February 28, 2009

Grandmother & Granddaughters. We had baked oatmeal and fresh fruit for breakfast on Sunday with our guests.  At church we had Sunday school as usual but then instead of preaching the Heritage Bible School Chorale gave their program.  I thought it was a very good and inspiring program.  Hendrick is the tour coordinator this year so I think he enjoyed bringing the chorale "home" for a program.  For dinner we shared a carry-in meal at the school then came home for some naps.  Grandmother and Carolina Sue took a pretty long walk in the later afternoon.  After a quick supper we went to church for a song service on the theme of "God the Creator".  Then home for mocha milkshakes and popcorn.
Grandpapa and grandson. I got up and made us waffles with sausage for breakfast on Monday.  Papa and Mother Showalter left around 8:00 to drive back to Virginia.  It was really nice they could be here with us for a little longer this time.  After they left I headed in to work and Ina Sue started on the laundry.  It was pretty cold today.  I went along with a customer to the Winton Inn for dinner and to take in a session of Barnwell County's Rotary Club.  He really thinks I should join up but I don't know if I would be able to take the time for it...  We will see.   I was able to come home about a half hour early and help get us around for supper and church.  This is the first evening of our revival meetings.  Bro. Terry Myers from Indiana is our evangelist this year.  He preached tonight on the "Reality of Each Individual's Sinfulness".  It was pretty late before we got home and in bed.
Father & punkins. I fasted on Tuesday since I wasn't able to yesterday.  I helped fold the clothes before I left for work in the morning.  Ina Sue cleanup up and did the ironing.  I was planning to go directly to church from work but Ina Sue had some real issues with Landon during supper so I came home to lend a hand before going to church.  The sermon tonight was on "Performance vs. Service.  He drove home the point that we as Christians do not "perform" for God.  The good things that we do can never be good enough to make us right with God.  Instead the service that we offer to God is our response for what he has already done for us. 
Enjoying hats. I was down to my weight goal Wednesday morning so I was back to eating again.  Since I started this fasting regiment I have lost 28lbs.  My goal is to lose 9 more and be down to 200!  Ina Sue spent her day cooking, cleaning and keeping the children.  I came home from work at 4:00 and helped get things ready for supper.  Dad & Mom Strite joined us for a supper of sausage & peppers stir fry over cheese grits.  Then they went with us to church.  Terry spoke tonight on "Being Filled with the Spirit".  His challenge was that there is no way that we in ourselves can live lives pleasing to God.  After church we came home and go the children in bed then I went back in to work for several hours.
A light moment with our evangelist after supper. Thursday was very busy for both of us.  Ina Sue spent much of the day cooking for our supper in the evening.  Terry brought his wife and 4 children along with him for supper tonight.  Ina Sue fixed us French bread, Italian chicken, herbed rice, cabbage salad and blackberry trifle for dessert.  We had a nice time visiting together before we had to rush to church.  Another very good sermon on the topics of "Prayer" and "Forgiveness".
Terry Myers and family. We slept in a bit on Friday then I rushed in to work.  Ina Sue got the children ready and dropped them off with Aunt Miriam while she went in to Barnwell for a back appointment.  She also took in some shopping.  The new thrift store, Peeples, Walmart etc...  She got back home with the children around 1:30.  For church in the evening the Sermon was on "At Whose Table are You Feasting".  Very aptly illustrated by Bro. Terry with the tables at the front of the church. 
Landy and I had some buddy time at Burger King. Saturday was a rainy day.  Ina Sue made us an asparagus puff pancake for dinner.  Then Landon and I drove in to work for a couple of hours while I got caught up on some stuff.  We went to Burger King for dinner and had some "buddy" time.  After we got home the children and wife took their naps while I worked outside for a while and mowed the front yard.  We had fried mushrooms for supper then went to church.  The topic tonight was "As It Was in the Days of Noah".  Unfortunately, Savannah wasn't feeling very good so we missed big parts of the sermon while we were out with her.