April 26, 2008

Landy had pinkeye pretty bad It was good to be back at Barnwell Sunday morning for church again.  Ina Sue taught her women's Sunday school class while I had a bit of a battle with Landon.  I wish our discipline would start to make a difference in his behavior.  Sometimes it almost makes us feel like giving up....  Gary Hege preached on the topic of "How Do You Know that What You Believe is True"  We came home and I grilled us some steaks & Vidalia onions while Ina Sue made us carrots & biscuits to go along.  Scrumptious!  After dinner we went out and tried to fly a kite in the back field but the wind was too sporadic.  We all went in and took naps.  Landon woke up from his nap with very pasty eyes which we were scared was pinkeye. We decided to stay home from church with them to make sure they didn't spread it.   Ham sandwiches & mint tea for supper then we all went to bed fairly early.
Carolina Sue never got quite as bad. Monday: We got up at 6:00 and got an early start on the day.  I made us a pepperoni egg bake for breakfast while Ina Sue started on the laundry.  I went on into work at 8:00.  Ina Sue planted some perennials out in the flower bed and worked on the laundry.  Landon is still feeling and looking pitiful with his pasty eyes so that took up some of Ina Sue's time and effort.  We had spaghetti & corn for supper then Ina Sue left the children with me while she went to a baby shower for Trenda Schrock.  I took the children for a long walk while I had an informal business meeting on the phone with Steve.  After that  we drove over to Carl's to watch them feed the catfish then came home and got them their baths.
Playing "Slap" Tuesday: This is now the Mrs. writing as a gift for my hubby :) which I am going to copy out of my diary since that the way I express myself.  Michael is much more eloquent so bear with me....I love spring weather.  Not so hot.  We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  Michael off to to work as usual.  I caulked the front door which needed some repairs after Michael installed our new doorbell.  Then I started the dreaded cleaning of the shop.  It was in great need.  Had lots of "help" from the munchkins.  Chicken breast salad, apples and peanut butter bars for supper.  We relaxed outside. Then Michael went back into work at 8:30 p.m.- 3:30 a.m.  I am not sure how he does it.  I worry about him falling asleep driving home.  I studied S.S. then hit the hay.
Our Persian Princess Wednesday: A cooler day but still no rain.  Michael to work.  I didn't get much done but take care of my children with pink eye.  I did get my serger up and running.  I sewed and serged alittle.  Took children on a walk to clear our brains.  Asparagus lazagna for supper, which Michael declared was almost the favorite recipe out of all the different ones I have been trying.  We all took a walk after supper.  Then Michael and I picked out pecans.  We did not go to small group because of our contagious children.
The English dogwood is blooming Thursday:  Michael made his delicious sausage gravy and cornbread for breakfast  before he headed off to work.  I trimmed the ivy on the front porch,  mulched the liriope.  I repainted the front door from doorbell installation.  Lovely day but almost hot.  I am trying to get my outside work done before it gets so hot.  I am a wimp when it comes to Southern summers especially in my enlarged condition.  I fear for our air conditioner bill this summer! Picked out more pecans.  Michael cleaned the church with Ivan Skrivseths on his way home from work because we needed to keep the children at home. 



Andy Korver's new house Friday:  Scrambled eggs and bacon.  Michael off to work.   I cleaned the house.  Glad my children are getting better.  I finished picking out pecans.  2 big bread bags full  That was a big job!  Finished up Sunday School lesson.  Went to Carls and picked alot of tea.  We had subs for supper.  Then we all went out and started mulching the green beans. 
Floyd K. helps Carl cut plywood Saturday:  We ate breakfast casserole quick before Michael headed out to help Andy Korver frame up his new house.  He was gone most of the day.  Meanwhile the children and I put down one truckload of hay on beans.  I made danish braids with pecan filling.  I sewed some.  Washed the car, the children got soaked helping me spray the car.  Ughh...  Michael finished cleaning out building (the things I didn't know what to do with).  We ate corn-on-the-cob outside for supper, makes for easy clean-up.  Then we took a drive to see Andy's house, get milk and gas.  So ended the week. 
While Mark H. holds up the scaffold... At the end of the workday.  Almost dried in.