September 21, 2008

Fresh from her bath. We slept in a bit on Sunday morning then raced to get around in time.  Bro. Gary preached again on Abraham.  He based the message on James's example of Abraham's faith as a faith that resulted in works.  We came home and had chicken fajitas for dinner then the wife took a nap while the children tried to nap and Daddy worked on his topic for tonight.  We went to the Calvary congregation in Blackville for church tonight.  They had asked me to give my topic on "Palm Tree Christians that I had given earlier at Barnwell.  After the service they had a carry-in supper/snack and we had a great time visiting with the fine folks there.
Taking their Sunday naps... I was back to fasting again on Monday.  The idea is that I control my intake throughout the week so that I do not need to fast on Monday.  Unfortunately the ideal seldom works out....  Ina Sue said it was a pretty long day at home with laundry and grouchy children.  Ina Sue had the children already fed their supper by the time I got home.  I worked on planting a weeping holly in our front shrubbery bed and also worked on SAMC finances.
Streching my shrunken suit pants. I fixed egg gravy over toast for breakfast on Tuesday to break my one day fast.  Then off to work.  Ina Sue got the children ready and dropped them off with Deb Hochstetler before heading up to Bamberg for a baby visit.  Our midwife Leigh Wood checked mother and baby over and gave them a clean bill of health.  Savannah got her 2-month shots while she was there.  The afternoon was rather trying with Savannah miserable from her shots.  Ina Sue did make us a delicious supper though of grilled chicken strip salad and breaksticks.  After supper we spent some time in the back yard then after I got the children in bed I went back in to work for several hours.
Leigh Wood with Savannah Wednesday was very ordinary with me at work.  Ina Sue said that Savannah was amazingly good in spite of her shots yesterday.  Ina Sue spent some time washing our windows.  After I got home we ate supper of sloppy joes, corn, celery & blue cheese dip.  Then we went to church for prayer meeting.  Daryl Bange led the discussion on the last of the Revelation churches, Laodicea.  Came home and had slush shakes as a treat for well behaving children.
Landon's electrical experiment Thursday was busy for both of us.  I had a very full day at work trying to get everything together before I left for several days.  Ina Sue spent her time trying to pack for a family that was going to be going in three different ways.  Sometime during the afternoon she was in the living room talking on the phone and Landon came in whimpering and holding his arm and rubbing his eyes.  When she asked him what was wrong he took her back to the back room and showed her the scene of the accident.  Evidently he tried to use a metal pizza cutter to pry the sweeper plug out of the wall jack.  We were so very thankful that he wasn't hurt badly.  The pizza cutter and wall outlet looked pretty bad. 
Mealtime at ladies seminar I came home from work at 5:30 and helped get things finished up and in the van.  We drove over to Hephzibah and dropped Carolina Sue and Landon off with my sister Karen then went back to Dad's to spend the night.  Dad & Mom are away on a train trip to Prince Edward Island so we had the house to ourselves.  It was pretty late before we got to sleep.
Taking in the sights. I got up at 4:00 Friday morning and my brother Nevin very kindly drove me in to the Bush Field Airport in Augusta to meet Tom Peachey.  We flew out for Ft. Worth, TX at 6:00am.  After a layover in Atlanta we arrived at the Radioshack headquarter around 12:00 for our Fall Showcase.  We spent most of the afternoon browsing the showroom and taking in the many vendors offering their wares.  Radioshack provided us with a delicious dinner and supper then had about a two hour promotional program in the arena after supper.  They put us up at the Sheraton across the road for the night.

Meanwhile, my wife got herself and the baby ready then rode with a vanload of ladies up to the women's seminar in Hartwell, GA.  Edith Burkholder was the main speaker with numerous other ladies offering classes.  In the evening they had there usual fancy smancy tea party.  Ina Sue and Carolina stayed with Bonnie Kurtz for the night.

Ft. Worth Convention Center. My cell phone rang around 12:30 Saturday morning and relayed a break-in message from my alarm at the shop.  I checked the video and could see the broken window on the RS side of the store.  I called back and talked to the police who had already contacted Hendrick.  I talked to the police off and on and looked through the video over the next two hours.  Finally got back to sleep around 3:30.  Tom pretty much slept through it all.  He was ready to hit the showroom floor in time for breakfast but I slept in until about 8:30.  We spent the rest of the day browsing and getting our holiday order ready to place.  They were pretty much knocking things apart by 6:00 so we headed out and walked down the street to a "Texas de Brasil" steakhouse.  A delicious meal but rather too expensive.
Homemade ice cream party at Miltons. Ina Sue had a busy morning of sessions at the seminar.  After dinner they left to head back to Hephzibah.  She rested a bit at Dads then headed down to Milton's to pick up the children.  They served her and the children a batch of homemade icecream before the left to go to Nevin's for supper.  The children had lots of fun playing with their children.  She said they all got soaked and filthy though...  She took them back to Dads for baths then all settled down for the night.