August 9, 2008

My wonderful family I got up early Sunday to finish studying for Sunday school then got the children fed and dressed.  We were able to get around in time to take a few pictures before we left for church.   After church we were invited to Uncle Howards for lunch along with Wendell Heatwoles, Wayne Gunnels, Nettie Schrock & Sharon Odom.  Aunt Miriam served a delicious meal of ham, potatoes, zipper peas, salad and peach pie for dessert.  We visited for a while then took the children home for our naps.  Since this was the 1'st Sunday of the month we did not have any service.  We had a nice restful evening at home.  I made us soft pretzels for supper then Ina Sue and I played a couple games of Boggle.
Doing her "schoolwork" Ina Sue and I both had very busy days on Monday.  I had a whole sequence of emergencies to take care of at the shop while she rushed all day doing laundry.  She didn't quite get it all done.  We did have a lovely shower in the afternoon.  For supper we ate some stuffed shells that our sister-in-law, Lori had sent down with Mother S.  After supper we all went for a walk around Govan.  We got back and put the children to bed then I made up a Polish breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning.  Savannah isn't feeling very well tonight so Ina Sue is trying to comfort her.
Mother & daughter I went in to work an hour early on Tuesday to interview two prospective employees.  Spent the rest of the day doing service calls and got in just a little time for accounting.  Ina Sue started sewing a new dress for herself.  For supper she fixed us sausage/potato quiche, zipper peas and a fresh cucumber salad.  We had a relaxed evening together.  After I had the wife and children in bed I drove back in to work for several hours.
Duane and I with our latest editions. I left early to go back in to work on Wednesday.  Our dishwasher doesn't seem to be working the way it should so we are having to go back to washing dishes by hand.  After Ina Sue finished washing the breakfast dishes she got the children ready and they all went up to the doctors for their baby visit.  Andrea Korver went along to help take care of the children.  The midwife said that Savannah is getting along great.  While they were there Landon got his next round of shots.  "Ouch" he says.  :)  In the evening we went to church for prayer meeting.  Bro. Delmar led the discussion on the church at Thyatira.  Came home and had strawberry milkshakes for bedtime snack.
Duane's family along with Savannah Thursday was a normal day with a special treat at the end.  I spent the day at work while Ina Sue worked to clean the house while occupying the children.  In the evening Duane & Janice brought us supper and spent the evening.  Duane grilled fish and Janice brought potatoes, peach muffins and salad.  Ina Sue and I made ice cream and got some doughnuts out for dessert.  A very nice evening together and the children had a ball playing with each other.
Kendall & Janelle's reception. Ina Sue got up Friday morning with what she called "Tennis Elbow"....?  Not sure if she slept on it wrong or hurt it in some other way but it really seems to be bothering her.  I went in to work while she started on the weekly cleaning.  She and Carolina organized the toys in the toy chest.  They did a really nice job but somehow I wonder how long it will stay like that?   I came home around 6:30 and mowed the yard.  Carl stopped in and gave the children a ride on his "gator".  After we got them to bed I went back in to work for a while.  It seems like the accounting work is never caught up....
The children played in the back yard. We got up and ate breakfast in good time Saturday morning.  After Ina Sue fed the baby she took the minivan and drove in to Barnwell for some shopping.  I kept the children and finished mowing the yard. Ina Sue got home around 11:00.  In the afternoon she and the children took short naps then we all left for Georgia around 5:00.  This evening was Kendall & Janelle Myers' Georgia reception.  The reception was held outside in Tim Myers' yard.  The weather was absolutely lovely for the event and Tims had their yard looking beautiful. 
Aunt Laura with Savannah. We had a really nice time visiting with friends then left around 8:30 to follow Sheldon & Laura down to their house.  We had not been to their house yet and wanted to see where they are setting up housekeeping.  On the way down we got word from Ina Sue's mother that my Grandmother Heatwole had just passed away.  Grandmother had not been doing very well lately so the news was not completely unexpected.  We went ahead and visited with Sheldon & Laura for an hour or two then headed back to Govan.  We got back home right at 12:00.
Grandmother Heatwole with Carolina. My Grandmother Heatwole has been a wonderful example to us of someone who has overcome adversity and lived a wonderful victorious Christian life.  When she was 38 she lost her hearing during a bout of mumps and has been completely deaf ever since.  She learned to lip read and could converse very well with just about anyone.  She went on to finish raising 10 children, to being a wonderful Grandmother to 63 grandchildren, a great-grandmother to 238 great-grandchildren, and a great-great grandmother for 40-50 more.  She has traveled to every continent but Antarctica and to every state except Hawaii.  She and grandfather were very involved in the work of the church in many areas.  After grandfather died in 1985, grandmother continued ministering to others up until her death at 102.