August 23, 2008

Our sleeping "princess" Ina Sue said it was quite a feat getting all the children and herself ready for church on Sunday.  Elvin Shank preached the message from I Thess. 4 on "Christian Living".  They ate a quick lunch then Papa started driving them back to SC around 1:00.  He is planning to drive them down then take Amtrak back to VA tomorrow.  Meanwhile I had a fairly relaxed morning going to church in Barnwell then was invited to Wendell Heatwoles for a delicious lunch.  I found out that Richard Brubaker was driving back to VA this afternoon.  I talked to him and mentioned that if he would be willing to stick around till Papa got here then take him along back to VA, I would pay for his gas.  He really had wanted to get left earlier but agreed to stick around.
I was happy to see my "duchess" again.. After dinner I called Papa on his cell phone and told him that Richard was available for his ride back to VA.  Papa had the brilliant idea of Richard and I going ahead and leaving to drive up and meet them part way.  That is what we ended up doing.  We left around 3:30 and met up with the travelers around Charlotte, NC.  Papa and I switched cars and they headed north while I brought my family back home.  It was so good to see them again after our time apart.  We got back to Govan around 9:00.  I was pretty concerned about my wife's bad ankle and how we were going to get through the next week but it seems to be doing fairly well.  She can basically get around on it now with some difficulty but without crutches.
Janice's luncheon for the ladies. I had asked Glenda Stover to come over and help with the laundry Monday morning.  I made us breakfast and tried to help get things around before I left for work.  Glenda got to the house around 10:00 and helped for 3 or 4 hours.  Ina Sue said it was a huge help to not have to do the heavy laundry and hanging out.  Ina Sue made us Yorkshire pizza, salad and green beans for supper.  After supper I took the children for a walk around the block while Ina Sue rested.
The children ate outside. Ina Sue's foot continued to improve Tuesday.  She was able to finish the laundry and take care of the children.  I had a very busy day then came home for quality time with my family around a supper of BLT's and peach milk shakes.  After supper I met Hendrick over at the school where we worked to network a bunch of their computers and setup network printing for them.  After that I drove back in to work and worked until about 2:30am.   Ina Sue says that Savannah was a grouch during the evening....
Her first horsy ride... We got up and around in good time Wednesday morning. I helped get the children fed and clothed in time for Ina Sue to leave for Hephzibah.  Aunt Janice was hosting a tea party for a lot of the young mothers.  Bonnie Kurtz, Lydia Groff, Dawn Eshleman, Deborah Heatwole and my wife were the adults and there were "lots" of children.  She said they had a lovely time visiting together.  She left around 3:00 and got back home around 4:30.  I came home a bit early at 5:00 with some sandwiches from Subway.  Ina Sue's good friend Bev had sent her a gift card along with her baby gift.  After Ina Sue's long day she thought it would be a great time to cash it in.  Thanks, Bev!  We ate quick then headed off to church for prayer meeting.  The discussion was around the "church at Sardis".  After church we came home and had popcorn and milk shakes for supper.
A big frog that lives out on our deck. Ina Sue woke up on Thursday with a cold and a sore throat.  She also said her foot seems to be bothering her more again.  I went on in to work while she caught up on some the household chores.  John Larrimore is a new employee we just hired on the computer side and this was his first day.  I spent a good bit of the day trying to get him acquainted with his new work.  It was a rainy and overcast day.  Supper was delicious with beef stroganoff over noodles, corn and watermelon for dessert.  A nice relaxing evening with the children after supper.
Sisters. Ina Sue said she "limped" through her cleaning on Friday but survived.  She still is suffering from her cold and sinuses.  After I got home from work I sent the wife to bed to rest while I made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwhiches for supper.  Daryl, Sharon & Thomas Brubaker came over after supper for some assistance with their slide show of Romania that they are preparing for the service Sunday evening.  We enjoyed going through their slides with them and visiting about their time over there. 
They picked the tomato patch clean. Savannah was a "bear" during the night and we both got up still tired Saturday morning.  I left the wife and children in bed while I headed off for a youth service project.  Some of the the youth fellows and I worked at building a small deck and new steps for an older lady in Denmark.  It looked pretty rainy when I left home and I wasn't sure how much work we would be able to get in.  The rain mostly held off though and we were able to complete the project by about 2:30 in the afternoon.  The lady of the house was not there while we were working but she called me later in the evening and seemed to be pleased with the results.   Meanwhile, Ina Sue spent some of her time cleaning and scrubbing the back screen porch.  After I got home I mowed the back yard then spent some time updating this webpage...