January 25, 2009

Reading on the window sill We got in from Virginia around 12:00 Sunday morning.  I got Carolina Sue bedded down then unloaded the van and got all the pork in the freezer.  It felt great to be in bed finally but Carolina Sue woke us up about an hour later to say that Landon had thrown up in his bed.  Sure enough, the poor fellow was in a terrible mess.  We got him calmed down, cleaned up and in the bathtub.  Ina Sue fixed up his bed while I tended to him.  He thankfully soon went back to sleep and seemed to sleep fine for the rest of the night.  When I woke up I was feeling a bit squeegly on the stomach myself and Ina Sue had a terrible headache.  We decided it would probably be good for the whole family to stay home and have our own church service.
The dreaded power company tree trimmers... Ina Sue did finish fixing us a delicious dinner of Swiss chicken, herbed rice, and baked squash.  After we all took naps in the afternoon we seemed to be all feeling better.  We went ahead and went to church in the evening for a song service.  Everybody seems to be feeling pretty good except for Savannah.  Ina Sue was out with her nearly the whole service.
The sisters are "Stampin Up" I went to work without breakfast on Monday.  Fasting again :(  Ina Sue started working on canning the ham & tenderloin chunks that I had brought back from our butchering.  She got about 20 pints canned.  She also was able to get a couple loads of laundry done on top of taking care of the children.  I had a busy day at work and worked late.  Got home around 11:30.

Some weather forecasters had been calling for a little snow on Tuesday.  It never got cold enough for any accumulation but it did give some pretty good flurries several times during the day.  I spent most of the day in the shop doing carry-in service work.  Ina Sue finished the laundry.  I fasted today again until suppertime.  Ina Sue fixed us a wonderful supper of razorback cornbread and Caesar salad.

Admiring Adriana Joy Brubaker I had a trying day on Wednesday.  Of course Hendrick is still at Bible school.  I had a day of appointments and service calls planned but got a call from my co-worker five minutes before opening time saying that he had a flat tire and didn't have a spare.  I told him just to please get in when he could.  I had to call each of my appointments and put them off.  It turned out that he never did get his spare tire and didn't make it in at all.

Ina Sue spent the day finishing up the ironing and doing misc jobs around the house.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  Daryl Brubaker led an interesting discussion on "Giving".


And with the proud parents. Ina Sue made us breakfast on Thursday of scrambled eggs with fresh sausage.  My day at work didn't go very well.  First of all I forgot my cell phone so that put me off to a bad start.  Then my co-worker came in and told me that he was firing himself....  I convinced him that this action was perhaps precipitous but agreed to let him take the day off at least.  Once again I had to call my appointments and put them off for another day while I kept the shop.  Ina Sue very kindly brought my phone and dinner in to me at the shop.  We all ate dinner quickly together then they went on to some shopping at Walmart.  Ina Sue said that Savannah was pretty unhappy today. We wonder if she is starting to teeth. 
Working on the computer can be tiring in this family... We had grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade tomato soup for supper.  After supper we took homemade icecream & brownie bars over to Chad and Kendra for a snack.  We wanted the opportunity to welcome their new baby.  Their little Adriana Joy is certainly a cute little thing.  We had a nice time visiting and eating then left before too late.  After we got back and put the children to bed I went back in to work from 10:00-1:30
Don & Betty Heatwole We had grapefruits and ponhaus for breakfast on Friday then I went off to work while Ina Sue started on the cleaning.  She has also been really working on Landon's potty training.  We think we are beginning to slowly see progress...  We had a wonderful supper of beef stroganoff over buttered noodles with collard greens.  After supper we played a game of Chutes & Ladders as a family then read some stories.
Our friend Joe Byers. We had planned to cut my hair before I went to work on Saturday but when we got outside it was so cold and rainy that we both agreed that I should go to a barber for the first time since I've been married.. :)  After breakfast of pancakes & sausage gravy I went in to Barnwell and stopped by the Pacesetter barber shop.  Unfortunately they were closed on Saturday.  I went on to work and had a busy day there until 3:00 when we closed.  After I got home Ina Sue went ahead and cut my hair then we worked together getting ready for our supper guests.  Don & Betty Heatwole and their children Carolyn & Franklin joined us to help Joe Byers celebrate his birthday.  Ina Sue fixed BBQ'd meatballs, ranch potatoes, green beans, cabbage salad and strawberry shortcake.  We had a great time visiting over the food and afterward.  It was late before we knocked off and got to bed.