September 28, 2008

Blowing bubbles at Aunt Kay K's

Sunday found us still separated by about 1,000 miles.  Ina Sue got the children all up, dressed and ready for church.  They left for church at about the same time Tom and I were taking off from Ft. Worth.  Ina Sue had time after the service to grab a quick bite of lunch for her and the children at Dad's then drive in to pick me up at the airport.  We were driving to Govan by 2:00.  We got a short rest in the afternoon then went to church for a song service in the evening.
Sucking her thumb while I read Monday was a lovely day weather-wise.  Ina Sue had piles and piles of laundry to do.  I got a pretty panicked phone call from her around 11:00 when she happened to go out to get something out of our big chest freezer and found the food all thawed out.  This is our big outside freezer where we have about a hundred pounds of beef & pork plus lots of other assorted goodies and veggies.  I got her calmed down enough to figure out that the problem rooted back to Landon's little electrical experiment last Thursday.  He had happened to flip the same breaker that the outside freezer was on.  I told Ina Sue to just leave the freezer lid shut and I would come home to help cleanup and assess the damages.
Landon follows his sister's example. I got home around 12:00 and we started taking everything out of the freezer and checking it.  The power had been off for about 4 days and the meat on the top was completely thawed.  Thankfully, as we dug deeper we found that everything below the top 12" seemed to still be frozen pretty solid.  We did end up frying out about 4lbs. of sausage, throwing away a few containers of frozen fruit, and cooking up a bag of shrimp for supper.  Other than that we felt pretty good about everything.  Thank God!  I went back in to work and the rest of the day was fairly uneventful.  Carolyn and Michaela Heatwole spent the afternoon and evening here while their parents had an evening out.  I made us shrimp & grits for supper and everyone seemed to really enjoy them.  They got all anyhow. :)
A deck party with Carolyn & Michaela I left early Tuesday morning to go up to Columbia for an Alltel owner/manager meeting.  It was a good, informative and helpful day of sessions.  I got back around 4:00 and came straight home.  Ina Sue spent the day finishing up the washing and ironing.  I grilled up a batch of chicken strips for us to use in salads after supper.  Then I went to church for a committee meeting on electronic media.  After the meeting was over I went back in to the shop until about 2:00am.  Tired and ready for bed.

Wednesday was very uneventful.  Most of my day was spent on service calls.  Ina Sue made up a batch of granola and took care of the children.  Chicken strip salad and bread sticks for supper.  A late supper and relaxing evening.

A game of Memory with the children. Another uneventful day on Thursday.  Ina Sue spent the day with odd jobs and babysitting.  I spent the day at work then came home and mowed yard for an hour or two.  A delicious supper of country fried ham, scalloped potatoes, zipper peas and salad.

I went to work at 8:00 on Friday.  Ina Sue babysat Gilbert & Erica Korver for the morning while she cleaned house.  We had homemade biscuits, chicken salad & carrots for supper along with dessert of freshly baked blackberry pie.  After supper I played a game of memory with Carolina & Landon then we watched a video. "Treasures in the Snow".

Helping me plant Savannah's ginko tree. I had to work on Saturday so I headed off around 8:30.  I enjoy working sometimes on Saturday because I can focus entirely on getting things done in the shop without too many phone call interruptions.  I got quite a bit of accounting work done today.  While I was at work Ina Sue trimmed the ivy on the back porch, picked up sticks and cleaned up the porch.  After I got home around 4:45, I finished the mowing and cleaned the dead tomatoes out of the garden.  Grilled chicken wraps and salad for supper then a restful evening at home.