September 7, 2008

Mother tells us where to sit. This was my last Sunday teaching the youth class for this go around.  It has been a fairly pleasant experience though I will be glad for a break from studying.  Gary Hege preached another message in his series on Abraham on "Who Will Pass on the Faith".  We left as soon as the final prayer was said and skedaddled over to Dad's for dinner.  Mom had invited Nevins, us and Sheldons to share dinner with them.  She served some delicious pork BarBQ that Dad had smoked along with biscuits, noodles, green beans, carrot salad and strawberries with spice cake.  Wow!  We visited all through the afternoon and stayed for supper along with Sheldons.  We went to church there at Hephzibah in the evening and heard Myron Mullet preach a sermon on "The Blessings & Challenges of Aging".  Pretty late before we made it back to Govan.
Nevin plays Randy "Connect Four" Monday was Labor Day so I was off from work.  Started the day with oatmeal pancakes (Ina Sue's specialty).  I finished the mowing, Round-Uped, weedeated, edged, and pulled up vines.  Ina Sue pruned our overgrown flowerbed and kept the children in line.  We took it a little more easy in the pm.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us fried eggplant.  I on the other hand grilled hotdogs and chopped them up with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.  A true culinary masterpiece!  We think Savannah is the best behaved of all our babies so far.  She just seems to have a normally happy disposition.  It rained during the night.
Now Sheldon tries his hand at it. Tuesday felt like Monday.  I had a full schedule at work waiting for me after the long weekend.  Ina Sue started working on her normal Monday morning laundry.  It was a lovely day after the rain last night.  I had to fast again today. :(  After I got home from work we all took a long walk.  On the way we saw Dixie (Joshua & Marcia's dog that our children seem to think is the source of all evil)  They were terrified.  If they could both stand on my head to keep their toes away from Dixie, I think they would!
Myron took the children for a combine ride. Wednesday was a very ordinary day with me at work.  Ina Sue made a batch of home made granola and sewed on a new dress.  After work we ate a quick supper then rushed to prayer meeting.  After the prayer period Daniel Brubaker had the discussion on "The Church of Philadelphia".  After church we went to Patrick & Bethany's with a number of other familes to help Patrick celebrate his birthday.  Bethany served us a delicious array of cakes & snacks.  This was the first we had really seen their house since they moved in.  It is very nice.  After we left the party we dropped by Walmart to get some supplies.  On the way home we listened to the vice presidential debate on the radio.  I get more disillusioned with politics all the time...
Patrick Heatwole's birthday spread. A normal day on Thursday for me at work.  Ina Sue spent her whole day cooking and baking.  She made supper for Nelson & Deb Hochstetler to honor their newest little girl. (Kaitlyn Nicole)  When I got home we loaded a bunch of food in the van and dropped the supper for Nelsons off on our way over to Andy's new house.  Mary Korver and Ina Sue shared the meal preparation for our supper there.  Andy & I worked on trimming out some of his windows and doors.  Our children always enjoying playing with their children.  They were dirty as pigs though when we got home so we got them bathed and kit the sack ourselves.
The children spread out on the floor. Friday was uneventful with me at work and Ina Sue cleaning the house.  In the evening we took a little drive around the neighborhood.  Stopped in to see Chad & Kendra's new house they are building.  It looks like it will be a lovely home for them.  We stopped by Myrons to check on something and ended up staying for the rest of the evening and visiting.
Savannah hasn't taken to the computer yet. Cheesy egg bake for breakfast on Saturday then I headed in to work.  Carolyn Heatwole came over to spend the morning with the children.  Ina Sue washed the floors while the children and Carolyn went on a walk.  Carolyn also made us a delicious batch of oatmeal bars.  I got home from work around 4:15 then mowed the yard and washed the van.  After supper I went over to Wendell H's to help with a computer glitch  he was having.