  I took the children with me for a drive and walk in the evening.    Ina Sue did have her miscarriage during the night and we are so thankful that it wasn't worse.  We did not have to go to the hospital but she will need to go in for a Rhogam shot for her RH factor.
Filling in the uneven spots. I worked until 4:30 on Friday then came home to take care of the children while Ina Sue went to the doctor.  Ina Sue had already cleaned the house so the children and I made pepperoni pizza for supper.  After supper the children helped me plant peppers and tomatoes in the garden.
Jerrel Good & Joe McGurrin at PRMC meeting I got Saturday morning and left for North Carolina around 5:30.  I met Royal Barnhart in Charlotte and rode the rest of the way to Jonesville with him.  We had a Puerto Rico mission meeting there at the Comfort Inn.  We had a good meeting and got left around 3:00.  Meanwhile in SC, Ina Sue got the children up and in the van by 7:30.  They drove up Springfield with Jane & Kendra Brubaker to shop at the flea market.  She said they had a good time and got some good deals.  Savannah started throwing up though about the time they left for home.  She is definitely not feeling good.
Our illustrious chairman. After the afternoon naps, Ina Sue and Landon washed the minivan and cleaned off the back porch.  I stopped in Denmark at Subway on the way home and picked us up subs for supper.  Got home around 7:30.  Savannah is really feeling rough.  Ina Sue spent the evening holding her and trying to make us some dinner for tomorrow.  I bathed the children and got them in bad.