July 26, 2008

Ready for church Sunday morning It takes a bit more work to get three children ready for church on a Sunday morning.  Of course me having to finish studying to teach Sunday school didn't help the situation...  We did get around in time though and went for a very good service.  Uncle Enos preached on the topic of "Divine Revelation"  He talked about three ways that God revealed himself to us.  Nature, his written word, and the Holy Spirit/Our Conscience.  We were invited to Gordon and Gwen's for Sunday lunch.  Another spectacular meal with chicken & ham lasagna, grean beans, garlic bread, jello salad and a wonderful peach custard pie.  We were all feeling a bit tired so we didn't stay too long and got home in time for nice naps.  In the evening Rebecca & I took the two oldest to church with us while Ina Sue stayed home to rest.  Carl & Grace stopped in for a while after church to see the baby and to visit.
Lunch with Gordon Amstutzs Monday was pretty hot and muggy.  I am very busy at work so it makes me very thankful that Rebecca can be here to help out at home.  She helped helped get all the clothes hung out to dry and cut up a big batch of cucumbers for bread & butter pickles.  Ina Sue and she also worked up some of the tomatoes for juice.  In the afternoon Rebecca and Carolyn took the van up for an oil change and went swimming.  For supper Rebecca fixed us a delicious pasta dish with cheesy squash and chicken for over it.  We had a pretty bad storm that brought down some limbs around us.  Rebecca went to the school in the evening for another volleyball game.
Grandpa & Grandma stopped in for a visit. I headed off to work Tuesday again.  The ladies ironed and canned 8 qt. of bread & butter pickles.  My sisters Laura and Karen Hobbs and niece Kari came over to see the baby and to eat lunch with Ina Sue.  They stopped in Kline to pick peaches from Chappel Farms and brought us a batch to eat fresh.  I drove home from work so that I could visit with them for a while.  I couldn't stay very long and they left around 2:00.  Just in time for Ina Sue and the children to go down for their naps.  Dad & Mom stopped in for a short visit on their way back from Virginia.  They left around 6:00 and we all went over to Wendells for a great Southern feast.  Wendell deep fat fried catfish and hushpuppies for us while Naomi cooked up southern grits, green beans and a delicious dessert.  We always have a nice time visiting with Wendells.
Afternoon naps. I hate that I am so busy at the shop right now...  I went in to work in good time Wednesday.  Rebecca and the children picked up loads of sticks from our back yard with a little help from Ina Sue.  Rebecca also washed the windows and took care of the children while Ina Sue cut out two new dresses.  We had leftovers for supper then Rebecca and I took the oldest children along with us to the church cleaning.  Our family was detailed to help several others clean the kitchen.  I always enjoy really cleaning out ovens so I did that then helped with mopping and other duties.
Supper with Wendell & Naomi Thursday was Rebecca's last day helping us.  We are not sure if we are going to be able to get along without her... She cleaned the whole house while Ina Sue vacuumed out the mini-van and scrubbed the mats and stroller.  After I got home from work we all went up to Delmar Diems for supper.  They served us a great meal of pizza, cole slaw, fruit slush and bars.  The children had a great time playing with their children.  Delmar and I went to visit one of their neighbors that needs a little porch built.  We might take that up as one of our youth service activities.  We came back and visited for a while then we left Rebecca there with them while we came back home.  Rebecca is going to be riding back to VA with the Peacheys and Starla Diem, so this way she will not need to be delivered in the morning.  She has been such a wonderful help that we will really miss her!  Thanks Rebecca :)
Her very own doll baby. Friday was Ina Sue's first day alone with the three children.  She said it went pretty good.  She even canned a batch of peaches.  I came home from work and 6:00 and ate some quick left-overs then I mowed the front yard quick before our company arrived.  Uncle Howard & Aunt Miriam dropped in around 7:30 and stayed for an hour or two to visit and see Savannah.  After they left I helped straighten up the house and put the children to bed then I drove back in to work for several hours.
Dennis Risser Family visited for lunch. We had a busy day on Saturday.  I got up in good time and started on the mowing.  Took a break mid-morning and helped Ina Sue make up a big batch of fruit slush for the freezer.  Betty & Carolyn Heatwole took Carolina & Landon with them on a shopping expedition to Orangeburg.  They got back just in time for dinner.  My cousin Dennis Risser, his wife Naomi and two of their children visited us for lunch.  They are down here in the South primarily to attend a Pineland Bakery reunion over at Waynesboro.  We were really glad though that they took the time for visit us.  We had a really nice visit but we had to split up around 3:00. 
Shampooing the carpet at the shop. I had a crew coming in to shampoo the carpet at the shop after they closed at 3:00.  I needed to be there to straighten/clean up and move things around as they worked.  I worked really hard with them for about 3 hours and am very happy with the end result.  Ina Sue meanwhile could not get the children to settle down for their naps so it somewhat messed up her afternoon nap as well.  Roslyn Stover brought us a wonderful Saturday supper of stromboli, zipper peas, fresh tomatoes and a delicious Boston cream pie.  Wow!