December 27, 2008

Christmas supper of pizza & salad. We were at Barnwell for church again on Sunday.  Bro. Gary preached a message on Jesus' lineage.  We came home for a dinner of hamloaf, sour cream mashed potatoes, salad, and cottage cheese/jello/fruit salad.   We got a little rest in the afternoon but Savannah kept us up quite a bit of the time.  She clearly isn't feeling well at all and is feverish.  In the evening I took Landon & Carolina with me to church for a Christmas song service.  Ina Sue stayed home with Savannah. 
Opening gifts Savannah had a very fitful night.  I got up Monday morning and held her for about two hours during the early morning.  I had to fast again today.  I am about coming to the conclusion that I may as well plan to skip food one day a week for the rest of my life.  How dreary!  I headed in to work and Ina Sue started the laundry.  She called me around 11:00 with the glad news that our Christmas pictures from Clark Photo have finally arrived.  We have been expecting them for about a week and Ina Sue is getting very anxious to get the annual Christmas letters out.  I was able to finish up my service calls and came home around 2:00 to help her cut the pictures out and stuff the envelopes.  We got most of them to the post office in Olar in time for them to go out today. 
Carl gave the children a very nice tractor. I stayed home with Savannah this evening while Ina Sue took the children with her to sing at the nursing home with our small group.  While they were gone Savannah and I folded the clothes and straightened up the house.  When they got back I helped get the children in bed then went back in to the shop to work for several hours.  I worked at cleaning up some of the areas in our service department that really needed going through.  I think I threw away about a ton of old unneeded stuff!  Got home around 2:00.
It got pretty foggy in the afternoon. Savannah was still feeling poorly on Tuesday and wanted to be held a lot.  It is frustrating for Ina Sue to want to get tasks done but have to spend most of the day caring for her.  Betty & Carolyn Heatwole came over in the afternoon and took Carolina & Landon along with them on a shopping trip to Columbia.  I spent a busy day at work trying to fit in all the service calls before I leave for the rest of the week.  Ina Sue made us sausage red beans & rice for our supper.  Carolina Sue and Landon got home around 6:00.  He had missed his nap and was so tired he lay down immediately without supper and slept all through the evening.  I went back in to work at 9:30 and worked on getting some reports ready for a meeting with my partner Steven tomorrow.
Mother Showalter's re-done living room. I had a meeting here at the house with Steven at 8:00 on Wednesday.  We had a good time reminiscing and talking over issues.  Then he came into the shop with me to meet the new employees and look around.  Meanwhile, Cindy and Desiree came by for a visit with Ina Sue.  It was a beautiful day outside.  I rushed around at work trying to get all the last minute things done before Christmas.  We had a fairly profitable day and closed the store at 3:00.  It took me another hour to get payroll done and all the other things taken care of then came home to my family.  Carolina Sue and I made pizza for supper along with a fresh salad.  Ina Sue drove up to Dale's after supper to pick up some travel snack bags that Ralph D. had made up for the children.  He is much to generous with his gifts but they sure enjoyed going through their bags... Thanks Ralph!
Grandpapa playing with the children. Thursday was Christmas Day.  We slept in until about 7:30 then the children were ready to get up.  We started off the day with our little Christmas devotional: reading the stories of Christmas, singing carols, and talking about gifts.  Then we opened the few gifts we had ready.  It is such a delight to watch children open their gifts.  We pray though that we can impart to them the understanding that it is more blessed to give then to receive, and also that gifts are not the main meaning of Christmas.  Ina Sue fixed us a brunch of baked French toast.  Savannah had a hard time enjoying Christmas because she is still feeling under the weather.  In the afternoon we took a long walk together before it started raining a little.  Ina Sue did a load or two of laundry to get ready for our trip tomorrow.  Other than that we had a very restful day and evening.
Warren Showalter get-together on Saturday Landon seems to have caught the bug from Savannah.  He had a pretty bad fever and woke up during the night crying.  I laid down on the sofa and just held him for about 3 hours.  He was squirming and groaning through the whole time.  Finally around 5:00 the fever seemed to break a little and I was able to put him back in his bed to sleep.  After we got up Friday morning we discussed what we should do about our planned trip and decided to go ahead and head north.  We had everything packed up and hit the road around 11:30.  Landon seemed to feel better after he slept for a while and the older children travelled very well.   Savannah cried a fair amount but didn't do too badly either.  We got to Ina Sue's home around 6:45.  Mother & Papa have been working hard to remodel and expand their living/dining room.  This was the first we were able to see the finished product.  Very nice!  They exposed some of the original brick on the one wall and it gives the room a more homey feeling.  By moving the laundry room to a different part of the house it really opened up the room and made it much more useable.  Mother fixed us ham sandwiches for supper.
Enjoying the beautiful weather for visiting. Saturday we got up and around and went to the big Warren Showalter get-together at the Hickory Hollow school.  Ina Sue fixed a pan of cheesy onion corn bake.  It was only one of a multitude of mouth-watering dishes that were there.  After the dinner and visiting we all spent a bit of time singing Christmas songs together.    There were about 140 people there which made up a pretty good percentage of the entire family.  The children had a big time playing with their cousins on the playground equipment there.  We went home and got in a short nap before Uncle Lees, Aunt Mary, and Roberts came for supper.  Keith & Jeanne had gotten in earlier in the morning with their family.   Mother Showalter made up a big pan of scalloped oysters for supper along with sundry cheeseballs, dips and other appetizers.  A nice evening visiting with family.