November 2, 2008

Jasmine Cottage in Fall. To church again on Sunday morning.  Bro. Allen Schrock was over from Monticello to preach for us.  "Freedom in Christ".  Savannah was pretty grumpy during the service so I didn't get to take it all in.  We came home and made waffles for dinner.  Took long naps.  Ina Sue went to do the water meter and met up with Hendrick and Randy and had a long talk.  At church in the evening the youth presented the service.  Several of the boys gave topics and a group of the girls had special singing.  We invited Myron & Jane over for a snack after church.  Popcorn, grape juice, apples & dip and brownies.  A nice time visiting.
Even the crepe myrtles are bright this year. Monday was pretty normal with me fasting again.  Ina Sue did the laundry and also cleaned out our storage shed.  After I got home I got a bed ready in the greenhouse and planted lettuce for the winter.  Then I took the lawnmower & chain saw over to Nelson Hochstetler for some needed repairs.
A beautiful tree in Barnwell. I made Polish breakfast casserole for breakfast on Tuesday.  I didn't have any tater tots on hand so I used an old bag of yucca balls that we had bought in Puerto Rico about two years ago.  It turned out really good.  We thought maybe it was a positive change...  I headed off to work while Ina Sue finished up the laundry & ironing.  She made a batch of granola and a batch of cookies for us.  In the evening we kept Caroline & Michaela while Patricks had a date evening.  Ina Sue fixed us lasagna, corn, collards, and apple salad for supper.  After Patricks picked up their children I went back in to work for several hours.
Vermont doesn't have anything on SC.... When I got home from work Wednesday morning at around 2:30 my dear wife was nearly frantic.  She had woke up around 2:00 and tried to call me but I would not answer my phone.  She actually got worried enough to call the police and ask them to check on me.  When they told her that I wasn't there she got even more worried.  It turns out that my cell phone battery had gone dead and I had left around 2:10.  I was actually on the way home when the police came by to check on me.  I was sorry that she was that worried but it is nice to have someone who is concerned for you...  I went back in to work around 7:30 for a busy day.  In the evening we went to Carls for supper along with Nathan & Marlene Goering.  Nathan is the new conference treasurer so Carl was going over the books with him.
Landon plays with his abacus. I took off on Thursday.  We got packed up and left for VA around 10:15.  We had a good trip up with a stop at Hardees for dinner and to break up the trip.  Got there around 6:15.  As soon as they could get around, Mother Showalter, Marsha, Lori, my wife & Savanna left to travel up to Maryland to spend the night with Ina Sue's sister Jeanne.  They got there around 9:00.  I spent the evening entertaining the children then got them tucked in their beds.  They did really good.
Our toy chest The children and I slept in a little on Friday morning then got up and I finished up the hominy and puddins for our breakfast.  Papa and I took the children along for a shopping expedition to Sharp Shopper & Costco.  We got a really good deal on some cheese at Sharp Shopper that I was quite pleased with.  Of course the samples at Costco are always a highlight. :)  In the afternoon the children & I went in to the Dayton Farmers Market for hot pretzels and some shopping/browsing.  They took their naps in the afternoon while I worked on the computer.  We drove down to New Hope in the late afternoon to see Robert & Marsha's new dairy in operation.  Very nice!  Then we met Papa and Robert and his children at the Subway in Weier's Cave for supper.
Ready for Christmas. Meanwhile,  Ina Sue and the rest of the ladies got up at drove up to Lancaster in time to start shopping when the stores opened at 8:00.  They shopped all day until about 6:00 in the evening when they started the drive back.  Savannah nearly got beside herself on the way home so it was a pretty rough trip back for them.  They got back to Mt. Crawford around 11:00.

On Saturday we got up and drove over to Chad & Becky McMurray's new home for a tour and dinner.  It is a beautiful house with plenty of room for their big family.  She served us a delicious dinner of cheeseburger soup, salad, bread & apple cake.  After we left from there we stopped in at Bruce Goods for a little to see their new baby Madison.  After the children got their naps in the afternoon I took them for a long walk out the lane and down the road.  For supper we built a fire outside and made mountain pies.  A good time talking with family around the campfire.  Roberts, Marsha & Sherman were all there.