March 21, 2009

Carolina Sue's finely made bed. It was good to be back at Barnwell for church on Sunday.  Bro. Carl preached on "Pain & Suffering" according to Romans 8:28.  We came home to a dinner of left-overs then everybody got nice long naps.  When Ina Sue went to check the water meter she saw that our one front spigot had broken and was flooding the front yard.  I hurried around and got the water turned off then tried to get the broken joint fixed back again.  Made it to church for a song service on.  After church we were invited to Don Heatwole's for a big snack and fine fellowship.
Savannah likes being "up top" We got a little later start on Monday.  Since I needed to fast we got up in time for devotions then I rushed off to work.  Ina Sue did the laundry but needed to use the dryer because it was rainy all day.  I came home for about 20 minutes after work then went to the church to help with the painting.  Since the church agreed to replace the carpet it was decided to go ahead and paint and refinish the walls while the old carpet was still in.  Ina Sue kept the children at home.  I spent most of the evening putting new stain on the baseboard, casing & doors where it had been worn off.  I left before the snack though and came home to be with my family.
Our little "country" girl. Mrs. Katie Kauffman did the nicest thing for Ina Sue on Tuesday.  She offered to come over in the morning around 10:00 and entertained the children for several hours while Ina Sue got in some  shopping.  I met Ina Sue in Bamberg for a quick lunch at House of Pizza before she took her babysitting duties back up again.  The children said they really enjoyed their time with Ms. Katie.  She must have really entertained them.  After I got off work I came home and babysat the children while Ina Sue went to the church to help with the painting.  The children & I planted a couple rows of zinnias and cleaned up some in the garden.
The children out for a wagon ride Friday evening. Ina Sue made us scrambled eggs & sausage for breakfast on Wednesday before I left for work.  She made up a big batch of custard for us and mended several of her dresses.  She also made us a delicious supper of porcupine meatballs and kale.  We went to prayer meeting in the evening.  Don Heatwole had the discussion on from the Sermon on the Mount on "Loving those who mistreat you".  We got home around 8:50 and I was getting the custard ready for our snack when I got a chance to put the evening's topic into practice.....
The Strites ladies' work area The telephone rang and when I answered it I found that it was our alarm at the shop.  I quickly called the police and they were already on the way.  By the time I got there the police had already determined that the back door knob had been knocked off again.  The policeman had me unlock the door and hide behind his car while he went inside with his MP5 to clear out any intruders...  He didn't find anyone and when we watched the video we found that the four burglars had been in the building for less than two minutes.  I had to go find a doorknob to temporarily fix the back door.  Ina Sue was a little spooked about me staying in there after that so I let the accounting slide and came on home around 10:30.
Savannah rides her wagon at Grandma's house. I had to go in to work a bit early Thursday morning so I missed out on breakfast.  Ina Sue fixed the children blueberry pancakes.  She made up a batch of 13 dozen cookies, cleaned the house, packed away children's clothes and visited with the neighbors.  I stayed in at work and worked until about 10:30 in the evening.  Long day...
Fellowship around the supper table. Friday was a busy day.  I went in to work around 8:00 and rushed to get as much done as I could before I came home.  I came home at 12:00 and took over the babysitting duties.  Ina Sue drove over to Hephzibah to spend the next day and a half with my mom, sisters and sister-in-laws.  Betty & Carolyn Heatwole rode along with her over and spent their time visiting Laura (Douglas) Heatwole.  The Strite ladies spent their time sewing, scrapbooking and just having a merry old time.  They didn't get to bed until 12:00   Meanwhile I took the children in with me to Barnwell and did a number of service calls with them.  When we got home around 4:30 we worked in the garden for several hours planting potatoes.
Sacked out on the bathroom floor. The children & I got up around 7:00 Saturday morning and I made them breakfast of hotdog & egg gravy.  Then we went outside and worked.  We mowed the yard then drove up to Denmark for some supplied and pine straw.  We pulled all the weeds in the shrubbery and spread our three bales of pine straw very thinly.  It is amazing how much better fresh pine straw makes things look!

Dad & Mom made the ladies a breakfast of eggs and fried grits.  After breakfast they took up their projects again.  (Dad impressed everyone by always taking care of the dishes)  Mom provided them a delicious dinner then they continued work and fellowship until around 4:00.  Ina Sue got back home 6:00.  I made us a pizza for supper while Ina Sue did a quick vacuuming job on the house.