October 12, 2008

Heidi Korver holding Savannah. Sunday morning we had to rush a bit to get our children ready and the food ready to go to church.  It was our communion service this morning.  Mark Hochstetler preached on "What Christ Did for Us".  I am always blessed by both our council meeting and our communion services.  After church everyone stayed for a carry-in meal.  Delicious food and good fellowship.  Afterward we took the children home and tried to get them to take naps.  Landon must have had too much ice tea.  We couldn't get him to sleep.  In the evening we went over to Andy Korvers for a supper of mountain pies around a fire.  Jared Good, Joel Heatwole and Barry Brubaker were also there to share the evening.  Around 8:00, Mary Korvers three sisters arrived.  They are down to help the Korvers move to their new house tomorrow.
Andy gets in some relaxing... We got up in decent time on Monday.  Thankfully I hit my weight goal this week so I didn't have to fast today.  I went in to work while Ina worked on laundry.  I came home for a delicious supper of pork BarBQ, baked macaroni and green beans.  Carolian Sue and Landon took Hendrick over a plate to share.  After the children were in bed I went back in to work until about 1:30.
Barry B, Jared Good and Joel H. Tuesday morning I got up and left for Hartwell at 5:00.  I met Mark and Nelson Hochstetler in Barnwell and rode with them up to the financial seminar in Hartwell, GA.  The seminar was put on by Anabaptist Financial and was moderated by Richie Lauer.  I found the seminar beneficial but was a bit disappointed that two of the sessions I was especially interested in were swapped out for two sessions I was not so interested in.  One of their speakers was not able to be there for health reasons so they changed things around.  We did have a good day though and it was interesting talking to the other attendees.  We left around 4:00 and headed back to Barnwell.
Hotdogs & mountain pies. Meanwhile,  Ina Sue got the children up and packed in the van then went to sewing circle for the morning.  She sewed on school kit bags all morning.  She said the children also cooperated well.  They came on home for lunch and naps.  After supper they took a walk together until I got home around 7:30.
Richie Lauer moderated the seminar It was raining quite a bit of the day Wednesday.  I spent most of the day in the office.  Ina Sue said she didn't get much done but I say that babysitting the children is getting something done!  In the evening we dropped all three of the children off with Betty & Carolyn Heatwole then went with Carl & Grace up to Orangeburg.  Carl treated us to a delicious supper at Chestnut Grille.  He very kindly does this each year as an unnecessary payment for my help with the conference bookkeeping. 
Going for the important part (lunch) The rain last night really made for a beautiful morning on Thursday.  I went in for another ordinary day of service work.  Ina Sue took Carolina & Landon over to Cheryl Banges and dropped Savannah off with Aunt Miriam while she went over and helped Kendra Brubaker paint on their new home.  Ina Sue ate lunch with Uncle Howard & Aunt Miriam and fed the baby then went back to help some in the afternoon.  She picked up the children in time for them all to take their afternoon naps.  We had taco pie & fruit salad for supper then a restful evening together.
Three of the illustrious panelists. It drizzled most of the day Friday.  Ina Sue did the normal cleaning routine for Friday.  I had a busy day at work then Ina Sue and the children came in to the shop to meet me for supper.  We used coupons and ate at Blimpies.  After supper Ina Sue helped me plant mums in our planters at Computer Solutions.  Then I worked at running some more surveillance camera cables while Ina Sue did a run to Walmart with the children.  She and the children went on home then while I stayed and worked on accounting until about 1:30.
Compare my to-do list with my dear wife's.. It was still rainy Saturday morning.  I cleaned up the garden then took my truck battery up to Ivan to swap out for a new one.  We hadn't been able to start the truck for the last month or two because of a bad battery.  I took the trash over to the dumpster then drove up to Denmark for some wiring supplies.  When I got back home I worked for several hours to put up a new fluorescent light on our back porch over the freezer.  It was quite a job but does work really well.  I was pleased.  Ina Sue spent the day taking care of the children and baking.  She made a delicious cherry coffee cake.  In the evening I made us pizza for supper while she cleaned the back porch.  After supper she cut my hair for me.