November 9, 2008

Our little sweetheart. We went to Mt. Pleasant for church Sunday morning.  It was one of the shortest church services I have ever been to.  Bro. Elvin Shank had a very rough throat so he cut his sermon back a bit.  It was a very good sermon though on I. Cor. 11.  We were out by 10:45 and their services don't start until 10:00!  It worked out well though because we were in a very big hurry to get back to SC.  We left quickly from church, stopped by Papa's long enough to change and pack the van then headed back South.  Mother Showalter packed us a delicious lunch to eat on the way and we got back around 6:30.  We were trying to get back in time for Brent & Valleta Hege's reception at 7:00.  We went straight to the church and got the children changed and hair straightened up there.  They had a nice reception with a delicious meal of Louisiana gumbo, veggies, chips, muffins, and a trifle bar for dessert.  We were pretty tired by the time we got home and unpacked.
Impatiens by the back porch. Monday was just a regular Monday.  Washing & work.  I fasted again today.
Tim & Bonita Myers. Tuesday was Election Day.  I got up and made waffles for us then headed off to work.  Ina Sue finished up the ironing and cooked up some chicken.  Savannah was pretty fussy in the afternoon.  Ina Sue made us a delicious dish of chicken enchiladas and green beans for supper.  I went back in to work around 8:00 and did accounting work while I kept an eye on the election returns.  It looks like Obama Barak was God's man for this election.  We will pray that God will give him wisdom because it sure looks like he will need it with the circumstances in the world.  Home around 1:30am
Broccoli ready to harvest. Wednesday was pretty normal.  Ina Sue cleaned house and cooked.  I went in to work but was able to come home around 4:00 and help finish getting ready for supper.  Tim Myers had been having talks on child rearing for our Wednesday evening meetings and we had invited him and Bonita to come for supper.  Ina Sue fixed us garlic cheese bread, wild rice soup, greek salad and apple goody for dessert.  A nice time visiting with Tims then to church for prayer and a talk on "Instilling Trust in our Children".  Very good!
Cutting down a tree in the back yard. Thursday was a lovely Fall day.  I had to work but did get out of the shop on service calls.  Ina Sue and the children had a more leisurely day with a walk before their naps.  Ina Sue did some sewing jobs and caught up our finances.  We had left-overs for supper then I took care of the children while Ina Sue went over to Gwen Amstutz's for some sewing talk. 
Timberrrrr.... Friday was just another day of work for me.  Ina Sue picked a bunch of broccoli from the garden and got it ready for the freezer.  Bethany dropped Caroline & Michaela off with us around 1:15.  Ina Sue said that getting them all to go down for their naps was a bit of a challenge so they all went for a walk first.  She made us chicken-garlic pizza for supper then I helped take care of the children and clean up the house.  Patrick and Bethany's children are a pleasure to babysit and very well behaved.  When they get together with our children they all have a lot of energy to expend though. :)
Playing in the Fall leaves. I had to work at the shop on Saturday.  John L. worked along with me though so I was able to spend most of my time on accounting work.  Ina Sue washed the floors here at home and baked up a Bavarian apple tart.  Her and the children played a while in the leaves on the back yard.  When I got home from work around 3:30 I took the trash over to the dump then worked the rest of the evening cutting down a decent sized tree in the back yard.  After it was down I counted the rings.  18 years old.  After it got dark we packed the children up then drove in to Barnwell to eat supper at McDonalds then went to Walmart to pick up some essentials.  We had planned to pick up some pansies to plant in our planters at work but the person in charge of the garden center at Walmart just decided to go home early at 6:30 and closed the whole garden dept.  I was rather displeased and vowed to think about boycotting Walmart.  :)