May 03, 2008

Having "church" Sunday morning. Landon & Carolina both looked pretty rough with their pink-eye on Sunday morning when they woke up.  We decided that I would stay home with them while Ina Sue went to church and taught her Sunday School class.  Glendon Eshleman from Hephzibah preached this morning on "What it Takes to Make the Right Choice".  Ina Sue said it was a very good sermon.  We had our own little service here at home, complete with Sunday School by Carolina, preaching by yours truly, and all taking part in the singing.  Then I worked on making us a special dinner.  I fixed a Savory Beef dish, Puffed Mash Potatoes, Ginger-Dill Carrots, Cole Slaw, Biscuits & Mint Tea.  Right good if I have to say so myself... :)  After Ina Sue got home and we ate, we all took a rest.  Ina Sue had a headache.  After we got up we took a short walk together then it started raining softly.  Beautiful.  I went to church in the evening while Ina Sue stayed home with our pink-eyes.
Daddy's Prize Meal It was still drizzling Monday morning when we got up.  The rain is just what we need!  Ina Sue did the normal Monday laundry while I headed in to work.  I had a very busy day at work and ended up working until about 8:00.  Ina Sue and the children took a walk before I got home and were down at the corner to wave and welcome me when I arrived.  We had a quick supper of BarBQ pork sandwiches then I washed and cleaned out my car before bedtime.  We have finally thrown away (hid) Landon's pacifier for good.  We should have done it some time ago....
Caroline Heatwole's piglet I left early Tuesday morning to attend an Alltel meeting in Columbia.  I thought it was a very beneficial day.  The meeting was more a time of sharing ideas with other agents than a bunch of speeches.  Didn't get back until about 5:30.  It was a lovely day.  Ina Sue washed windows, took a walk with the children, drove them over to Don Heatwole's to see their new baby pig.  Their son Anthony shot a wild hog and found the little piglet.  Ina Sue says that he is so ugly that he's cute.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us Stuffed Taco Shells, Green Beans, & Strawberry Pie for dessert.  After supper we went out and mulched our beans, sprayed Round-Up, and replanted our corn patch for the 3'rd time.  This has not been our year for corn!
Looking dangerous! We all got up in good time Wednesday morning and I helped get the children ready for Ina Sue to drop them off at Aunt Miriam's at 8:20.  Ina Sue had a baby doctor appointment in Bamberg.  Everything still seems to be going according to plan for which we are thankful.  She stopped at the library for some children's books and at Peeples for her shopping fix before heading home to pick up the children in time for lunch.  For supper she fixed tenderloin with gravy, dressing, & sweet potatoes.  After supper we took a walk and stopped in at Wendell's for a visit.  Patrick's girls were there and so the children had a nice time playing while we visited.  Ashley (one of our schoolteachers) also dropped in so we enjoyed visiting with her.  She is so full of life!
Wendell spraying his pecans I started a new schedule on Thursday.  I have decided to try and get in to work by 8:00 each day and leave at 5:00 instead of 6:00.  I'm hoping the extra undisturbed hour in the morning will allow me to get some important tasks done at work before the normal days pressure hits.  It does mean though that we have to get our family at home around a little earlier.  My plan is to have breakfast ready by 7:15 for us and the children, leaving time to eat and have devotions before I leave for work.  We'll see how it goes.  Ina Sue is thrilled to think of me getting home from work before 6:30
Playtime with Patrick's girls The schedule worked out really good today at least.  After I left for work Ina Sue took the children over to Carl's to get milk then did some sewing through the morning.  The children played outside and got soaked so they had to have baths before their naps.  I came home around 4:00 and we left to do some shopping in Orangeburg.  Since my push -mower bit the dust a week ago, we needed to pick up a new mower.  After checking at Lowes and not finding what we were looking for we went to K-Mart and picked up a basic Craftsman mower.  We like big rear wheels and no bagger or other heavy additions.  We went to McDonalds for supper where the children enjoyed the playground, then on to Walmart to finish up.  I always get depressed going shopping at Walmart with my wife...  When I have something I need to get at Walmart I usually am in and out in 5 minutes.  Of course when shopping with my family it is a rather prolonged affair with lots of browsing.  Oh well, the things I do for my wife... :)
Carolina helps me put up soffitt. We got around early again on Friday and I headed off at 7:40.  Ina Sue said she thinks she is going to love this schedule because it helps her get an early start as well.  She did the regular weekly cleaning.  I got home at 5:30 and we had delicious stroganoff sandwiches for supper.  I hit the mowing hard and was able to get the whole yard done by dark.  I love our new mower!  The old Walmart one that we'd been using always acted like it needed the throttle opened up wider but didn't have a throttle.  This one, on the other hand, starts easy and is wide open all the way.  It allows me to push about as fast as I can while still doing a nice job.  (It does seem to use about twice as much gas.. ) 
Kent & Milton discuss proper procedure. We got the children fed and ready by 8:00 then headed for Georgia Saturday morning.  We stopped at Lowes on the way to pick me up a nail bag.  I've been doing without one ever since I left my old one with CAM Disaster Service in Mississippi.  Then on out to Dad's for a workday.  The whole family was there helping Dad put new vinyl/metal cornice on the house.  We are trying to get everything looking nice in time for Laura's wedding.  We men had a good time working together while the ladies chatted & sewed.  Mom fixed us a delicious dinner of garlic break, spaghetti, green beans, salad, and blackberry cobbler for dessert.  We left around 4:00 to head home.  After we got home I went down and mowed the Govan square before bedtime.  Tired!