October 5, 2008

The closest I get to resting when I get home. Uncle Howard preached the sermon Sunday morning on "Worshipping in Spirit and Truth".  We came home then to a lunch of sarmales and apple salad.  We got a short nap then Andy's dropped their children off here with us at 3:30 while they went and milked for Leon.  In the evening we had a topical program.  Dr. James Riley had the topic on "Hearing the Call of God".  Our children were sleepy and thus grumpy so we came home pretty quickly and got them in bed.
Savannah is growing so fast. I was fasting once again on Monday.  I can't tell you how much of the joy it takes out of my day to not be able to eat... :(  It was a beautiful day outside.  Ina Sue started the weekly laundry while I got breakfast then headed off to work.  She and the children had grilled chicken wraps for supper.  I came home from work hungry and grumpy so we went to bed a bit early.

Enjoying the waves.

I fixed us corn bread and sausage gravy for breakfast on Tuesday then left for work.  Ina Sue finished up the ironing.  She and the children all seem to have colds.  After work I picked up some groceries on the way home.  Ina Sue had supper of lasagna, and baked corn waiting when I got home.  Delicious!  We all took a walk over to Carl's orange grove to check their progress.  Some of the tree are quite loaded down with fruit.  Came home and did a soduko puzzle together after the children were in bed.  I put on a 15# Boston butt to roast in the oven around 12:00.
Trying to build a sand castle. I had to get up several times during the wee hours of the morning Wednesday to check on and turn off the oven for my pork roast.  I got up at 6:00 and worked on cutting off and cleaning the roast for consumption.  We are planning on using it to take to the carry-in dinner on Sunday.  I had a long day of work.  (8:30 - 8:00)  Ina Sue babysat Erica K. along with our children for the morning.  She made up a big batch of granola bars for us.  In the afternoon Ina Sue bathed the children and had them ready for prayer meeting.  Unfortunately, I had a problem customer right at closing time and ended up having to stay and take care of that instead of us going to prayer meeting. 
Had to settle for a pyramid again... I took off from work on Thursday.  I made ham & egg gravy over toast for breakfast.  Then I got out in the yard and planted some of our new shrubs.  Ina Sue trimmed the ivy and nandina in the front.  At 12:30 we all headed out to the beach.  It was pretty cool when we got up in the morning so we had decided to wait a bit until it warmed up.  We got down to Hunting Island around 2:45 and the weather was very nice if just a tad chilly still.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did we.  I built the customary Strite pyramid in the sand.  I'm not very artistic so a pyramid is about the best I can do.  We stopped on the way home and purchased 10 lbs of shrimp from a roadside stand.  We wanted to eat at a seafood restaurant on the way home but had to settle for a Wendys.  On the way home we listed to the presidential debate and got home soon after 9:30.
Ina Sue gave Savannah a little hair tuft. Friday was very ordinary with me at work and Ina Sue cleaning.  She did get around to polishing my shoes for me.  What a wife!  She also vacummed all the beach sand out of the car.  When I got home we ate a quick supper of tacos then I spent the rest of the evening mowing.


The children wash their car while Ina Sue washes ours.  :) I left at 5:30 Saturday morning and drove up to Columbia to meet with Royal Barnhart for our PRMC meeting in Jonesville, NC.  We had a profitable meeting, ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel then headed for home around 3:00.  Ina Sue meanwhile got the children ready and went with Jane Brubaker to the flea market in Springfield.  She got some clothes for the children then stopped at Ralph Dickerson's country store on the way home.  After she got home she put the children to bed then did two loads of laundry and washed the car.  After I got home I helped cleanup and put the children to bed.  Savannah is 12 weeks old today.  Hard to believe!