February 14, 2009

Dale Dickersons joined us for a snack Sunday evening. We scurried to get around on Sunday morning.  We had breakfast with the Bylers around 8:30.  Ina Sue made muffins, fruit and little smokies.  Uncle Byard preached the sermon at church this morning from Psalm 100.  I thought he had a really good sermon.  Bills went to Carls for dinner.  We ate leftovers then got in short naps before the Bylers came back later in the afternoon.  I worked for a while helping Bill get some graphics together for his presentation. 
Bill, Dorcas & Maria Byler. Dorcas had a really nice children's meeting at church in the evening then Bill spoke for the remainder of the service on "The Body".  He pointed out a few of the amazing complexities that God created in us and ended on a positive note looking ahead to a time when we will have perfect bodies.  After church we came back to our house for refreshments.  Dale Dickersons joined us for the party.  Savannah is not feeling very well so that made it a little harder to enjoy the company...
Carolyn & Betty Heatwole came over for games. Monday was busy.  The Bylers needed to get back to Hendersonville, NC by 9:00 for a previous engagement so they left here around 4:00 in the morning.  They very kindly told us we were to just stay in bed.  I headed in to work and left Ina Sue at home with the children and the laundry.  Betty & Carolyn Heatwole invited them to go along with them to McDonalds for dinner so they had a big time there.  Carolyn is turning 18 tomorrow so this was a small celebration for that.  Ina Sue didn't get all the washing done so I was going to help after I got home from work at 6:00.  Betty called though and her and Carolyn came over and played games with us for a while instead.  (Don and the boys are away on a farm trip for several days.)  We had a very nice evening but the laundry still awaits tomorrow...
Landon helped Betty at Rummikub. I was supposed to be fasting on Monday but kinda fell off the wagon in the evening.  So, I started my fast again on Tuesday.  I had a full day at work and Ina Sue had a very busy day at home.  Landon & Savannah were both feeling pretty grouchy plus she still had the washing left to do.  She made us a deluxe spinach salad for a light supper then we all drove over to the school for the evening.  Andy Korver had asked me to help him and some others cut new windows in the classroom doors. 
Adding windows to the classroom doors at school. Myron B. Conrad & Dwayne Stover, Andy, Gordon A. and their families were all there too.  We made pretty quick work of cutting in the new holes and mounting the glass then re-hanging the doors.  While we were working on that, the ladies were making up several batches of soft pretzels for our snack.  What a treat with a variety of dipping sauces and iced tea.  Needless to say, I fell off the wagon again... :(   Carolina Sue enjoyed her first time on inline roller skates tonight.  She did pretty good.
Gordon helps mount the finished product. I made us sausage gravy and corn bread for breakfast on Wednesday.  Then off to work with me.  Ina Sue said she had a fairly relaxed day because the power company kept cutting the power off and she couldn't do much of anything.  The power did come on in time for her to make us a delicious Canadian bacon/onion quiche for supper along with a batch of collard greens.  Now that is eatin'!  Custard for dessert.  After supper we spent an hour or two picking out pecans.
While the ladies made soft pretzels for our snack. Thursday was a lovely day.  Savannah is 7 months old today.  I went to work but was able to come home around 4:00.  Carolina Sue helped me plant a bunch of onions, lettuce & spinach in the garden.  We had taco salad for supper then Ina Sue did some baking.  After I put the children to bed at 9:00 I went back in to work for several hours.
Carolina Sue got her first experience on roller skates. On Friday I went to work again and Ina Sue started the Friday cleaning.  She made up a batch of rhubarb bars for our supper.  Caroline and Michaela Heatwole came at 3:00 for the afternoon.  Patrick & Bethany are having the afternoon and night out to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Our children always have a ball playing with their children but what a mess...:)   Ina Sue fixed stuffed taco shells, green beans etc, for supper.  Wendell & Naomi are keeping their grandchildren for the night so we invited them to stay for a snack when they came to pick up the children.  Savannah had a rough night with us having to get up with her numerous times.
Patrick's children joined us for the evening on Friday. Saturday was Valentine's Day.  I gave Ina Sue a peace lilly to replace our old one in the living room.  It was a drizzly day outside so we spent most of it inside picking out pecans.  I dried up a little in the afternoon so I took the opportunity to trim our rose bushes and abelia in the front.  Carolyn Heatwole came over around 4:00 and spent the evening with us.  We made soft pretzels for supper then played games with her and the children.  I tried three different candied/roasted pecan recipes in the afternoon and was pretty happy with all of them.  Ina Sue really liked the Cajun spiced pecan recipe.