June 7, 2008

Ready for Carolina's first Sunday school. Now that Ina Sue has finished her quarter of teaching Sunday School, I get to start teaching mine.  I will be teaching the Youth class this quarter.  So, I got up at 6:00 Sunday morning to finish putting that together.  I had the unexpected pleasure of teaching the one men's class along with the youth this Sunday.  It seems the one men's teacher got sick so the superintendent put them in with our class.   This quarter's lessons start with 5 lessons from Hebrews.  I have found these lessons to be very interesting and easy to teach.  Mark Hochstetler preached a good sermon on "Honesty".  Very practical.  Then home for a quick lunch and then on to bed for our afternoon naps. 
Giving Landon a pedicure. After the children got us all up we decided to take a little drive in the evening.  We drove down Middle Place Road and back behind Gordon's dairy.  I knew that Gary Hege pumps water over a mile & a half from the Little Edisto river to his irrigation system.  We decided to try to find the River from Middle Place road.  We took our family minivan way back in lanes and hunting roads and explored a large section without finding the river.  I'm sure if a hunter would have seen our minivan edging back through the trees he would have thought it quite a sight. :)  We did find a bunch of wild plums and enjoyed tasting them.  Landon & Carolina Sue really scarfed 'em down.  Then we stopped in at Gary Hege's for a little to see their miniature horses.  Gary & the children were out riding 4-wheeler so we visited with Cheryl a while before they got back.  A really nice time visiting outside then we got a tour of their new addition.  Then back home to bed.
Carolina's 4'th birthday cake (Curious George the monkey) Monday was the first day of our Summer Bible school.  It was also Carolina Sue's 4'th birthday.  She hit her birthday just in time to be able to attend Bible School this year.  For breakfast she requested corn bread & sausage gravy. (a girl after my own heart...)  After breakfast I headed in to work while Ina Sue started the laundry.  It drizzled a little bit in the morning but then heated up for a hot muggy day.  Ina Sue made a red-velvet cake and decorated it with a "Curious George" (a favorite character) theme for Carolina's party.  I came home from work in time for a supper of chicken divan over rice with cabbage salad.  Then I took Carolina & Landon with me to bible school while Ina Sue stayed home and got the birthday party ready.  Glenda Stover is Carolina's teacher and Carolina really seems to enjoy her.  Landon sat with me in the adult class.  Uncle Enos is teaching a series on the book of Revelation.  After bible school we hurried home and got ready for our company.  Andy Korver's and Hendrick came to help celebrate the occasion.  Cake, potato chips and homemade coconut ice cream.  It is hard to realize that our little baby girl is already four!  It was pretty late before the children tired of playing and everybody went home.
Andy's & Hendrick helped celebrate. We slept in a bit on Tuesday then I rushed in to work at 8:00.  The children actually slept until 8:30.  They were pretty tired from last night.  I had a regular day at work.  Ina Sue tied up the tomato plants and did odds and ends all day.  For supper she fixed us fried ham, zesty herb potatoes, and stir fried squash and onions.  I took the children to bible school and gave Ina Sue a chance to rest.
Uncle Enos taught the adult class. Our telephone has been giving us lots of trouble lately.  Sometimes we have a dial tone and sometimes we don't.  It is very frustrating to Ina Sue.  I headed in to work Wednesday and had a very full day.  Ina Sue cleaned the ceiling fans, took care of the children and made us pizza and salad for supper.  She also had a batch of ice cream mixed up for us to freeze and take to Korwins tonight.  We have not had a chance to visit them since their baby was born and asked if we could bring a snack tonight after bible school.  Ina Sue went along with us to bible school tonight.  We had decided that it would work best to take the ice cream mix along with us and put it in the fridge at church so that we could be mixing and freezing it on our way home.  Unfortunately, Ina Sue had it in our blender and when I braked to turn in to the church it slipped out of her hands and spilled all over the van floor.  What a disappointing mess!
Leon Dueck was the superintendent. Ina Sue told me to go on in with the Carolina while she and Landon drove the van back to Denmark for some more cream then went home and washed out the van and made up a new batch of mix in time to drive back and pick us up when bible school let out.  It was freezing nicely by the time we got to Korwins and we had a nice time visiting with them.  They are going to be leaving to move back up north next week.  Their baby Brady is quite a cutie.  After we got home Ina Sue found some little spots on Landon and is scared stiff that he is coming down with chicken pox and that he may have infected Korwin's baby tonight.  I tried to convince her that if that had happened there was nothing that we could have done to know or to prevent it.
Proud of our first picking of green beans. I was planning to stay home on Thursday but had an emergency service call come in around 9:00.  One of our wireless internet customers could not connect.  After I got in I found that the lightning storm the other week had beaten up the wireless antenna and it had just taken a week or two to fall out of its holder and lose its orientation.  Unfortunately, this installation is at a nuclear laundry and in order to get up on the roof where the antenna is you have to go through all kinds of precautions, suits, booties, body scans etc.  Thankfully a few zip ties and duct tape fixed the problem fairly quickly and I was able to head back home.  We packed up the children and drove in to Barnwell for some shrubbery shopping.  It was swelteringly hot and we very quickly decided that one stop was about all we could handle.  We did some shopping at Kinard's nursery and bought a couple plants then stopped at Country Cupboard for dinner.  I had the salad bar while the others tried the wraps.  In the evening we all went to bible school then I drove in to the shop to do some work. 
Carolina "paints" the sun catcher that her Bible School teacher gave her. We got up Friday morning and picked out first batch of green beans from the garden.  Enough for 7 quarts.  We were pretty pleased.  Ina Sue spent most of the day processing the beans and cleaning house.  The children spent their day playing in water: in the fish pond, under ther sprinkler, with the garden hose.  I spent the day at work and came home at 5:00 to get ready for bible school.  We ate a quick supper of sausage, cabbage and new potatoes, then all went for the last night of bible school.  Ina Sue really enjoyed bible school.  I thought the series on Revelation was interesting also.
  Saturday was another scorcher!  The heat and humidity was almost unbearable but I was able to get the yard completely mowed.  Ina Sue cleaned out and vacuumed the van.  She also braided and hung up the onions from our garden.  In the afternoon I drove up to Denmark and washed the car.  Stopped at the Pig for some groceries and dogfood.  For supper we grilled hamburgers then helped Carolina Sue paint her pretty little sun catcher that her teacher had given her.  She really enjoyed doing it and the thing is quite pretty.  I spent most of the evening studying to teach sunday school tomorrow.