October 19, 2008

A whole week of pictures focused on my brother Duane.  (camera is broken) Gary Hege preached a really good sermon Sunday morning on "What Should our Response be to the Financial Crisis".  We were invited to Conrad Stovers for lunch along with Uncle Howards, Mrs. Odom, and Norman.  She had a delicious dinner of homemade bread, chicken & gravy, potatoes, green beans, apple jello salad, cake & grape tapioca.  We came home and got a short rest then I made shrimp and grits for supper.  To church for a topical program on "Dealing with Physical Limitations".  Daryl Brubaker & Ruth Ellen Dickerson both gave talks on their experiences with cancer.  After church we had to run in to the shop to pick up  my cell phone that I had left laying on my desk.  Then we were invited to Don Heatwoles for a snack.  A delightful evening with Dons, Dale Dickersons, and Wesley & Lois.
I did my best for him.... I was back to the fasting again on Monday. :(  Ina Sue spent the day doing laundry.  She said it was a lovely day to hang up clothes.  I worked late in the evening so I wouldn't have to watch the rest of my family eat supper. 
...but sometimes had to put my foot down. Ina Sue had a back appointment and a dentist appointment first thing on Tuesday.  I kept the children for her until she got back around 12:00.  Then I went in to finish the day at work.  Ina Sue made up a batch of bread and a big turn of mashed potatoes for the freezer.  I got home to a delicious supper of asparagus quiche and apple salad.  After supper we took a walk as a family.  When we got back I tried my hand at making pita bread and a batch of homemade hummus.  The pita is a trick to get puffed up into pockets.  It was really good though dipped in the hummus.
In the snow. I headed in to work at the regular time on Wednesday but had to come back for my cell phone I had forgotten.  Ina Sue caught a little lizard in our back room and the children had a big time playing with it.  She baked butter horn rolls and made two pies and washed windows.  In the afternoon she and the children spent time picking up buckeye nuts. (Not to eat but just to keep from sprouting in our shrubbery beds)  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  Tim Myers from Hephzibah is starting a 3-service series on "Child Raising".  I really enjoy his sermons/talks.  He has a lot of good thoughts and organizes them well.  After church we came home and I helped put the children in bed before going back in to work for several hours.
Swimming in the diaper pail. I didn't get back from work until about 4:30 Thursday morning.  I slept in till about 7:30 then Ina Sue fed us a breakfast of baked oatmeal with apples & raisins.  I stayed home from work and worked on projects here at home.  Ina Sue took Prince in for a haircut first thing.  After she got back I worked for a while putting dividers into the cabinet where she keeps her cookie sheets.  We made chicken souvlaki sandwiches for dinner with our homemade tzatziki sauce and pita bread.  I had to go in to Denmark on a service call in the afternoon then we drove over to Carl's field of field peas to pick some.  We had never used this variety of southern peas but we ended up picking close to two bushels.  Home then for BLT sandwiches and bed.
Duane and Laura. I took the peas along with me to work on Friday and dropped them off at Campbell's Produce for shelling.  Ina Sue did the regular Friday cleaning and let the children play outside.  I came home at 5:00 and we hurried over to Hephzibah for the beginning service of our conference.  Bro. Merle Burkholder is the speaker this year and he had a very challenging talk on being "Kingdom Seekers".  This year they are also having a youth chorus give several selections at each program.  After church we enjoyed visiting then went down to Dad's for the night.  Laura & Sheldon were there as well for the snack and we stayed up until about 12:00 talking.
Dad reading about Felix to Laura, Duane and his kitty. Mother fixed us a delicious breakfast Saturday morning of baked blueberry french toast and fresh fruit.  We made it to church at 9:30.  Bro. Merle preached his second sermon on "A Life Well Lived".  After the sermon there was more conference business.  There were no real big issues being discussed so it was mainly reporting and details.  The church there served us dinner of BarBQ sandwiches, potato salad, vegetables & cherry delight for dessert.  After dinner there was more conference business and discussions.  It got a bit long before things adjourned. 
More recently with spouse & descendants We went down to Nevins and spent the afternoon with them.  Laura & Sheldon came over to eat supper with us then we headed back home.  Home to Govan by 9:00.  We got the children in bed then I picked through and blanched 16 pts. of our field peas for the freezer while Ina Sue cleaned up and made food for our dinner tomorrow.