April 4, 2009

Duanes ate Sunday lunch with us and spent the afternoon To Barnwell for church on Sunday.  Bro. Gary preached on "The Importance of Obedience to God".  My brother Duane was singing with their chorus at a church in Perkins in the morning then the chorus was to come here to Barnwell for the evening service.  We invited Duane and his family to eat dinner with us and spend the afternoon.  Ina Sue fixed us garlic bread, stuffed taco shells, baked corn, cabbage salad and jello dessert with cookies for dinner.  We had a nice time during the afternoon taking and playing games.  We went to the church early so that Duane could practice and I could get chairs set up.  The chorus gave a very nice program then we all shared in a fellowship meal afterward.  Our children were pretty tired by the time we got them to bed.
Merle & Thelma Diem I wasn't eating again on Monday so the day seemed somewhat dreary.  It was a lovely day for Ina Sue to hang out clothes though.  By the time I got home from work she already had all the clothes folded, ironed and put away.  We all took a walk in the evening and I mowed the front yard.
Ms. Betty's Birthday party at the mule barn I spent the day at work on Tuesday.  Ina Sue did odd jobs around the house then brought the children in with her to Barnwell.  She dropped all three of them off with Patrick and Bethany then picked me up at the shop for our "date" night.  We drove to Aiken and did some shopping at Aldi's, Kid2Kids and Lowes.  We ate at O'Charleys.  We really love their food there.  I have had two different pasta dishes there and both of them were superlative!  We came back to Barnwell and I picked up my car then the children then home. 
Carter & Stephanie Heatwole with Carolina & Landon I was fasting again on Wednesday.  It seems that I just cannot get my weight where I want it...  When I got to work this morning I found out that our unwanted visitors had beaten the back door knob nearly off the door again.  Thankfully the dead bolt that we recently installed kept them from making real entry....  It was drizzly for most of the day.  In the evening Dale Dickerson had the talk at prayer meeting on giving from the Sermon on the Mount.   Bro. Ralph brought 2 lbs of lebanon bologna that I had ordered to church with him so after we got home we shared a "sugar ham" snack. (Landon's description of the bologna)
The children helped me setup computers at the job fair. Thursday was really rainy.  Ina Sue spent most of her day in the kitchen.  I spent my day on service calls.  I had service calls in Williston, Blackville, Bamberg, Barnwell and Estill.  Quite a full day.  In the evening we had Merle and Thelma Diem over to share our supper with us.  Ina Sue had made up a delicious menu for me and I thought it would be a shame not to share it with somebody.  Polynesian meatballs, potatoes with browned butter and parsley, baked asparagus from our garden, salad and strawberry pie for dessert.  What a feast!  We had a nice evening visiting with Merle & Thelma and the children really enjoyed them too.
A game of Kubb with the extended Strite family We slept in a little on Friday then I headed off to work.  Ina Sue did some laundry and cleaned the house.  In the evening we were invited to the mule barn to help celebrate Betty Heatwole's birthday.  Carolyn, Laura and their one Mexican employee put on the shindig.  They had wonderfully good authentic Mexican food including a delicious dish of cactus.  It was also Daniel Brubaker's birthday so he was invited as a guest of honor.  Alvin Byerses and we filled out the table after Don's family.  A very lovely evening and a good time.
Our cheerleading section... Carolina, Landon and I went first thing Saturday into Barnwell to setup three computers for a job fair.  It took me about an hour to get them setup and configured with internet access then we did a quick run to Walmart before heading home.  Ina Sue cooked up a storm while we were gone and after I got back I helped her replant her big fig bush so that we could keep it on the front porch.  I worked on mowing and cleaning up outside.  The water went off for about two hours so I had to take an abbreviated sponge bath to clean up a bit.   
The Strite boys & Dad We left for Waynesboro around 3:00 and drove over to Sheldon & Laura's for a Strite get-together.  We had a wonderful evening visiting, playing Kubb and eating taco salad.  After supper Nevin got out one of his new games he bought off of Ebay.  Landslide is an old 1970's game of politics.  The guys spent the rest of the evening playing that then we left for home around 9:30.  Our van cut off at the end of the driveway and absolutely would not re-start.  We prayed.  I beat on the gas tank, kicked the car and did anything else we could think of with no success.  It would turn over very strongly but just would not seem to catch.  After about 25 minutes it finally decided it was time and started right up.  We drove it home to Govan with no further problems.