January 17, 2009

Savannah loves music... We overslept on Sunday and didn't wake up until 8:00... Whoa!  We scurried around and still got everybody ready on time for church.  Mark Hochstetler preached this morning on "The Character of Peter".  After we got home we I made us dinner while Ina Sue finished up the meal she had prepared for Dwayne & Glenda. (In honor of their new baby, Damien)  After dinner we took turns taking naps while the other managed the children.  Had boiled peanuts and grapefruit for supper then went to church for a topical program.  Bro. James Riley spoke on "The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error".  Savannah wasn't feeling good so Ina Sue spent almost the whole service in the back.
Bonnie Goering, Aunt Sharon Shank & Sarah Shank Monday was a regular Monday with work and laundry.  I fasted again and after I got home from work I spent an hour or two cleaning out my car then vacumming it and ArmorAll-ing it.  It looks much better.  Then Ina Sue and I worked for a while making up an order or seeds for our spring garden.  She went on to bed while I stayed up and placed the order.
The three mousketeers had a great time playing together. I made us breakfast Tuesday morning of Lebanon bologna & egg gravy over hash browns.  Right good if I have to say so myself!  Then I went in to work.  Ina Sue spent some time sewing up sausage bags for our butchering later in the week.  Carl & Uncle Enos picked me up at the shop around 5:00 then we drove over to Nathan Goerings for a finance committee meeting.  By the time we got finished eating Marlene's delicious snack it was nearly 9:30.  We got back to Govan around 11:00.  Ina Sue had invited Mary Korver and her children over to pick out pecans with her so they had a good time together.
Cuttin' up pig.  For the complete process click here Wednesday was  much colder.  Ina Sue candied some pecans then her and the children made cards and a treat package to send over to Hendrick at Heritage Bible School.  She kept Mary's children for a while in the afternoon while they butchered a beef.  We had a delicious supper of pork and saurkraut, canned potatoes with browned butter, and collard greens.  After supper Ina Sue made up a pan of bars for us to take along to Virginia for the butchering day.  After I got the children in bed I drove back in to the shop to work for several hours.  Home around 2:00am.
Carolina enjoyed "walking on the water" on this lake. Thursday was a very long day!  I went in to work a little early to get a good start on the day.  Ina Sue cleaned and worked on packing for the trip.  The electricity was off for a while today while the power company was working to run new 3-phase power to our neighbor up the street.  I had wanted to get home in decent time so that we could leave for Virgina in good time.  I had a series of things I had to take care of though and didn't get home until after 5:00.  We scurried around getting everything loaded up then Carolina Sue and I headed out for Virginia.  Poor Landon didn't think it was very fair that he didn't get to go along...  He was crying out the window when we left. :( 
Paul Zimmerman's swans. After we left, Ina Sue had to scurry around to get ready for her company.  Aunt Sharon Shank and her daughter Sarah were here along with cousin Bonnie Goering.  They were on their way back to Virginia from Florida and stopped in for the night.  They visited over a snack of pizza dip, chips and chocolate cake.  Betty Heatwole came over later in the evening to visit for a while. 

Carolina Sue and I had a good trip but I did get pretty sleepy a time or two.  I stopped around Salem, VA for a short nap in the van then headed on.  We arrived in Mt. Crawford around 1:30am.

My illustrious fellow board members on the PRMC Carolina & I got up at 7:00 on Friday and quickly got ready to go to Paul Zimmerman's for our butchering day.  It was extremely cold.  Around 0 degrees outside with a bit of a breeze.   We got started around 8:00 and made good time.  Uncle Lee & Aunt Reba were there to help us and Uncle Nub also helped out.  They were an immense help in getting the process off to a good start.  We had all the bones in the puddin pot by 10:30 or so and were able to finish up around 4:00  We did have a chance in the middle of the day for several of us to take turns with the children up at a lake higher in the mountain where the water had iced over thickly.  There were probably about 50 skaters out on the ice.  Carolina Sue had a great time with something that was completely new to her...   After we finished up the butchering we drove back to Papa's for the evening.  I made a quick run to Sharp Shopper to pick up some cheese and other supplies.  After I got back, Papa and I drove back to Paul Zimmermans and picked up the sausage that had been smoking.  Then Mother, Jeanne & I worked to get it all cut up and wrapped for the freezer.  After we finished that I started working on cutting up and quick freezing our pon-haus.  It was after 1:00 before I got to bed.
A group of falconers were having their annual meeting in Papa's front field. Meanwhile in SC, Ina Sue got up early to fix breakfast for her guests.  She served them a ham & egg rollup along with muffins and fruit.  They left for Virginia around 8:00.  She spent the rest of the day doing some laundry and spending time with Landon & Savannah.

Saturday morning I got up at 6:00 and studied for a devotional for our PRMC meeting.  It was a frigid day with the temperature in the morning around -5 degrees.  We met at the Pike church at 8:00 and had a fairly long meeting.  It was around 3:00 before we adjourned.  Then by the time I got back to Papa's and packed everything up it was after 4:00 when we left for SC.  We drover pretty much straight through and got back home at 12:00.  By the time I got the meat all put away and the van unpacked it was about 1:30.  Very good to be home.