August 16, 2008

Old friends - Bill & Dorcas Byler & Maria Savannah had a pretty rough night so we were pretty tired Sunday morning.  Between getting in late the night before, rocking Savannah for hours, and getting up early to study for Sunday school, I didn't get much sleep.  Gary Hege preached this morning from his series on Abraham.  This morning he talked about Abrahams conflict with Lot.  We came home for a quick lunch then tried to catch up a little on our sleep.  Landon didn't want to sleep so we didn't get much either.  Our old friends & neighbors Bill, Dorcas & Maria Byler came over in the afternoon for a visit and supper.  We had such a good time visiting that we were almost late for church.  We came home from church and sacked out.
Savannah loves her thumb... Thankfully Savannah slept well and we were even able to sleep in a little Monday morning.  I headed in to work and Ina Sue started on the laundry.  Dorcas & Maria dropped by for the morning and helped Ina Sue some while Bill packed up their stuff to take back to NC.  Ina Sue fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup to share with them for lunch then they headed out.  When I talked to Ina Sue I could tell she was just about worn out so I brought subs home for supper.  After supper Ina Sue cut my hair and Landon's hair.  We vacuumed out the van and started packing for our trip tomorrow.
Watching the water pipe layers. I had to hurry off to work on Tuesday for several hours.  Ina Sue worked here at home to pull things together.  I was able to get home by about 10:00am and we left for Virginia about 15 minutes later for Grandmother's funeral.  The children traveled very well.  We ate a quick dinner at Burger King and got to Ina Sue's home around 5:45.   Ina Sue drove quite a bit of the day while I worked on my laptop and on the phone trying to resolve some serious issues with our email server. 
Grandmothers Viewing at Bank Church We were both pretty tired but quickly ate a bite of supper then drove to the bank church for visitation and viewing.  There was a pretty good crowd there but it could have been worse.  The ushers would sit incoming people down in the auditorium then release them by rows to visit with the immediate children.  We enjoyed visiting with friends while we waited and were able to get through before so terribly late.
The Bank Cemetary Wednesday was the funeral for Grandmother Heatwole.  The family was to be at the Bank church by 10:00.  We met in the basement of the church for a devotional then filed up to the auditorium.  Most of the auditorium was reserved for the descendants.  The balcony, back several benches and the basement were available for others along with a big tent set up outside.  It was a very nice service with singing that I didn't want to end.  The Bank church has great acoustics and when the church is filled to capacity the singing can remind you of what heaven will be like...  After the service there was a short graveside service in the Bank Cemetery then the interment.
Many sons, grandsons & great-grandsons helped fill the grave. We left from the funeral and drove to the Berea school where they were serving dinner for family and friends from a distance.  After visiting with cousins and friends for a while we drove back to Ina Sue's home.  As we were coming in the lane we met Keith & Jeanne.  They surprised us and came down from Maryland to see us and the new baby.  I left around 4:00 and rode back home to Govan in Aden Diem's van.  Danny & Benita Hege and Ruthie Dickerson were also in the van.  We had a good trip home with a stop around Statesville to eat supper.  Ina Sue and the children stayed in Virginia with plans to come home this weekend.
Papa & Sherman were using this lift to paint the barn roofs. Thursday morning Ina Sue and the children went with Mother Showalter down to New Hope to see Robert & Marsha's new dairy barn and to visit a bit.  She said the dairy is very nice.  The children enjoyed helping cousins Emily & Adrian gather the eggs.  They came back to the Showalter home for naps and Ina Sue started working on pruning back Mother's great big climbing rose.  She spent most of the afternoon on that while Mother mowed yard.  I meanwhile got up and went in to work for another busy day.  I stayed until about 8:30 doing accounting work.  Bought egg foo yung from China Express for my supper.
Cousin Adrian with Savannah. My days are pretty regular with the rest of my family gone.  Basically work & sleep.  On Friday I spent another ordinary day at work then finished up leftover egg foo yung for supper.   I did have a prospective employee come by the house for a visit.  We talked for until about 10:00.  I hope he works out as a new employee to take John's place.  
Robert & Marsha's new Dairy Barn. Ina Sue started her day in Virginia with a fairly major misfortune.  She was taking Landon out to the swing when she stepped on the edge of the concrete and twisted her ankle.  .  She says she can hardly put weight on it.  So, she didn't get much done today.  In the evening Mother & Papa were sponsoring the youth ball game at Clover Hill.  After the game they all came back to the Showalters for taco salad and ice cream.  I
Carolina helps Papa with finances. I talked to Ina Sue Saturday morning again and it sounds like her foot/ankle is not doing very good.  I advised her to see a doctor but she talked to one on the phone and thinks that it is probably just a bad sprain.  She did manage a quick trip to Sharp Shopper to pick us up some groceries.  In the evening cousins Julia & Lola came over for supper along with Marsha & Gary. 

Meanwhile in SC, I am getting anxious to see my family again.  I had to work today and just stayed in for several hours after closing to get things somewhat caught up.  Had a BarBQ plate from Hogg Heaven for supper.  They give enough BarBQ on their takeout plates to serve our family of four for two meals...  I'm ready for a day of rest and ready to see my family again!