August 30, 2008

Carolina Sue's Sunday school class I taught Sunday school again on Sunday.   It's hard to believe that there is only one more Sunday in the quarter that I am teaching.  Mark Hochstetler preached this morning on "The Value of a Soul".  Carolina Sue's Sunday school teacher, Ms. Kristen, took her and the rest of her class to a park for a picnic.  She thought that was just pretty great!  The rest of us came home for a dinner of broiled catfish, potatoes, biscuits and tossed salad.  We all got a nice rest in the afternoon then went to church in the evening for Daryl Brubakers presentation on their time in Romania.  Very interesting.  They even sang us a song in Romanian.
Merle & Thelma hosted our small group. Monday was as lovely a rainy day as you could get.  Just continual slow rain.  I went off to work while Ina Sue started on the wash.  Her foot is still bothering her so with the weather she used the dryer today instead of the clothesline.  Savannah cried quite a lot which made her day more stressful.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us stuffed taco shells and Caesar salad.  After supper Carolina Sue and I made up two big batches of cookies.  White chocolate macadamia and Reece's Pieces chocolate.
Joshua & Marcia Heatwole. My wife had quite a break on Tuesday.  Bethany Heatwole had offered to babysit the children for a day to help Ina Sue while her foot is bothering her.  So, I took the children along to work with me and dropped them off with Bethany.  Ina Sue said it was quite a fun day, not having to stop to get drinks, give spankings, wipe noses, change poopy diapers, or kiss ouchies. :)  She was glad to see them again though when I brought them back home in the evening.  After supper I went to a committee meeting then back in to work for several hours.  It is still raining.
Daniel kisses up to Savannah while Leon is absorbed by "The Furrow" Wednesday morning I left for work while Ina Sue was getting the children up and at it.  She dropped the children off at Mary K.'s first thing and drove in to Barnwell to get her back & foot looked at.  The doctor told her that her foot was just badly sprained and will probably take 4-5 weeks to heal.  In the evening after I got home from work we went over to Merle Diems for our small groups last meeting of the year.  Ms. Thelma fixed us a wonderful meal and we had a really nice time visiting together afterward.  We've really enjoyed our small group this year and it will be interesting to see who we are going to be with next year.
Landon enjoyed Mr. Merle's school bus. Ina Sue was on a cooking spree on Thursday.  She made bread and yogurt in the morning.  In the afternoon she sewed a little then brought the children to the school to meet Hendrick and I for supper.  We brought pizza from pizza hut for our supper then Hendrick and I worked on the computer network while the children enjoyed playing on the playground equipment.  Ina Sue and the children went home about 8:30.  Hendrick and I got home around 10:00
Playing on the school's playground while Daddy worked inside. I had a pretty normal day at work on Friday.  Ina Sue woke up with a terrible headache but was able to take care of the children and get the main cleaning jobs done.  We had leftovers for supper then I mowed the yard while Ina Sue and the children played in the back yard.
Savannah watches Mommy scrub porch. Saturday was a great day with all of us at home together.  I made waffles and sausage patties for breakfast.  We did have one misfortune when we woke up and heard our heat pump making a really clanging noise.  When I checked it I found that the fan had broken loose from the bearing and was just clanging around on it.  I spent most of the morning finding some JB Weld and trying to repair the fan.  It took several tries but as of this writing it is still holding together and doing fine.  Ina Sue spent the morning scrubbing the front porch and trimming the ivy from our front columns. 
Landon with his new hobby horse. :) In the afternoon Ina Sue and the children took naps while I mowed the yard and sprayed Round-Up.  In the later afternoon I took Savannah along with me on a run in to Barnwell for some supplies and to do a little work at the shop.  I brought home a BarBQ plate that we all split for supper.  After supper we worked at making a hobby horse for Carolina Sue out of an old sock and misc. other items.  The children seemed pretty happy with it. :)