November 22, 2008

Sunday morning, ready for church. Sunday morning we had a baptismal service for Andrew Brubaker and Marita Skrivseth.  They both had some friends help them sing their testimonies before the baptism.  Very nice for a change.  Gary Hege preached the sermon.  After church we came home to a dinner of taco salad.  We tried to rest for a while in the afternoon but Savannah was a bit fussy.  Ina Sue baked a cheese & broccoli ring for the carry-in snack in the evening.  The chorus from the Blackville congregation gave a very inspiring program in the evening.  Afterwards we all shared in a finger-food supper at the church.  Our children were getting pretty cantankerous so we left fairly quickly after the meal and got them home to bed.
Sunday lunch of taco salad. It was very cold Monday morning.  I headed off to work while Ina worked on the laundry.  I was fasting again so the day was a bit of a drag....  After I got home I worked on updating this webpage and entertaining my brood of children.
A pretty sunset over our back field. Very ordinary day on Tuesday.  Me at work.  Ina Sue at home with the children.  She did a little ironing, took care of the children and made us supper of spaghetti pie, collard and corn.  These were our first batch of collards from the garden since the frost and they were delicious!  I love em.
Danny Hege's new house There was a heavy frost Wednesday morning that finally made our beautiful impatiens bite the dust.  They looked pretty pitiful.  Ina Sue said they all huddled around their fire (our 8" space heater).  We do have a heat pump so don't feel too badly about my poor family freezing themselves.  Ina Sue cut out two little girl dresses.  She made us a wonderful breakfast pizza for supper.  Then we headed off to prayer meeting.  We drove separately so I could go directly in to work afterward.  Uncle Howard had a talk directed mainly at the youth.  After the service I went in to work and worked until about 3:00.  Ina Sue brought the children home and got them in bed.
Landon playing in the cabinet. I took off the whole day on Thursday.  We slept in a little since I got to bed pretty late/early.  I worked on many misc. little projects around the house for my wife,  Round-Up'ed the weeds in the garden, cleaned out my car etc.  Earlier in the morning we had taken the minivan up to Ivan Skrivseth so that he could fix the malfunctioning heater.  It turned out to be a cracked radiator so that will take up what little money we have laying around right now... :(  He was not able to get the radiator in today so it kinda put a wrench in our plans to go out for shopping and supper tonight..  We hated to give it up though, so I experimented and was successful in putting all three children's seats in my work car. 
Playing with her toes. We left around 4:30 and drove up to Orangeburg.  Went to the mall first in order to do some returns and let the wife do some shopping.  Then over to Ryan's steakhouse for their buffet and on to Walmart to finish up the evening.  The children and I stayed in the car while Ina Sue did the Walmart shopping.  By the time she got back out to the van both Landon & Savannah were wailing.  Landon quieted down quickly but Savannah was unhappy for most of the ride home.
The children at Janice's dinner party. We got up in good time Friday morning and I gave the three children their baths and helped get them dressed before I left for work at 8:30.  Ina Sue loaded them up, met up with Bethany Heatwole & Gwen Amstutz and drove over to Janice's for a dinner.  Craig & Kari Myers are back from Puerto Rico on a furlough and Janice got together this dinner as a way for Kari to visit with some of her friends.  Our minivan was still out of commission so Ivan let Ina Sue borrow his minivan for the trip.  It was a full van with three ladies and 5 children in car seats.  They seemed to have a good time and got home around 3:30.  We had a fairly relaxed evening together at home.
The ladies enjoy the meal & fellowship. I went in to work on Saturday.  John S. and John L. were both working on the computer side so I wasn't really needed there.  I took the opportunity though to finish up a surveillance system for a client in Barnwell that I have been having a hard time finishing up.  After I got done there I did accounting work until about 5:00 when Ina Sue brought the children in to the shop to meet me. 
Playmates. We went over to Walmart to pick up some supplied and to get some pansies for the business.  Then back over to the shop where Ina Sue took care of the children inside while I planted the pansies in our planters out front.  I had not eaten hardly a thing all day so I was pretty ready for supper.  We had a delicious meal at Mi Rancho mexican restaurant there in Barnwell then came home for baths and cleaned up the house.