May 17, 2008

Storytime. Sunday was Mother's Day.  The Mother in our household had to celebrate by teaching Sunday school in the morning.  Uncle Howard preached on "Mothers as Leaders".  For dinner we were invited down to Andy Korvers.  They had a wonderful lunch of meatballs, rolls, potatoes, green beans & salad.  For dessert we had their daughter Andrea's birthday cake.  It was a beautiful and delicious chocolate/cherry/creme cheese cake.  Scrumptious!  We came home and all got a short nap before Landon got everybody back up.  We tried to fly a kite without much success.  In the evening we went back to church for a song service, then back home for milkshakes and bed.
View from Hunting Island lighthouse Monday didn't start very well.  I was making breakfast and Ina Sue took the van to get milk.  Unfortunately, our intermittent electrical problem reared its ugly head and the van cut off on her right down by the county dumpsters.  She borrowed the attendant's phone and called me to let me know but by the time I got there with my car it had decided to start anyway.  It made us a bit rushed to get around after she got back.  I went on in to work while she started the laundry.  It is a little cooler today which felt really good.  For supper she fixed us asparagus/ham quiche, salad & strawberry pie.  After supper we worked on repotting some of the indoor plants then I did some Round-Uping.  Uncle Howards dropped in to give Ina Sue some daffodil bulbs and we spent some time visiting.
Posing beside the Great Pyramid. After a quick breakfast on Tuesday I went to work.  Ina Sue made up a batch of bread that she says was a total flop.  The children and I couldn't have cared less.  We thought it was delicious.  She also drove over to Naomi's and to Aunt Glennys' to get some fresh garden lettuce & spinach.  Our spring garden did not do well at all this year so the fresh produce was really appreciated.  She kept Patrick's children for a little, while they were both working on their new house in Barnwell.  I stayed in at work in the evening doing accounting until about 10:30.  The rest of the family had to eat supper without me.  They worked for a while after supper picking up sticks, repotting more plants, tying up tomatoes and making mud pies.
Beachbums. After I left on Wednesday Ina Sue packed up the children and dropped them off with Mary Korver while she went for her scheduled baby doctor visit.  Since she is Rh negative and I am positive, she always needs to get a Rhogam shot.  So she got shot this morning.  After the appointment she stopped at the library and at Peeples for the obligatory shopping.  After she picked up the children from Mary they went back in to Denmark and shopped at Dollar General and CVS before ending up at McDonalds for dinner.  The children absolutely love playing on their playground!  She fixed us grilled chicken strip salad for supper then I had to drive up to Denmark for an after hours service call.  Thankfully it didn't take long and I was back home in time to put the children to bed.  Ina Sue scrubbed up our upholstered dining room chairs and made them look so much better.
Memories for a Lifetime. Thursday was a wonderful day! We had planned to go to the beach but the weather forecast kept calling for rain.  We decided to go anyway and it turned out to be perfect weather for it.  It was just a little bit overcast with a slight breeze.  We went to Hunting Island State Park.  My family used to always go there when we went to the beach but it had been 20 years since I was there last.  It was a lovely beach.  You drove back through palms & live oaks to get back to the beach parking.  Since public schools had not left out yet and it was a weekday we almost had the beach to ourselves.  To begin with Landon was terrified of the waves and water.  He would run screaming back to his stroller.  So, we played together on the beach for a while making a pyramid and other sand structures.  Finally, I carried Landon in my arms and Carolina & I walked for quite a ways down the beach in the surf.  After he got a bit more used to the water I convinced him to let me drag his feet in the water.  By the time we got back to where Ina Sue was reading on the beach he had decided he liked the beach after all.
Aden Diem taught the highschool guys welding this year.  They made this trailor. Both of the children enjoyed just sitting on my lap while I sat in the surf and let the waves roll past us.  We spent several hours in the water then walked down to the lighthouse.  Unfortunately they wouldn't let us take the children up with us so Ina Sue volunteered to stay down with them while I climbed up.  There were lovely views from up there of the beach and the rest of the island.  After I came down Carolina still begged to get back in the water while Landon was getting very tired and fussy.  Ina Sue said that she really didn't need to go back to the beach so she and Landon took a walk with the stroller until he went to sleep then she rested and read in the van.  I took Carolina Sue back out to the beach and we spent another hour or so until she was ready to go.  We got back to Govan about 7:30.  Although I thought I was pretty careful when I put on scunscreen I must have missed my upper arms, parts of my neck and a section on my legs.  I felt pretty burnt!  Overall though it was a very nice day with good memories.
Potluck lunch in the Gym. We both got up Friday morning feeling sore from our vacation the day before.  I went on in to work while Ina Sue did some laundry and cleaned up from our trip.  For supper she fixed us grilled poor man's steak, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.  After supper she took the children along with her over to Carl's for milk and to Aunt Glennys' for some more spinach.  I spent the evening mowing and got the whole yard done.  Ina Sue also vacuumed and washed the van then came inside and did some cooking.  We were both tired and ready for bed.
The Annual Men vs. Boys softball game. Our End of Year school picnic was Saturday.  We did some cooking in the morning then went to school for the program at 10:00.  It was primarily a singing program this year and was very good.  All of the classes did very well.  Afterward we had the regular potluck dinner then the married men played the unmarried in a game of softball.  Since there were many more unmarrieds than marrieds they had to play on three different teams against the one team of marrieds.  I think the married men won by a very small margin if I heard correctly.  We left pretty early to get our children home for their naps.  In the afternoon Ina Sue drove in to Barnwell for some shopping while I kept the children and weeded the garden.  I must say it looks quite a bit better.  I also planted a second patch of sweet corn.  When Ina Sue got home she brought us cheeseburgers for supper.  We cleaned up, put the children to bed and retired there ourselves.