June 21, 2008

Riding his camel Sunday was Father's Day.  I got up early again to study for Sunday school.  Gary Hege started a sermon series this morning from the book of Genesis and preached on Abraham and "Determining God's Will For Your Life".  Good.  Ina Sue fixed me a delicious dinner for Father's Day.  Crescent rolls, fried country ham, squash casserole, grean beans and ice cream for dessert.  We had a bit of a problem while pressure cooking the green beans and ended up pretty much toasting our pressure cooker.. :)  We all enjoyed nice long naps in the afternoon then went to church in the evening for a quiz on "Men of the Bible".  It was a very skimpy crowd there because the men's chorus was presenting a program at Blackville and that took quite a few away.   After church we invited Andys over for a snack of popcorn, watermelon, & grape juice.
Dale & Andy grilled pork chops for supper. I had a normal Monday at work while Ina Sue did the normal laundry.  She did also very kindly polish my three pairs of shoes for me.  She said the day really seemed strange without Carolina Sue there to chatter on.  In the evening we went to the school for a 40'th birthday party for Daryl & Cheryl Bange.  They both have their birthdays within about a week of each other.  Dale Bange & Andy Korver grilled delicious pork chops to go along with fresh potatoes, green beans, cucumber salad, a relish tray, and cake & ice cream.  A delicious meal and very enjoyable evening visiting.  (I even discovered in the course of conversation why I haven't been able to get me chain saw to cut.  It seems I must have the blade on backwards!  I never realized you could do that....;) 
The honorary couple.  (Both turning 40) We came home and Ina Sue started getting the children in bed while I drove over to Carls to replenish our milk supply.  On the way I met another car coming toward me and just as we came together a doe & two fawns tried to dash across the road.  I hit the one fawn and the oncoming car hit the other one.  No damage but kinda sad...  The next day I saw a doe laying just down the road.  I wonder if it came back and also got hit?
Roslyn Stover dropped her children off to play. We slept in until about 7:00 on Tuesday then I rushed to get in to work by 8:00.  Ina Sue finished up the laundry from Monday then worked to tie up and pick the tomatoes.  It was a cooker of a day.  Roslyn Stover dropped by in the morning to pick over our green beans.  Unfortunately she didn't get very many.  They must be over their peak already.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us tomato-cheeseburger pie, cucumber salad, fried squash and watermelon for dessert.  After supper we all went outside and worked in the garden for a while.  Got the weeds all pulled and fertilized our corn.  It looks much better.  Then in to the house to bath the children while Ina Sue did some more scrapbooking.
We had the corn picked & husked by 9:00. Wednesday was an absolutely wonderful day.  We started early and were in Carl's corn field picking corn by 6:30.  The weather cooled down considerably overnight and we had a most enjoyable time picking and husking the corn there in the field.  We came home and got Landon up for breakfast then started our corn process.  This year we did something a bit different. 
Landon helped me silk it. Instead of silking all the corn ahead of time, we went ahead and got the clumps of silk off then cooked it with the remainder of the silk in place.  When it finished cooking I would take it outside and run it through a first ice chest with running water then pick off the few remaining threads before putting it into the 2nd chest with ice.  It worked unbelievably well!  We had 54 pints of corn processed and things all cleaned up by 3:00pm.  In the evening we went to church for prayer meeting.  Conrad Stove had the discussion on "The Church at Ephesus". 
Ina concentrates on cutting it off. During the prayer period Ina Sue asked for prayer that we would find our dog.  I had let Prince loose the evening before and we noticed this morning that he wasn't around.  We drove around the community later in the day and couldn't find him anywhere.  We were pretty worried about him.  After church in the evening though, Randy said he had seen him running along Govan road that very evening around 6:00.  We hoped that when we got home he would be in his house.  No such luck.  So, Ina Sue took the van and I started walking around the neighborhood again.  Just at dark I found him camped out behind one of our neighbor's homes out on 321.  He had found a girl friend and saw no reason to leave the area.  I had to go back home and get a leash then nearly drag him back home.  He is going to stay tied up for a while....
Sheila Keller coordinates the rehearsal. By Thursday we were really starting to miss our little girl...  I originally had planned to pick her up in Virginia today after our Puerto Rico meeting.  Unfortunately, I had the wrong day so it looks like she will be coming down tomorrow with Julia & Lola Rhodes.  Ina Sue did a few odd loads of laundry, washed up some baby clothes to get them ready, and did misc odds & ends.  I worked until about 7:00 then came home for a quick supper.  We washed and vacuumed out both cars after supper.  Ina Sue went and got milk & eggs while I sprayed Round-Up and did two weeks of webpages.
Sheldon, Gary, Kendall, Titus & Gary. Friday was a pretty long day.  I went in to work at the normal time.  Ina Sue started on the weekly cleaning.  She did get a small break by taking Landon up to Mary's for several hours to play with her children.  She also worked to get everything ready for tonight.  I came home and we picked up Uncle Howards at 4:00 to drive over to Hephzibah for Laura & Sheldon's rehearsal.  Diane Keller served us a delicious supper of BarBQ sandwiches, potato salad, relish trays, and and wonderfully good ice cream dessert.  While we were eating Julia & Lola arrived with our little princess.  We were very happy to see her again and I think she is pretty happy to be home as well.  The wedding rehearsal seemed to go very well and we were able to be back in Govan by soon after 10:00pm.
The proud Papa & happy bride.  
See next week for Wedding Pictures.....