July 19, 2008

Checking Daddy out... Savannah did great for her first night.  She woke us up at 4:30 to be fed but otherwise slept quietly.  I got the children dressed & fed then took them with me to church.  I had asked Patrick Heatwole to fill in for me teaching Sunday school so I got to sit in on his teaching.  He does a great job as a teacher!  Ina Sue spent the morning resting and bonding with Savannah.  She did find the energy to make us a delicious squash pie for dinner.  We all took naps in the afternoon then stayed home from church for a restful evening at home.
Cousin 'Becca came to help for two weeks. I was home all day Monday to help Ina Sue and to spend time with the family.  I was planning on spending much of the day doing laundry but Betty Heatwole called around 7:00 and said that she was going to do it all for us.  All I needed to do was deliver it over to their laundry room.  What a wonderful blessing that was!  We took the whole family along to Savannah's first checkup in Bamberg.  It went well and she was finally able to pass the hearing test.  We stopped at Taco Bell on the way home for a quick lunch. 
Landon & his birthday Sugar Maple. I left around 5:30 to pick up Carl and to drive over to Hephzibah for a Finance meeting.  I took the two oldest children along with us and dropped them off at Nevins to spend the evening with their cousins.  My mother is spending some time in Virginia right now taking care of Grandmother, so Dad had to host the meeting by himself.  He supplied ice cream for dessert and Nathan Goering brought a big and very delicious bowl of fresh peaches off of his trees.  What a treat!  It was after 10:30 by the time we picked the children up and headed for home.  Home by 12:00am.
Snack after the Finance Meeting. K. Kay had sent a breakfast casserole back home with me so we enjoyed that for a delicious breakfast on Tuesday.  Our night was a bit fitful with Savannah waking up numerous times throughout the night.  I dropped the children off at Betty Heatwole's on my way in to work.  The children spent the morning with Carolyn then they brought Landon back for his nap while Carolina Sue went swimming with Carolyn at Aden Diems.  Naomi Heatwole and Mary Korver both stopped in for short visits to see the baby.  I brought home subs for supper.  Around 9:00 in the evening, Myron and Jane got back from taking their mother home to PA and dropped Rebecca Rhodes off here.  She has very kindly agreed to spend 9 days here helping Ina Sue while she recovers.  After the children were tucked in to bed I went back in to the shop and worked until about 2:00.
Children helping Becca cut down corn. It was really nice to be able to leave for work Wednesday morning and know that Ina Sue had a great helper.  Carolyn Heatwole came by for a while in the morning and helped Rebecca get a lot done.  They cut down the old corn patch, did some mowing, and made peanut butter brownies.  Mary Korver brought a delicious supper of chicken, spinach stuffed shells, carrots & peach cobbler.  Nevins came over after supper for a while to see the baby.  Nevin & I took a little drive and toured some of the local homes under construction (Andys, Dannys & Chads)  We made a batch of homemade ice-cream to serve for a snack along with brownies, chips & dip.
Nevins came to see us Wednesday eve. I went in to work early on Thursday.  Ina Sue and Rebecca worked on the laundry.  The town cut off our water for quite a bit of the day so that kinda held up the laundry work.  Rebecca did use the break to mow part of the back yard.  We had zucchini-hamburger casserole for supper then Rebecca went with the youth to sing at the Carrigg Manor nursing home and then to play ball.  After supper Ina Sue cut my hair and Landon's hair then I did some more mowing, sprayed Round-Up and used the edger & weedeater.
Adoring Siblings I'm still trying to get caught up at work so I went in early again on Friday.  The ladies at home whipped through the weekly cleaning by dinner time then Rebecca took the children for a walk.  In the afternoon Ina Sue rested while Rebecca made a batch of granola and trimmed the ivy around our front columns.  Bethany Heatwole brought us a pretty and delicious meal for supper.  A rotisseried Cornish hen, rice & beans, squash casserole and tomatoes made for a delicious meal, finished off with brownies for dessert.  In the evening Rebecca went out to eat with the Diem girls and Caroline Heatwole to Dukes BarBQ.  Andys came down during the evening to visit and see Savannah.
Fresh cotton blooms. We got up and I made waffles and sausage for breakfast on Saturday.  It was a very nice day working together.  Rebecca mowed some more and weed-eated.   I worked on cleaning out our shop/shed and straightening everything up.  I also took the trash over to the dump and rehung our children's swing at a better height.  Then I went in to the shop from 12:00-5:00.  Rebecca very kindly helped Carolina Sue wash our van.  For supper we had misc. and sundry left-overs.  We finally finished the day up with a delicious batch of fresh homemade peach icecream.  A wonderful ending to a good week.
Carolina helps wash the car.