June 22, 2008

All of us but without the grandchildren...

 Michael, Ina Sue & Family with Grandmother

Duane, Janice & Family with Grandmother

   Kent, Rhonda & Family with Grandmother

Nevin Kay K & Family with Grandmother

   Uncle Eldwin is telling Grandmother a joke.

The Bridal Table

     A delicious dinner with great company.

Playing with cousins in the playground

        Children played while adults visited

Cousin Grace & Gerald

                Cousin Krista & Lonnie

Our illustrious hosts

      Two expectant mothers talking it up.

Saturday was finally the big day.  The last of the single Strites is finally married off.  We got up and around in good time and left for Hephzibah around 8:45.  The family picture taking started at Dads right around 10:15.  Sherwin Goering, Ida Blackstone & Karen Keller were co-photographers.  That went well and we had time for each of our individual families to get our pictures taken with Grandmother Heatwole.  We were so glad that her health allowed her to make it to the wedding.  Out of her 63 grandchildren, Laura was the last granddaughter to get married.  As soon as the picture taking was finished I headed over to the church to make sure everything was ready for the guests.

Laura had asked me to be usher along with Sheldon's two brothers and a friend.  Thankfully most people got there in pretty good time and we were able to get everybody seated without too much hassle.  I thought the wedding was very nice.  The one different feature was that Sheldon & Laura not only said their vows to each other but had also written them themselves.  I know Uncle Howard went over them to make sure they included all the relevant details but the vows were certainly not the normal marriage vows you usually hear.
For the reception we had a delicious mandarin orange salad, boneless grilled chicken thighs, fresh potatoes, green beans, rolls, and for dessert, many different pies with ice cream.  By the time dinner was finished our children were very tired.  Landon was almost beside himself from not having his normal nap.  I took the children out to the playground for an hour or so while Ina Sue caught up with all her friends.  Then we left and drove down to Duane & Janice's for a cousin get-together.  Lonnie & Krista Yoder, Randall & Lisa Campbell, Gerald & Grace Eicher, John Ralph Goering were all there for supper.  Julia & Lola dropped in for a little to visit.  We had a great time visiting and Janice fixed us a delicious finger food supper.  We got left in pretty decent time and were home by 9:30.  A very nice but tiring day!