February 7, 2009

My wife makes a delicious lemon meringue pie. Up in good time to get around for church Sunday morning.   I taught the men's Sunday school class for Bro. Floyd.  Bro. Wendell preached the sermon on "The Error of the Pharisees".  A good and challenging sermon.  We came home and had leftovers for dinner then took our afternoon naps.  Since this was the first Sunday of the month we did not have an evening service.  We were invited to Uncle Enos's for the evening.  Aunt Glennys fixed us a delicious supper that we enjoyed sharing with Don Heatwoles and Joel Ockers.  We had a really nice evening even though Savannah was pretty grouchy all evening.
Walking in someone else's shoes... I was fasting again on Monday.  Had a full day at work and worked late.  Ina Sue spent most of her day doing laundry and taking care of children.  Of course it started to rain around 3:00 just when her clothes were starting to dry on the line.... :( 
Women's sewing circle on Tuesday. I helped get us all around on Tuesday morning.  After I left for work, Ina Sue took the children along with her to sewing circle.  This time the church ladies met with the ladies from Blackville to knot comforts together.  She said that had a really nice time then ate a dinner together of soup and finger foods.  She got the children home in time for naps.  I had to stay at work late again and didn't get home until about 2:00 in the morning.   Ina Sue spent the evening with the children putting together puzzles.
Morning devotions before I head to work. It was bitter cold on Wednesday morning.  I headed off to work.   Ina Sue got some sewing done while the children played with Play-Doh.  Savannah seemed to have a little fever today.  We wonder if she is cutting teeth..  Ina Sue made us a delicious supper of cornbread and white chili soup and collards.  After supper Ina Sue stayed with Savannah while I took the two oldest along with me to prayer meeting. 
Sisters in the tub. Ina Sue made us breakfast on Thursday of bacon eggs and toast.  After I left for work Ina Sue and the children went along with Mary Korver to the Carrigg Manor nursing home.  They sang a few songs and visited with the folks there.  It seems that everyone had a good time.  Of course the old people love the children!  I had a very busy day but was able to finish up and meet my wife at work around 5:00.  She dropped all three of the children off with Bethany Heatwole for the evening. 
Ina Sue & Mary Korver took the younger children to the nursing home. This was our "Valentine's Evening" and we drove over to Aiken and ate at O'Charleys.  We had never been there before and were very favorably impressed.  Delicious food!  After the supper we did just a little shopping then headed back to Barnwell.  We picked up the children then I did a little grocery shopping while Ina Sue took the children home and put them to bed. 
Everybody seemed to enjoy the time together. I was at work all day on Friday.  Ina Sue worked like a tiger on cleaning but still didn't get it all done.  We had grilled chicken strip salad for supper then we all went over to Carl's for the evening.  I was delivering and setting up a printer for him.  They served us a tremendous snack with bars, cheese ball, home made bologna and tea.  Quite a treat!  Then to top it off Carl gave us a big stick of his bologna to take home with us.
Grace Heatwole with Savannah I used some of Carl's homemade bologna Saturday morning to make bologna gravy over cornbread.  What a treat!  I took the children in with me to the shop and for a couple errands while Ina Sue swept and washed the floors.  When I got home I vacumned the car and cleaned up outside. 
Carolina & Maria are still great friends. Bill Byers got here around 3:30.  It was so good to see our old neighbors again.  They are now living in Hendersonville, NC.  I took our company on a drive around the community to see some of the new homes being built, then Bill & I worked at loading up some of their goods that are still stored here.  Ina Sue fixed us breadsticks, wild rice soup and salad for supper with peanut butter pie for dessert.  We had a fun evening reconnecting and got to bed a bit late...