December 6, 2008

Playing "church" with dolls. I got up early Sunday morning and studied to teach the men's class for Don Heatwole.  They are in PA this weekend for a wedding.  Around 8:00 I knocked off studying and helped get the children fed and dressed for church.  After Sunday school the youngest classes stood up front and gave a couple songs that they have been practicing.  They did really good and we were pretty proud of Carolina.  Mark Hochstetler preached a good sermon on Jonah with a short children's class to start off.  We came home and the rest of the family ate bean soup for dinner.  I am fasting today in hopes of being able to eat tomorrow...  In the evening Ralph Dickerson had the topic on "Being a Servant".  Good.
Hendrick & Savannah I got up and hopped on the scales Monday morning.  Praises be, I was a pound under my target.  We were both pretty busy.  Ina Sue said she worked her tail off.  I had to reassure her that it was still all there... :)  It was a cold windy day to hang out the clothes but they eventually dried.  Carolyn Heatwole came over for a while to tend to the children while Ina Sue got some of her work done.  I came home from work around 5:00 and helped get things ready for our supper guests.  Randy Ocker and his new girl friend Diane Steiner were here for supper along with Hendrick and Joshua & Marcia Heatwole.  Ina Sue fixed us stuffed taco shells, green beans, cole slaw and apple pie.  After supper we spent an hour or two visiting and playing "Scum".  An enjoyable evening and really nice to meet this girl we've heard so much about...
Randy & Diane were here for supper Mon. Ina Sue fixed us French toast for breakfast on Tuesday.  Then I headed off to work while she ironed and folded clothes.   She drove over to the Korver's for an hour or two to help with some window treatments.  After I got home we ate leftovers for supper then spent the evening making cookies.  It was about 12:00 before Ina Sue got to bed and an hour or two after that before I got the last cookies iced and the kitchen cleaned up.  Savannah was not feeling good and kept me up off an on until about 4:00...
An evening of cookie making. Our heat pump seems to be on the blink.  When we got up Wednesday it was pretty chilly inside.  The heater seems to be working but not the fan.  We kept a little space heater going in the children's room to keep then warm.  It seems to be impossible to keep then under the covers.  Normally when we go into their room in the morning Landon is somewhere on the floor.  I helped get the children all dressed and ready to go then packed the van for my wife to take them along with her Christmas caroling.  The sewing circle met at the school and made up cookie plates that they then took along to the nursing homes to distribute along with their songs.  Ina Sue said that the children did very good relating to the old folks.  They met back at the church then for a big carry-in dinner. 
The ladies caroling at the nursing home. In the evening we all went to church for prayer meeting.  Bro. Tim Myers was there again giving his last talk on child training.  This time he spoke on "Developing a Sensitive Conscience".  After church I went back in to the shop to work.  Tim had dropped off his laptop earlier in the day so I needed to get that finished up.  They dropped in on their way back home and waited until I got it finished for them. 
Distributing cookie plates to old folks. Thursday was a wonderful day we were able to spend at home.  We had planned to borrow Nelson Hochstetler's mower/bagger to clean up our yard.  Unfortunately, he had had an accident the day before and it was not in running condition.  So, instead we spent most of the day working in other parts of the yard.  I sprayed Round-up on the garden, pruned different trees and bushes, and sucked leaves up off of our shrubbery beds.  Ina Sue spent some time cleaning out her perennial bed.  In the afternoon Ina Sue took Carolina Sue along with her to Aiken to get in some shopping.  Carolina really thought she was pretty big stuff to be going shopping with Mommy.  I took Landon and Savannah on a walk over to Wendell's "Govan Pecan Farm".  They were picking up and cleaning the pecans while we were there.  Ellis & Jennifer had come home from Abbeville to help for a while.  I made Landon and I hushpuppies for supper.  Savannah had a few fits until she finally agreed to take a bottle.  The ladies got home around 10:00.
Trimming our English dogwood Friday was very ordinary.  I was at work while Ina Sue did the normal housecleaning and kept the children.  For supper we had one of my favorites.  Meatloaf, broccoli from the garden, and potatoes with browned butter.  After supper Ina Sue sewed while I worked on the computer.
The ladies head off on shopping expedition We slept in a little on Saturday. Then Ina Sue made us pancakes and sausages for breakfast.  Nelson's mower was back in working condition again so I drove over and brought it back.  I had a lot of fun using it to mow, mulch and pick up the leaves.  It does the job so much faster than I can ever even think of doing it with my push mower and blower.  Ina Sue took Prince up to the vet around 11:00 to get him checked for heart works.  He came back with a clean bill of health.  Ina Sue spent most of the day making food for the Govan picnic in the evening.  We went over to the fire station at 5:30 and had a very nice time visiting and eating with our neighbors.  We live in a wonderful little town.